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  • 01/09/14--18:50: Re: Hardcore Free For All?
  • Your last point is what makes me wonder.


    MW3 had a TON of game modes. HC had pretty much every Mode (except the gimmick modes like Infected, OITD, etc). Core had a bunch, and unless i am mistaken there were even some barebones modes (I think?)... Ok, I looked, see the list below-


    My Point is... what happened? You used to be able to play pretty much any mode. Not all the modes were well populated, but you had the choice if you wanted it. So... why restrict us like they did in the past two titles? What changed? I was hoping the removal of Theater would free up room for more modes....

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Edit

    Standard PlaylistsEdit

    Advanced PlaylistsEdit

    Community PlaylistsEdit

    Face-Off PlaylistsEdit

    Elite PlaylistsEdit

    • Elite TDM, Dom, KC
    • Elite Objectives
    • Elite HC Ricochet Mosh Pit
    • EliteFace Off1v1
    • EliteFace Off2v2

    Alternate Game ModesEdit

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    banned for taking this Star Wars stuff a little too far........again


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  • 01/09/14--18:50: Re: Panic Knifing Problem
  • Running tactical does not make me a drop shotter. I prefer it on Tactical because it allows me to get to cover faster without breaking my line of site. I am also not a fan of the knife being the end all be all of weapons in this game. there either needs to be a way to counter it or it should require 2 or more inputs to kill. also it should make you more vulnerable after knifing not allowing you to knife someone then immediately go back to shooting within a blink of an eye there needs to be a min of a 4 second delay after knifing to the time you are able to fire you weapon as you will need to put the knife away before you can use your weapon again

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    [oDx] oD x Perception here, recruiting TDM players for our level 25 Clan on the XBOX 360 console.


    1- WeDO NOT tolerate cheating in any form.

         ** Whether it be from boosting, rapid fire controllers, or using a program to help you gain a competitive edge over opponents, YOU WILL BE BOOTED.


    2- You must be an active player and be willing to join parties with our clan members when needed. We do not expect you to play in a party 100% of the time, because we know that sometimes playing alone is nice too. We do not tolerate players who join and never play with the clan, why join if you're not willing to help?


    3- Lastly, we require a 3.0 or higher K/D.



    If you are interested in joining us, please leave a message here or contact oD x Perception or

    Versaa Tiile in game. Thank you for your interest in our clan!



    Want to sport a red clan tag too?!



    Be sure to follow us @



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  • 01/09/14--18:53: CoD Ghosts DLC.
  • As we all know, there is downloadable content for Ghosts to be released, some Multiplayer maps on't incorporate the campaign into design. One idea I came up with was to incorporate the space levels from campaign and move them over to multiplayer in DLC. A shuttle in orbit around earth, and times through the match, no gravity is enabled. Just a cool thought I had.

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    Yes i have a mic, i use it for ps3 but there is a switch to pc so that would do.

    Thanks 4 the info again and i played some of the maps from that app you gave me.

    fcking hell it keeps amaze me ghehe, they did what treyarch had to do!


    Big up to the map makers and anybody who keeps zombies alive.

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    Edit your post and make it a discussion. Tell us what you are trying to convey in your video or this thread will be locked as soon as a mod gets online.

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  • 01/10/14--18:51: Re: Clan Wars question?
  • He obviously posted in the right place.

    you don't like what or were someone posts something then just move on, you are not a Forum moderator.

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    If your content was good, you wouldn't wouldn't have to spam for views.

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    Yet you have time to go on cod forums and make replys. Yep, legit.


    But if you haven't noticed, each call of duty continues to cater to noobs. More, and more and more. Each high K/D player is cost effective that a 2 k/d player with 20,000 kills will have one or more people dying twice as much as they have been killed. This will take the fun out of the game. This might make people turn in their copies of the game or not go and buy one of their own. This is the business model I see from the newer cod games.

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    Hello and welcome to Legacy Orlando


    We are a team that thrives to be number one


    Some things about us:


    -We have never lost a Clan Wars

    -We are Platinum

    -Level 13 Clan

    -We allow all players to join as long as you're active

    -Mic is preferred but not required

    -We will win the up coming Clan Wars

    -We want more players


    -No douchebags

    -Play with other members

    -Invite more friends

    -No KD is required

    -Go for the win

    How to Join

    -Apply via the app to team "Legacy Orlando"

    -Message "Legacy Juggles" on Xbox360

    -Post your info below so we can invite you to the clan

    PSN/Xbox One Members

    -All new PSN/Xbox One Members get a LT rank so they can invite their friends to the clan and not feel left out.

    -We want you to have people from the clan to play with so we want you to invite your friends.

    -We have a small but growing PSN/Xbox One community going and are looking for more.

    Looking forward to meeting new players

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  • 01/10/14--18:55: Re: Clan Wars question?
  • No, but I am a member of the community trying to help the OP find the best place for his discussion.


    If you have an issue with me, feel free to message me directly instead of showing your e-peen in this thread. You are off topic.

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  • 01/10/14--18:55: Looking for a PC clan
  • I am a noob, but I am looking for a clan that can play with me, enjoy the game, make me to get better at this game... I play on 360 controller because it feels a bit better than mouse and keyboard. By K/D is about 0.6~0.7. So basically I am looking for a clan that is less competitive and a bit more enjoyable.

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    Got it. This is not my vid. I felt like it was easier to convey the message by people watching it. Some people don't like to watch youtube content, so I am sorry.

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    When do you want to try to get those matches in? I'm on right now

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