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    Hey there Xenophobicgod

    We can see that you currently have a support case that you're being assisted on? Was that case to assist with this issue as well? Let us know.



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    Hey there KeepitGaming

    Thanks for posting to our forums. Please note that to keep in continuity with the forums your question was moved. If you would like to leave some feedback or have a suggestion regarding this title, please feel free to leave those thoughts in the following link: https://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Call-of-Duty-Black-Ops-III-Fee dback-and-Bug-Reporting?clickedOn=

    Thanks for your support. We appreciate it.


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  • 03/31/16--23:27: Re: twd
  • Hey there Shaggyshaggz

    Can you please clarify, are you attempting to purchase the title from the Xbox Market?


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  • 03/31/16--23:28: Re: Finally - Dark Matter
  • Congrats mate, wear that DM with pride

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    *Every gun I mention here is based off of NOT being equipped with the grip attachment. Which I think is a crutch for a lot of weapons*

    *Keep in mind this is all opinion based off my experiences with the game*

    *I only own one DLC weapon, but have used the Interdiction*

    *Let me know what you guys think. Keep all comments constructive pls.*


    Assault Rifles:

    Best in class: KN-44, Man-O-War, M8

    XR-2: Don't know what it is about this gun, but I just have no confidence in it anymore after liking it previously. It's almost like I expect to die when using it. Just seems really inconsistent to me. Crutch attachments being high cal and rapid fire.

    HVK-30: Another rifle I used to like. Recoil is all over the place and the fire rate is no substitute for the lack of longer range engagement damage. Crutch attachments being grip, long barrel, and fast/extended mags.



    Best in class: VMP, Kuda

    Weevil: Liked it during the beta. Pure marshmallow shooter nowadays. Sad because this was my favorite gun at one time. Recoil pattern is random and all over the place. Even with grip for increased accuracy, this thing is still outclassed by almost everything. Recoil pattern is random even w/ grip.

    Vesper: Still a monster in extremely close encounters. I wanted it to have more recoil, but they went a little overboard here. Recoil direction is completely random and rarely ever goes in the same direction twice. If the direction was consistent, it would actually be useful. Right now, not so much. Crutch attachments being grip and fast/extended mags.


    Shotguns: I will not be using any of the shotguns from here on out. Not a lot of maps where they perform well.

    Best in class: Wait for it.............................Brecci.

    KRM-262: Might have the worst OSK range of any CoD pump shotgun. Hitmarker machine.

    205 Brecci: No matter what anyone says, this thing is a monster. Why? You don't have to aim with it. Hipfire away!! Pellet counts don't matter so you are not penalized for not hitting with a lot. Scummy weapon imo.

    Haymaker 12: Just going to say it's an auto shotty and I have always felt these were nooby to use.

    Argus: At first I thought this thing was going to be really good considering its slug while ADS. I have one question here. If I'm ADS, in range for the slug to hit, how are you going to give me a hitmarker?


    LMGs: I will not be using any of these anymore either. Crutches will always consume points in creating classes (quick hands/quickdraw). I will say, however, they are underrated and very strong. I will mention one here though.

    Best in class: No clear winners here, all equally good. Except one.

    Gorgon: Slowest ADS speed, slowest sprint speed, slowest sprint out time, slowest reload speed, etc etc. Strong weapon over range, but the overall speed of the gun makes using it a chore.


    Sniper Rifles: I will still use these, but strictly for fun. High zoom optics have increased flinch and the lack of AA while ADS on all but two of them makes using snipers frustrating at times. Def not a game where snipers thrive unless you play really passive.

    Best in class: Locus, P-06 a close second.

    Drakon: AA does not make this gun any more attractive. It's a semi auto, spray and pray sniper that caters to newer inexperienced players. PASS

    SVG: 50/50 chance whether I choose to pick it up again. The sound of an unsuppressed SVG is godlike, but the slow clunky nature of it makes it a pain to use at times. The amount of idle sway this thing has is a bit extreme. Crutch attachments being CPU, fast/extended mags, and rapid fire.

    RSA Interdiction: Don't own it, don't want it. Have picked it up off the ground. Idle sway is bad, OSK area is tiny, mag size is small (6 rounds), and handles like the SVG. Worst sniper in class. Crutch attachments being rapid fire, fast/extended mags, and CPU.



    Best in class: MR6

    L-CAR 9: In with the Vesper. Went overboard with the nerfs. Recoil direction is completely random. Second worst gun to complete challenges with. Crutch attachments being fast/extended mags.

    RK5: By far the worst gun to complete challenges with. Bad one burst range. Bad two burst range. Small mag size and little ammo reserve. Bullets in burst also are very inaccurate when engaging at longer ranges. Crutch attachment being extended mags. Gun still is a pain even when running them.

    Shadowclaw: Gun is terrible without attachments. Arrow speed is a little slow.

    Melee weapons: Can be fun at times, but impractical on most maps.

    Launchers: Worst CoD to date with the amount of UAV spam. These will be ran for this game's entire life cycle.


    Specialist Weapons:

    Best weapon/s: Ripper, War Machine, Annihilator Pistol, Scythe

    Gravity Spikes: My hatred for this weapon will forever keep me from using it. Plus it's only good in specific game types.

    Sparrow: I hate putting this in here, but I have to. It's handling properties are very clunky. Sprint speed, for some odd reason, mimics the Scythe's. May pick it back up if they improve its handling.

    Purifier: Trading kills happens way too often with this weapon. Enemies have more than enough time to react and kill you even though they are on fire. I will say this thing can be a beast on certain maps.


    Specialist Abilities:

    Best Ability/Abilities: Kinetic Armor, Active Camo, Heat Wave, Psychosis

    Combat Focus: Believe it or not, this thing is more frustrating to use than Rejack. It's that bad. Needs to be BUFFED. Only good when trying to achieve the lowest level streaks in the game while outside of objective game modes.

    Rejack: Lets call a spade a spade here. This is last stand. No one likes it, or wanted it to return in any form. That said, the amount of time it takes you to revive is slow. Time it takes to ready your weapon afterward is also very slow. Only time this ability has an adavantage is when you're                 behind cover. Other than that, by merely using this you are at a major disadvantage.



    Best optic/s: ELO, Reflex

    Recon and Varix: As I stated in the sniper rifle category, high zoom optics have more flinch than normal so there is no reason for me to use either of these. If you like more flinch, have at it. Sure the recon increases center speed, but it ain't worth the extra flinch.



    FMJ: Still one of the worst, most unnecessary attachments in CoD. Only thing it's good for is for shooting down streaks when pairing it with LMGs. No real reason to run it when you can run a launcher. Useless outside of high damage weapons.



    Thermite: Had a lot of fun with these during the beta. As of right now they are decent for keeping people out of an area or camping. Could use a buff. They don't last too long and the damage has been nerfed quite a bit.

    Trip Mines: Any form of these I think shouldn't be in the game at all. Especially when something like the shock charge is in the game. Makes hard wired a crutch perk in most lobbies.



    Black Hat: Nerfed to oblivion. Takes way too long to hack something as simple as a UAV. Don't even see why anything outside of equipment and UAVs are even hack-able. You need two hats to actually do it and it takes FOREVER to hack anything. Not to mention the other team is notified             and you are shown on the minimap. Needs to perform like they did in BO2 to be useful. Too many disadvantages in using them.


    Perk 1:

    6th Sense: Don't agree with this being in the game at all. Nooby perk that only decreases the skill gap (assuming there is one still). No 100% counter. Helps against campers, while also helping campers. Hurts more than it helps. Should have a 100% counter and not just a range reduction.

    Afterburner: Never use this. Caters to sweats that are stuck in Advanced Warfare mode. Like my boots on the ground, therefore I have no need for this.


    Perk 2:

    Ante Up: Could use a buff. NOTHING CRAZY THOUGH. We don't need to see Hardline ever again.

    Tracker: My reasoning for this is similar to 6th sense. Almost word for word. Shouldn't be in the game imo. Obviously it is and needs a 100% counter and not just a range reduction. I won't be using this nooby perk.


    Perk 3:

    Gung-Ho: This perk looks good on paper until you use it. The time between pulling the trigger and your weapon shooting is awkward and takes a bit of time. Needs to act a little quicker.

    Dead Silence and Awareness: I don't agree with either of these being in the game. Not everyone has a high-end headset thus creating unfair advantages between players. Any perk that messes with audio, I am not a fan of nor will I run it.

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    Go for it!


    An even bigger joke is how quickly the 8-day bunker auto-fill was "fixed" (by a big increase); We can struggle with a raft of known issues/bugs for months on end with no solutions in sight, but if a feature is thought underpriced . . . .

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  • 03/31/16--23:57: Re: Cuenta Bloqueada por VAC
  • Hello dezka

    Please note that we would only be able to reply to you in English. For info on VAC bans you would need to check with Steam Support. You can find more info here: Valve Anti-Cheat System (VAC) - Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) System - Knowledge Base - Steam Support

    Thank you.


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    Rexens_View wrote:


    Realistically would prefer it to remain just like normal camo gear like Ghillies, different Nations etc but the way it is now, those days are gone forever.

    It will return.. and when it does, it will be AMAZING.

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    I have been wondering why my win/loss ratio is so low across the board and I finally figured out why. If you join a game that's pretty much over then back out without spawning in, it counts it as a loss. What is this? So what you're telling me is, I have to stay in a game on a map I don't like (Example: Nuk3town) or I have to stay in a game that has a million scorestreaks against the team I get put on in order for it to not to count? You have to be kidding me. How about we fix this Treyarch. This is actually stupid. I don't care so much about W/L, but I feel like if I don't spawn into a game I don't want to play in it should not affect me negatively like this. I have no control over what game it puts me in so why should I get penalized? If I had control you better believe I'm getting into a game that is still in the lobby and not on Nuk3town/Combine. You're pretty much forcing people to either get crapped on by scorestreaks or play on maps they hate just to avoid a loss. STUPID

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    Hey there potato938

    After checking your account, we did not find any corruption but it does appear that Fresh Start was used on the account. Did you do this or was it done accidentally? If you'd like, you can apply your account info here: Activision Support and your account will be investigated.



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    As rydecota stated you can find all you need to know with a quick search using any search engine. The problem has been around for a while and as many ppl in this post have stated, everyone looks to the older games with rose tinted glasses when those games also had many of the problems of the newer games as well. The only common factor is they all run on the same BASE model, engine, mechanic call it what you like but if these sub companies continue to pile on new and vibrant ideas to an outdated base game, the new version is bound to see some if not all of the same problems. That's just common sense.

    They need to address the Base game mechanics and functionality BEFORE they introduce new movement such as wall running, AW with exo movement or any advanced graphical medium  or we will keep seeing some if not all of these problems in later titles.

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    The whole point of SnD is to be in a party.


    Communication is crucial. You ban parties in this GM, you may as well do it in all others.

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  • 04/01/16--01:48: Looking for cool dudes
  • Hey guys, My name is Hydra.

    Im looking for some cool dudes to have loads of fun with on Bo3.

    wether it be doing a stunt or something funny, or messing around, i wanna have a laugh with some friends and those friends are you.


    Looking for people who

    • are 12+ Yrs Old
    • have a good sense of humor. also likes dark humor or satire. (If you watch FilthyFrankTv or Idubbbztv then you are perfect)
    • are acquitted with le Memes.
    • are not immature
    • can hold a decent conversation/debate
    • arent ********
    • arent arrogant
    • dont get salty


    I am a tryhard and I rage a bit, but i love to mess around and do fun stuff.

    I dont care how good you are at the game.


    If you fit the bill and arent a LOSER, then friend me.

    Make sure you send me a message talking about this forum otherwise I might not respond to you.


    Gamertag: HydraxousHD


    thanks my peeps.

    much luv Hydra

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  • 04/01/16--21:56: Re: CAG WANTS YOU JOIN TODAY
  • register and apply at CAGclan.com

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    Hey there,


    What platform are you playing on? It has come to our attention that you have a reset issue. Please note that we only able to provide support in English. We will be more than happy to help.



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    Hey there,


    We would like to apologize for the delay. What platform are you playing on? Are you currently receiving any error messages? Are you playing on a digital or physical copy? Let us know.


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  • 04/01/16--23:36: Re: Black ops 3 issues
  • Greetings KillerElite856,


    Let's go ahead and give the following steps a try:

    1. Go to Play Online and select Multiplayer and go to the Menu by pressing the Options button

    2. Head over to Options, then go to Content Filtering.

    3. Select "User Generated Content" and set the option to Enabled.


    Regards ^SP

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  • 04/01/16--23:39: Re: nat type
  • Greetings killerjames6,


    What platform are you playing on? Are you playing on a wired or wireless connection? Do you share your internet connection, via a router, with multiple other devices?


    More information about NAT type can be found also at the following link: Activision Support


    Regards ^SP

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  • 04/01/16--23:42: Re: NAT type moderate
  • Greetings deathfromabove1,


    Are you playing on a wireless connection? If yes, we do recommend playing on a wired one, in order to enjoy an optimal gaming experience in Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 online.


    More information regarding NAT types can also be found at the following article: Activision Support


    Regards ^SP

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    Greetings jhock,


    We're sorry that you're experiencing issues connecting to the Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 servers. Are you playing on a wired or wireless connection? Also, what is your Xbox One NAT type?


    Let's go ahead and give a try to the steps found in the following article: Activision Support


    Regards ^SP

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