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    Connection shouldn't be that bad of an issue anymore with "DEDICATED SERVERS (LOL)." So why am I in lobbies (solo play) with players that are rocking 2.00+ K/D's?  Ridiculous.  It's called "Match Making" for a reason.  Place me with players of equal skill so the game will be half way enjoyable and I can not call it a complete and utter waste of money.



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    i have cable internet from time warner. my router sits a foot above my u, im wired with wii lan network adapter, open nat. not sure where you got that idea from?

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    we definitely need better spawn systems. there is no real dedicated spawn, its all random.

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  • 01/08/14--18:41: Re: Shotguns
  • No.

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    Hey IPizzaJoxenI,


    The issue may be as you said and is caused by the amount of devices connected at once. Typically, they should experience a slow down as oppose to a total shut down. If their router is provided by their ISP they can try contacting the ISP and request a new one, or possibly buy a new one. Think of bandwidth as a juice box and each device is like a straw, to some extent no one will be getting enough juice. They can look into improving their internet connection or they can try the following methods to help optimize their connection. Setting up a static ip address will help to create some stability on their connection as well as prevent them from having to reconfigure their ports set up in the future. When setting up your ports, use a DMZ for two of the three consoles, then for the third you can try port forwarding it with the following numbers:

    Xbox Ports:

    53, 80, 3074 TCP

    53, 88, 500, 3074, 3544, 4500 UDP



    Call of Duty Ghosts Console Ports:

    80, 81,443, 3074, 5223 TCP

    36081, 3074, 3075, 3478 UDP.


    Let me know if that helps!




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    I created a clan called 21-15-9 and I got kicked out and can't get back in. The clan still exists but I can't access it. Please help me get back in.

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    Good for the competitive scene, keep it all in private match, no playlist slots go to waste.

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    Art of Killing [B2ST]


         We are currently recruiting members for Art Of Killing clan. We are a platinum division clan. If you don't believe us, look us up on the Call of Duty app. Our clan has in-game bonuses and we want to earn more so we are recruiting active members on any consoles. Soon to have BLOOD COUNT. We have over 20 members.



    About the Leaders:


         JYJ-Jaejoong : 1.43 KDR, 1.67 W/L.... and a girl.


         TheRealPacquiao : 1.58 KDR, 1.67 W/L+, Rank 300- in the world TDM


    Current In-Game bonuses:

         -20% extra bonus in Team Deathmatch

       3rd Place in Platinum division for London Clan Wars

         Waiting for Next Clan wars


    Requirements To Join:

         - Must be an active player

         -Mics isn't required but is nice to have one if you do.


    You Can also apply on the Call of Duty: Ghosts app by searching Art Of Killing.


    Message us on PSN or here if you have any questions.



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  • 01/09/14--18:42: Re: Please Nerf IEDs
  • I think today, I am going to play with an explosives class and see how many people I can piss off.

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    check out our clan site IDMTelite.com if you like what you see register and fill out an application under recruitment to join

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    .::GhosT FleeT::.


         Ghost Fleet is a clan of mature US players just looking to have a good time. We are looking for new members for our clan. We are a Platinum Clan that has already Won2 clan warsand have a K/D ratio of 1.43. We already have all but one of the clan patches you can receive and 2 location patches,plus the body count camo for your guns. We have 14 members right now and are looking to expand. We are a level 9 clan and need more players across XBox 360 and XBox-ONE. Most of our members play late at night or bright and early, since most of us work all day. We could use some players that play in the daytime and will be free for clan wars.


         We play all game types and excel at Hardcore games and core Team Deathmatch.  Would really enjoy it if we could get some more players on the XBox-ONE so more of us can play together.  We play well as a clan and rarely lose. There are still half of us on the 360 but are switching to the One soon. We still have a few members on the 360 but could use more so there are more of us to play together.


         What we are looking for:

    • Players that are on at least 3 days a week (Active Players)...more if in a clan war.
    • Have a 1.0 k/d ratio
    • Ghost app for communication and to see what we are going after in clan wars
    • Have a mic or use party chat and kinect (Since Xbox One hasn't made the converter for the headphones yet...)


         No players under 16 please...most of us are students

    or parents ourselves.

         You can either message me @ ghostfleetclan@gmail.com 

                  or go on the Call of Duty Ghosts app

                   and type in Ghost Fleet in the search

                   and we will get back to you ASAP! 


    GT XboxOne: XDaXShadowX GhosT FleeT Commander

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    banned cause this is yoda abusing his powers for a bad cause

    My Name Say. .. Meanwhile, back at Leia's house...

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    How though is what I need to know, My 'clan invite' option seems tto be locked

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  • 01/09/14--18:44: Re: Please Nerf IEDs
  • Aim?  The console does that for you anyway with aim assist on most guns so that's out of the question.

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    All Players welcome to join!!!!

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  • 01/09/14--18:44: Re: (PS4) Looking for Clan
  • check out clan website out IDMTelite.com register and fill out an application if you wish to join we are a level 22 clan

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    Clan Name - High Supremacy

    Requirements - 1.50 KD or higher , active during clan wars

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    If it was a support weapon it probably wouldn't be in the primary weapon slot.

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    Um try backing out to all the way and going back In

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    Made the switch last year due to PC cheaters.. it took me about two months before I was confident with a controller. KB/M is still easier and better but consoles have aim assist so you can do just as good.

    Practice a lot with bots and be prepared to be frustrated.

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