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    your probably alot younger than me and have better eye sight,lol

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    Can I get a bump please?

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  • 04/03/16--01:39: Re: Mx garand stealth nerf
  • but they still nerfed it without saying a dicky bird and that just sucks

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    They make devices you can buy, so that you can use keyboard and mouse on Xbox One. Also you're more than welcome to join my clan DGS message me on Xbox Live for more info my gamertag is DGS Camaro. You can also check out our website at www.DGSlive.com

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    Maybe but I'm still old enough to remember running games from DOS.

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  • 04/03/16--02:00: Re: Why am i not suprised
  • My post above was about the lag was in reference to the increased hit markers in Hardcore. I had one round where I got 7 assists, I use the burst weapons exclusively and found multiple hits resulted in just hit markers. Before the "FREE" peek at the DLC this wasn't the case at all.

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    Yeah they fit well in this game but I don't really want to see them in Treyarchs next one especially if they revisit the WWII or Vietnam era again. If their next game is set in the future again (hopefully not) then they might work well again.

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    Before you open your mouth you should know the facts, how does one not download a patch and still be able to play online? The maps were added to a required patch and there is no avoiding adding to ones hard drive.

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  • 04/03/16--02:07: I feel im goin to get a Ban.
  • Hi.
    Im sad to say the servers is so bad on PC that i ragequit caus the LAG.
    I cant help it. Its horrible LAG and ping around 400, rubberbanding like mad.

    Im use to LAG from all the other CODs but this aint like that! Ghost was wors then AW but now its not even fun any more.

    Im gettin mad and feels frustrated as hell when there is no one hwom talks about it.


    No! It doesent help to reset my router.
    No! It aint my PC.
    No! My internet is good!.


    Please fix YOUR internet problems #Activision

    I dont want to get a BAN becaus of this problem. I love the game and want to play it fair against all other.


    Peace out!
                /Anders. P -Sweden-

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    Cutting into the conversation here...CoD still had more influence on the market and continues too. Yes, CS:GO is insanely popular, but it restricts itself to one platform, so it doesn't matter how many people buy it and play it on PC because overall, CoD will always overcome it.


    I would safely assume if the next Halo went multi-platform it would overtake CoD also, but it never will because it is restricted to Xbox. You're logic is kind of flawed.


    ...and yes, we all know you're d is small...sorry, couldn't help myself.

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    ccalm down the community can fix this

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    i don't have mic but i have Skype if that works noahisaking is my gamer tag

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    Even I wouldn't have gone so low as the OP.


    There are just people who can't play this game. It's as simple as that. I'm pretty good at COD...........but you wouldn't want me on your team in Madden or NBA 2K. 

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    Glad I was away for some of the weekend and didn't play. This is now just a joke. It's incomprehensible to me that Activsion has utterly failed to address and fix such a massive issue for so many players. I'm now starting to regret buying BO3 and the Season Pass.

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  • 04/04/16--04:05: Awakening DLC removal
  • Hi there, I'm playing on PS4 console.   I recently purchased the AwakeningDLC and i really dislike it after playing it.  Just wondering how to disable or remove the DLC? I know on XBOXONE you can disable/reenable as you want but so far can't work out how to do so on the PS4.   I emailed PS and they refused to help and referred me to here instead.

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    You're right toby, my bad. I was really pissed when I reread it and thought it had been. Plus I'm old,lol, that counts for something right?

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    Hey mate i see that you are looking for a new clan if you want we are a casual xbox 1 clan(AGC) So if you want join us,

    It would be real nice to have you join the clan.


    Xbox1 GamerTag= Declan Hudson



    2 people


    new bo3 clan


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    !Snapchat-5821742585139553238.jpgthis was  before

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    Snapchat-5715003741319630479.jpgthis was after

    this is on xbox one

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    Yo, I would like to join my kd is 1.62 and my psn is Choc-DreamZ

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