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    Qualche giorno fa ho acquistato da steam dei punto COD e nonostante trovo l'addebito i punti non mi sono stati accreditati. premetto di aver speso più di 150 euro in punti COD e questi 9,99 invece mi sono stati detratti senza avere punti in cambio, il mio acquisto è stato pagato con paypal infatti ho la ricevuta, praticamente mi sono stati tolti i soldi ma non ho nulla in cambio, Steam dice di rivolgermi al produttore del gioco ma mi sembra una questione che non finisce mai, chi può aiutarmi ? gRAZIE,



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    Mine Are:


    1. XR-2 / M8A7: these ones are a tie for me. they're both sort of awkward but have deadly efficiency when you're on point. For me, these guns didn't really need long barrel but needed rapid fire to work better for me.


    2. Marshal 16: I've been having crazy fun with this new weapon. the 1 shot and reload thing took getting used to but once you have it down it's okay to use. 


    3. Kuda: this SMG is on a new level. It's definitely a great rushing gun. Good all-rounder. This gun blends well with most attachments.



    what's your top 3 favorite and why? Remember let's keep this discussion friendly.



    Happy Gaming Everybody.

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  • 03/31/16--00:29: Re: SERVER LAG!
  • No. If they did lag in a match I doubt they would post it.


    There is no special arrangment. In my experience this game plays just fine if everybody in the lobby has a good connection. But often if one player has a poor connection is affects others in the lobby whose connections are just fine.


    In the USA where there is good access to fibre optic networks this is probably not an issue. But if your unlucky enough to live in a country with bad infrastucture you will suffer. I am in Australia and we are ranked 48th in the world internet rankings. I get s**** on by players with poor internet every other match.


    Such is life....

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    So if you purposely play worse to lower your SPM, don't you become one of those "teammates" you're trying to avoid in the first place?

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    I've had very little problems on the X1. Ive got about 13 days played, maybe 3% of that has been servers down, connection problems.

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    the tank's so low they've been syphoning for some time now.


    ........but so is everyone else too so it's not just a cod thing.


    i like the open world split into zones idea.


    also,i'd imagine that the next cod will probably have raid bosses in campaign but it's doubtful anyone else will borrow bo3's  'awesome' idea of low-vis cosmetic weapon attachments.

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    I reinstalled Black Ops 3 on PC like a week ago, and I got to level 51 and when I returned to play the game, my stats reset back to 48. This happens every time I play the game then restart. My friend also has this problem. Also, I've heard others with this issue too so I'm assuming you are already aware of the problem.

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    Perhaps the developers can include this feature in the next update?

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    microsoft have one of the best server setups in the world, i'm ps4 btw

    they're called Azure, but are they actually using them for cod?

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    Hello i have bought the dlc 1 for the ps4 and I have heard that players who have bought the dlc 1 without a season pass can upgrade the dlc into a season pass for special (lower) price. How can i do that?

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  • 03/31/16--00:57: Re: Finally - Dark Matter
  • I really like the Argus, the default class for it works quite well too.

    The hipfire can be quite effective for CQ engagements even though the hitmarkers can be a lil inconsistent.

    Can go on some serious streaks on smaller maps with it.

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    i love it soooo much it's a staple to all my classes now, it's very often double figures even when i don't control it


    excellent at shooting down stuff too.


    cerberus>talon and wraith since they hugely buffed it.

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    HELP!   HELP!

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    Hey there,


    Unfortunately, we only provide support in English. Can you clarify your issue? We will be more than happy to help.


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    Hey there Apophis_NL


    Thank you for contacting us. In order to better assist you with this issue ,we have created a support case for you on our website. Please login to the support site and go to My Support and click on My Cases. Your case number will be #06104776 and reply to the agent.

    Thanks again,


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    it only has an 8 round clip and often times it cand take 4-5 hits to kill one person even at close range it has no extended mags or advanced rifleing and although it could potentually be a fun gun to use with all the ak47 unforgivins bals and asm1s it fails to compare any other weapon i can get 30 kill games with that piece of junk im lucky if i hit 8 kills and lets not talk about my deaths when using that gun. i thought the na-45 was trash it a good gun until you want to do camo challenges then you realize how dificult it is to use. ive got royalty on heavys, smgs assault rifles, pistols, and ive got every sniper diamond except the blasted na-45 which now that hardcore dom is a rare find ive ritten off as imposible. especially since you leave the lobby aftery game because they all put on flack jacket after they realize you are using it

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    i have this exact same issue and the biggest thing is you cant even find where to put a support ticket in like wow

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  • 03/31/16--23:05: For the Ragequitters
  • Dear Treyarch,


    Alot of players have experienced this; you playing a game of domination, the enemy calls in a Wraith, H.A.T.R. and R.A.P.S. and all of the sudden you end up being on a team with 2 other players because all the others quit the game because they knew they where losing. They can just quit the game, it counts as a loss and that's it.

    This also happens alot in free-for-all or search and destroy when they know they gonna lose. So if you know you're gonna lose, why wouldn't you just quit the game because you would have lost that game anyway?


    This is a really common problem and i hope you do something about it.. for instance if someone quits the game they can't start another game for 5-10 minutes, i think lots of people would agree. Thanks for reading this,



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  • 03/31/16--23:06: April fools events now live
  • halfway to deploying Soap 5000 times, gotta get that 1 Cel

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