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    would like to play with your clan to see if it is a clan that I would like to join.  Thanks.  PSN Acct :   cutekickboxer

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    i totally support this idea too

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    Clan Name: Kill2StayCranked

    Clan Tag:K2SC

    Rank: Platinum Division

    • We are top tier platinum
    • We play everyday
    • Xbox One Only

    Clan Level

    • 12

    Size: 13 members

    • All have positive KD
    • All have positive Win/Loss Percentage
    • Most of us are located in the US, however we still have people from other countries also.  This means there is always someone online to play with!

    Overall K/D: 1.30

    • Please be near or above 1.00 KD if you want to join

    Overall Win/Loss: 55%

    • Going up everyday


    Why join?


    Golden Clan Tag

    Always someone to play with

    We all use mics, and are all good

    We have won all our clan wars so far! 1 Gold and 2 Platinum


    Post your GT


    Send a message/friend request to "zmr94"


    Search the clan on the app. 

    However you do need to play a few games with us, for us to see how you do.

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  • 12/23/13--23:30: Re: prestige issues
  • Greetings your_mom123123,


    Have you double checked your other soldiers? Is there a possibility that one of your soldiers isn't leveled up all the way. Just to verify, you've ranked up your 8th character all the way through 60?




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    SSays it is profanity

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    Why is it that everytime something good is produced by your games your team, for what ever reason is help bent on making it worse why can't you just leave the equipment the way it is no one asked you to nerf the snipers nor the msbs but there you go doing it anyways. I hope you will be happy when no one seems to want to play your game

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    Der neue Clan EntGegners sucht engagierte Mitglieder.

    Ob Prestige oder nicht ist egal. Eine K/D von 1 sollte vorhanden sein.

    ALter egal, headset erforderlich


    MAn sollte im Team spielen können, und die Strategien/Taktiken von den Leadern umsetzen können.

    WEr Lust hat in einem Humorvollen, lustigen Clan, mit Clan-Battles und vielen interessanteN Sachen zu spielen,

    BEwibt sich im Clan EndGegners bei COD Elite.


    LG Andy

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    they dont specialize in rang they bridge the gap BETWEEN long and short range weapons meaning they're BEST AT MID RANGE before you cry about something know what you are crying about they work just fine for what they are supposed to do they need no buff on anything learn how to use them RIGHT!!

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    This Update 12/23/13 is a joke, Ghost PC issues Not fixed.... the game is cactus!  

    Where are the fixes for what most PC players suffer from..freezes, crashes, stuttering, no crossfire??

    How can fluffy little in-game play features fix major game software flaws?

    It's a total kick in the face from IW. Never ever buying a COD game ever again.

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  • 12/25/13--03:51: Re: NO ONE MOVES ?
  • One of my reasons for not going for the next prestige because of the game being to campy, couple of questions, when one does, apart from a new badge icon and emblem , do you lose your points you amassed and then have to start again with getting more points for weapons and such, still unsure i will bother ,just wondered what i might be missing, anyway, "Merry Christmas" everyone,


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    As the title says i am looking for a active Clan to play with daily


    Basic info



    22 Years Old

    Mic Yes!

    KD 1.40

    W/L 2.20


    Very new to Ghosts but have been playing Cod Since Cod 4 on Xbox and PC



    GT is CubidNutsack Message me on there please

    Oh and Merry Christmas

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    Hi all,

    I'm hoping someone can help me.  I rather stupidly jumped at a special on the PC version of Call of Duty: Ghosts.   I had completely forgotten that the DVD drive in my laptop (where I currently play MW3) was stuffed.


    Needless to say when I switched on the lappy today I felt like a right fool.  Nonetheless I copied all four disks onto a backup drive and then attempted to install from there.   No luck, after installing the first directory it asked me to insert disk 2 with no option to select where disk 2 is.


    So I then moved all files from all four disks across to a single directory.  Frustratingly this time it got to within 2GB of installing before again asking for disk 2.


    So my question is, is there a way to install from a single directory?  I have a legit copy of the game and physically have the disks but cannot play it due to this issue.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    And Merry Christmas to everyone!



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    Ever since of about one month ago I'm not able to get into decent ping servers.  I'm always in the 170~200 something ping now.


    I really wanted to contact activision, but they don't have an email address for support.  Plz I'm a big cod fan and this is really buggying me.


    I also have cod ghost but it's too laggy at times and my hit detection is not working properly, not always but...


    I just wanna be able to play like before in 60~70 ping.  Plz fix this.  Also I would like my DLC for black ops 2 to be removed, because it just


    takes to long to find games in multiplayer.  Plz email me with the answers at prk_james@yahoo.com

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  • 12/25/13--04:05: Re: Merry Christmas
  • You too. Or Chanukah or whatever.

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    Hi so got friend who wanted to do the transit egg, "no probs" i said, everything goin to plan until we jumped into the portal and "game over" appeared?????? haven't played transit for a long time.  any answers?

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    I see that most of you are crying about sniper rifles in here so now that you cant spam you snipers its a problem for you to get kills it great that its only a headshot thats why its called HD. And furthermore no one cares how many ppl are on xbox as this is a PS3 forum go cry about xbox in that forum GOOD DAY!

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  • 12/25/13--04:09: Re: Symbol during MP games?
  • Motion sensor going off.

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    so i was doin the egg 2 player and when we both jumped into the portal game over??????   that was an hour ago

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    I think now it's mostly the network issue. Sometimes the game will lag and sometimes it doesn't.

    My PC specs:


    WINDOWS 8.1

    AMD FX-4350 4.2GHZ (Quad core)

    8GB RAM

    1TB HDD

    650W PSU

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    Have had Ghosts up and running on PS4 since game was released - -

    Now for past two days:

    Connecting to online services failure.


    PlaystationPlus is required - -

    Finally got an error message:

    Service is currently undergoing maintenance E-820001F7


    Frustrated beyond belief - - -

    My player ranking under 200 in Free-For-All is probably in the garbage by now because I'm unable to play multiplayer -


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