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    Hey guys, we are still recruiting mature players to help us succeed in cod guost clan wars. We where doing great in the last war but we only had 5 people. As soon as we where capping a node the other clan was just coming back to get it. Now we are 6 and looking for more! We dont need all hardcore players and K/D ratio dont really matter at this point.


      As for us the 3 leaders we are rl friends and play on 3 systems side by side wich make it a lot of fun for us. Communicating is a lot better. We are not looking for you guys to ne grouped up with us daily, just that you help us through the clan wars and that we can all have fun together! After all its a gamr and that's what its all about!!


    Thank you! And hope you guys apply!

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    ok will do

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    I invited you to the clan.

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    Send me a message on XBL and we'll play some games together.

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    I get this all the time.  I don't know why.  Sometimes, later into the replay, a players perks will appear.   I hate this flaw and that it has persisted so long.

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    Been seeing a lot of clans getting partial entitlements mine included. We won our fourth clan war and we recieved our bc camo but the owl patch is still locked..

    Boko52 The second clan was unlocks the bc hood not the helmet, noticed the app is showing two of the same bc for two clan wars wins . It did that before and was straightened out a few days later.

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    My most favorite pointstreak is the Guard Dog because I only ever use it to notify me of enemies, and only takes 10 kills!


    My least favorite is Helo Scout, because your streak automatically ends when you are taken out (which isn't very hard considering you are wide in the open).

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  • 01/08/14--18:31: Re: Why do people HACK?
  • I think the problem is that you can play COD Ghosts still on PS3 if you have updated it to play on PS4.

    There are soo many people who have their PS3 jailbroken and have hacked their COD just log out and login again on PS4.

    They can still use the activated things on PS4, too


    I am pretty disappointed, too and i also thing you do not need to hack or cheat to play good also having fun....

    But many do as well




    I would appreciate strongly penalty to those who hack for eg season pass or trophy/troop points that they will lose their PS4 and PS3 Account as for sure! I don't think that there is another possability to provide those people from hacking at all.


    I feel so glad that you can view every kill afterwards so easily see if played as well or cheating/hacking was used.

    If i will recognize more than two players of which i think hmm that could not be in that way I'll leave and choose another game.

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    well thats the risk wen recruiting people, u have to take there word on it. i have 80+ members in my clan and have had nearly 150 total amd got kicked cuz they dont help with clan wars but your not gonna recruit anyone with that kinda response. i know u dont care what ive just said but its the truth.

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    STR8 MOBN FAMILY is a gold division clan with 18 members... we took 2nd in recent clan war and are looking to take 1rst in the next one... we are a ps3 clan looking for active members (by active i mean someone who plays daily) and also must be a team player.... someone who always invites fellow teamates to join their game.... its important that we play together to grow as a team and win as a team... if interested reply with your psn name and ill send an invite asap!!! Game on!!!

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    Correct me if Im wrong, but wasn't the point of the e-sports button so you could load up MLG Rules in an instant?(Again could be wrong) but if It is what it's for then why change the rules on it, that are not in MLG Variant rules (ex: 3P being banned etc..) 




    Will you guys make it so we're allowed to customize the custom gametypes names that we save?

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  • 01/08/14--18:32: Re: Golden Camouflage
  • Lean kills. There are some other requirements for camo's that you didn't list. Probably sniper. I know there is a requirement for kills while prone.

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  • 01/08/14--18:32: xbox360 plat clan recruiting
  • looking for 'active' members for clan wars kd and win loss are not a huge deal all welcome message me in game brewdogg981 thanks

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  • 01/08/14--18:34: Shotguns
  • It's been a while since I used shotguns (last time was in Bo2 with the KSG).


    Is it worth spending some squad points on a shotgun? Which one is the best gun? Any specific strategies I should use (I'm asking because a large handful of people are complaining that shotguns are UP).


    Thx in advance

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    I totally agree. They're pretty much telling us to go **** ourselves.

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    They should match you with like players.  Shouldn't be players doing that bad in your matches.  That's why this game is broken.  And yes this is a complaint.  This game blows, and it's only saving grace is squads.  Looking forward for Treyarch to make a real CoD game for Next Gen Console gaming.  Infinity Ward is a shadow of it's former self.

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    I like it that way it is nothing more to say in my op.

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    hhow many do u have in your clan?

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    bump pants.  still looking for about 20 more members!  just won our 4th clan war in gold division.

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