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  • 12/25/13--04:19: Banned for?
  • Ok so here's the story: I bought black ops 2 for pc some months ago, leveled up to 55 and gave up. Yesterday i bought a gaming mouse so i thought i'd gave it a try on black ops 2 and went to play some hardcore team deathmatch (i don't know if the mode matters though). So in one of the matches, i ended up with 21/11 score and at the end of the match there was one angry guy which yelled through his mic: gg hacker wins. So i assume he reported me for cheating and i got a ban eventually because when i logged in to Steam this morning i got the message: "Your account has been permanently banned from the Black Ops II servers."


    Yes, you will ALL say that i used hacks, but if you look my profile in black ops 2, i had an 0.94 KD ratio with only 2400 kills (approximately)

    I am not begging for an unban, i just want justice in this case. If Treyarch staff spot something weird in my account then i will accept my ban but please don't ignore this.


    Thank you kindly!

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    Most of that has been fixed by now so if thats the only thing your worried about buy it

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    [WIKD] Restless Wicked


                                                                                        Commander :   JackDaniels2494

                                                                                         Lieutenant Com:  wlittle3

                                                                                        Clan Wars Div:   Gold Division


    Our Clan [WIKD] is recruiting all active players. We have won all Clan Wars that we have participated in thus far, which has put us in the Gold Division! We are able to have up to 100 members so the more the merrier! We are not real picky on your K/D ratio but please be atleast close to 1.0, and we play ALL different match types from HCKC, HCTDM, TDM, Cranked, etc.. Please either Apply directly to [WIKD], message me/friend request on JackDaniels2494, or reply here. Thanks!



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    Please tone down the C4.

    Give the Assault and Recon Juggernauts health regeneration. They are jokes as they are; they can barely last one firefight.


    Buff the riot shield - it's inconsistent when blocking bullets and the melee is absolutely terrible. You actually managed to make the melee worse than ever before; that's saying something.

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  • 12/25/13--04:27: WANT TO JOIN A CLAN
  • we are a level 12 clan & 30ish members at present we are recruiting for more members who will play clan ops it doesn't matter what console your on as it is now cross platform it doesn't matter if you don't have a high k/d we want players for clan wars if your interested send an application to KILL THE CAMPERS or if your on the PS3 send a friend request to me srwchunky saying you wish to join our clan & i will send you an invite via the console (this will only work for ps3 users) 

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    Its the games crap matchmaking system its the same on ps4 very poor.

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  • 12/26/13--10:15: Re: What Is going on?!
  • I'll admit that the theory of wired being better than wifi is an issue that thoroughly perplexes me. I live in Austin, Tx which is somewhat known for being a technologically advanced city...and that includes our high-speed internet providers. We use the best that ATT Uverse has to offer and I can honestly and genuinely say that my game plays several times better on wifi. I've transitioned back and forth from wired to wifi a few times just to make sure...and there's no doubt that I get killed at lightning speed when wired...but for some reason the game plays 100% better on wifi. There's really no way to possibly convey the massive difference without coming over here and experiencing it for yourself.

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    I have a PS3 and the Ghosts game, but have only been able to create a clan and invite people, I cannot make a clan clan tag or anything the "app" lets you do.


    I paid for a PS3 game and it turns out I cannot play this part of the game on my PS3, nor is there any way to on a website or computer application.

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    OH and forgot to add, there is ALWAYS a way to kill that camper. You simply have to think of a way. There is a quote from the series Firefly that I like "they are going to come at you sideways" or atleast I think that was it, anyways the point of it is, find a way to get at them that they dont expect.


    Im assuming by the way you post you dont play much competitive ADW or am I mistaken?

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  • 12/26/13--10:19: Re: When will it end?
  • I had a person I reported yesterday always hip shotting me while I was really far away. It's so obvious from the replay the person is cheating. People even called him out on it and he just kept playing and not caring. I see all these players level 60 with outrageous K ill ratios and they die in game 10X or less.


    It's very frustrating!


    IW you need to give us free dedicated servers with admin abilities so we can ban people from our servers. If we had this and an in-game server browser there would be very few complaints. Let us ban these dincs for you and take some of the work load.

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  • 12/26/13--10:19: Re: Stats and Lobby leaving
  • I disagree with this and here are my reasons:


    1. A clan who is out for a "weaker" opponents is going to be looking for a group with no communications, split screeners and low level players anyways.


    2. Random players will leave, no matter the stats, if they see they are facing a clan. I know this because I can play with my clan members who range from a .9 KDR to 1.3 KDR and players still leave.


    3. With such a short time between matches, I don't believe that there are that many players checking the leaderboards that often. See number 2.


    4. Looking at stats, I can develop a game plan against my opponents. If they're play KC and have a high KDR but low number of tags collected, I know I can look for a defender.

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    Hey RunAndGun1,


    I hope your holiday went well.  The bloodied screen on spawn is a graphics glitch that's been there from the start.  You do have full health though when you spawn.  It's just a glitch.  It's happened to me plenty.  Kind of annoying in that you don't have a clear field of view for a couple of seconds, but nothing to worry about too much.



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    Hello i-Abdullmohsen-i,


    Welcome to our forums!


    Glad you are enjoying the game mode! Are you playing Extinction in solo play, or are you playing it online?




    ATVI Support

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  • 12/26/13--10:22: Re: I just want to play
  • .....so is your PC downloading the data or not? Did you download the game and it won't start? What's your internet speed? Is your computer meeting the minimum specs at very least for this game?

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    The Wii is included with last generation consoles as it is a last generation console. We're talking about the Wii U here >_>


    : Well, in the non business world imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but in business it's simply to capitalize on a market that can potentially provide a vast amount of revenue.

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    I love it when there are better players than me in the lobby. I like the challenge and I think it makes you step up your game.

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    While putting it into the game is an option keep in mind that it takes more time to do that as they have to do that for all versions of the game. A website would be accessible to everyone and then they only have to upgrade one or two items (mobile app and website)

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    my gt Player Pepsi

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