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    Greetings Hegf,


    During which Playlists have you played Multiplayer and failed to receive DoubleXP? If you were playing in Nuk3town Playlist please know this issue should be now resolved, so let's restart your Xbox and try playing again.


    Regards ^SP

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    After about 2 weeks of taking a break because of the major game craches I am back to attempt to play this game again. The crashes overall seemed to be have been reduced but there doesn't seem to be any reduction in lag, connection issues or skipping. Still makes the game very annoying.


    In any case, with Activisions position on making this a pay to win game with the weapon supply drops, it's pretty much ruined anyway. Hopefully future COD's will remove Activision completely, would definitely be a step forward in the right direction.

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    He was a PC guy, and then he absolutely lit up PC gaming when he got his PS4.  He had a correct point about console ports, but then he tore us a new one about God and the World for everything else, heh.


    Hopefully he's having his fun whatever he's playing now .

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    So I took a break off of BO3 because every other game I played ended up in a crash and didn't count. That appears to be fixed after one night of playing but there seems to be excessive connection issues happening. So when one issue is fixed another appears. What is going on with the crazy connection issues?

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  • 03/31/16--11:58: More gore next time Treyarch
  • I miss the days of World at War where arms and legs would fly and there would be realistic blood and more of it. Bring it back please and stop catering to the 12 year olds Treyarch.

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    Yes, see i could access the maps last night.


    I dont think i have ever seen so many camping lobbies in my life

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    it's a nice gun for sure


    but as i now play hc i cannot bring myself to use it any more

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  • 04/02/16--02:04: Re: My Game won't start
  • u have to go to ur storage harddrive delete bo3 from there then it will work no probs

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    As title says, since yesterday, after starting the game i realized that my prestige-playercards i earned, i'm prestige 2, disappeared from my list, where they were before...idk if there are more missing, but hope that this problem gets solved quickly, as it's a bit annoying, as the prestige 2-playercard was one i liked to use on my character.



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    Yes, Activision has enforced that now that supply drops have weapons. Why!?! because they are greedy ***** that want to make money off of payers. I of course would never pay for that agarbage but there are those pathetics that would. Activision, you are garbage. go away please., go awaya, we would prefer you didn't exist.

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    after each match 90% of the time I lose connection with the call of duty server and have to re load it all and jump back into another half finished match? why and wtf

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  • 04/02/16--23:14: Re: Tryo Recruitment
  • Competitive clan?

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    I'm mainly a smg player but I can do it all if necessary. I'm looking for a competitive clan or team that doesn't have a ton of members.


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  • 04/02/16--23:31: Help!
  • I need some advice/assistance for Hero Nomad... would anybody be able to help with some advice or something.... (I've already tried playing hardpoint/uplink.. with shotguns)

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    I prestiged yesterday to 7, and when I wanted to change my calling card, I noticed that my all my prestige cards have been gone. How can I get them back? Does anyone else have the same problemen? Thank you in advance.

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    Like the Talon this invisible drone can be flown anywhere around the map and watch the battle with the same functions as the loose camera in theatre. It can see players highlighted through walls and can target a player who can then be switched to while the drone hovers idly where you left it.

    It can highlight areas and objectives on the map and will display the desired, pre-set information about targeted players. It can even switch to other idle drones around the map by targeting them which allows for quick transition to different battle zones quickly and efficiently.

    It can not be seen or heard by the players nor can it give/take damage.

    It is the first thing to load into each game and isn't subject to the pre-match countdown so can be positioned before the match starts to capture the initial encounters.

    It can take screen shots and even record short videos that are sent directly to the theatre. The video has two settings: Record Previous 60 Seconds or Record For 60 Seconds.

    Just saying.

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    They dont!

    If your problem is something they dot want to hear they just dont answer.
    The Black OPS 3 servers has been **** for both PC and Console here in Europe and they dont say anything about it.
    The last couple of days it does not even plays without ping from 40 upp to 400 in seconds.
    Rubberbanding like hell an all the say is -Reset your router.
    It is the shitty servers and not my internet or hardware hawe any problem!
    So they just dont want to hear from u, they just want u to pay money to them and shut up!

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    The servers are to blame Activision does not care even to answer any server relatet problems.
    At most the can say

           -Try to reset your router. As if!!!


    All knew the servers ar weak as hell and cant handel the load. Theyr providers of internet does not hawe banwith to acomedate all the trafick eather becaus good internet costs an they just want your money
    Sad but tru

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    yup every single day


    i am reporting every single one of them aswell but why has nothing been done about this after 5 months?


    @devs you managed to fix cheats duping your precious mldc weapons cash cow within days so you have no excuse for not sorting this out too.


    i don't see why it should be a players job to keep reporting these guys at this point in a games cycle when the games developers clearly dgafs.



    now, i do realise that there's gonna be a few legit 1000's at this point so i do check their weapon stats before reporting , but every one i've seen has like a 8-9 kd in razorback with tens of thousands of kills whilst holding an exponentially lower global......................these duplicated accounts are clearly all descended from the same source originally.


    it's time for this to be remedied don't you think?


    tick tock.

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