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    Why I'm currently feeling they should just make these attachment variants "common" since they really are just drop filler to decrease the chances of getting what we all obviously really want when getting cryptokeys and Cod Points

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    Hahaha I feel like making a discovery channel style YouTube video on BO3 guns


    I wonder the how many people run around with variants equipped

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    You re suspicions are correct, I fear the majority may not actually even lurk the forums but I think this is more of an accessibility issue/ One thing I do think is the Call of duty/clan wars app did prod people to involve themselves more in the forums.

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  • 03/29/16--23:29: Re: Finally - Dark Matter
  • Awesome !

    I am down to my combat knife now, soooo close I can taste it !

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    I would prefer to see more cool camos/armour etc in the game.

    Things like metalic gear; chrome, platinum, copper etc, can theme it from historical armour etc too - even rawhide would be cool.

    I would love to see some really mean looking stuff too not just mostly colourful fun items.

    How about an Anon mask, or Saurons helm ? That would be sick.

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    Ghosts 2 would have been pretty groovy but I must admit I do enjoy some WW2 /old school warfare And think Battlion 1944 might actually be pretty good fun

    especially with COD going further into the future perhaps instead of baseball bats we get lightSabers and perhaps some 0 gravity warfare and more special abilities!

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    Sometimes some musical momentum is a must in uplink.

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    A  futuris tic version of a space race story line? or seeing as we have face robots/AI  I wonder what story path they will take with COD outer space.

    though after playing in the zero gravity field in Zombie mode I wouldn't be surprised they could implement zero gravity warfare, would be very amusing.




    Ghosts was pretty fun, I really enjoyed the online multiplayer felt like they put a lot of ideas for the community to have fun with and play around.

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    Team Loyalty are recruiting highly skilled pubstompers for blackops 3!

    We have nearly 17k followers on Twitter @TeamLoyalty_ & 1K on YouTube!

    Want to join our org? Send me a message on Xbox GT: HAMPSHIREx or message us on Twitter!!

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    Hey my name is TehQloo  or Dylan and Defying Logic is recruiting TOP TIER players for our clan. Defying Logic has been a clan since MW3. We like to think of our clan more as a family because of the laid back chill fun atmosphere we create for our members. We will have 6 man parties going every day so you will have someone experienced to play with everyday! We are competitive yet chill clan who is looking for above average players to join. If you want to kill noob's you cant be a noob. I have a background in competitive COD so i am willing to teach callouts, map rotations, and spawns. In the future we plan to do clan battles with other clans and compete in different clan vs. clan type events. We mainly specialize in the following game types. SnD, Hardpoint, CTF, Uplink, Domination, and Safeguard! I will be hosting tryouts daily so if you meet the following requirements go ahead and send me a friend request on ps4 or send me a DM on twitter



    Minimum K/D: 1.75!

    Have and use a headset (for call outs & conversation)

    Be Active!!!! (one of the biggest things)

    Play with clan members

    Socialize (Dont be Shy we are very outgoing)

    Respect each other

    No little kids. Age does not matter to us its how mature you are

    Have basic social media ex: Twitter, Skype, Kik etc..

    Basic or advanced knowledge on how to play objective based game modes

    Learn Callouts!  (if you havent already learned them)

    LIve in U.S. or Canada

    We will have a tryout based on your gun skill, communication, and your overall attitude towards other players!


    If you meet all of these requirements contact me using any of the following:

    PS4: TehQloo

    Twitter: @TehQloo

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    Hello! I'm the founder and leader of a clan called eLlt3z-_ and I'm looking for skilled bo2 players on PS3 to join me to take over the game by storm. We already have 15+ members so you have an amazing chance to be part of a good growing clan!




    Age over 15 (although if you are mature we can make exeptions)

    KD over 1

    Mic higly suggested

    responding on all the invites and messages me or other clan mates send you.


    You do need to make a new account starting with the clan name.


    Contact me on kik Jutikunhuti or add me my GT is eLLt3z-_ . You can also send me email Julle_tps@hotmail.com or just message me here your contacts and I'll get back to you.

    Also I'm looking for someone to run a youtube channel for the clan so if you are interested in that please let me know!

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    for something that's so utterly pointless they sure are hard to get


    cosmetic items with very low visibility , who the hell thought that one up?

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    you need to give it up dude, this is getting too boring now


    you're not even any good at trolling

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    True. Didn't think of it like that.

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    Petty sure you just nailed the theme song for IW's reveal trailer this spring.

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    Sì. Ora dicono iPad2 è troppo vecchio per giocare la partita .

    Guarda questo:

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  • 03/30/16--23:32: Re: Finally - Dark Matter
  • lol, I did the same with Lmg's I couldn't finish the Dingo because I didn't have the wildcard at the time to allow all attatchments, anyway a while down the road after using different weapons I finished the Gorgon and tried to put Diamond on it.  It was like wtf, I've been screwed until I went back through them all .


    Mind it wasn't at the end, that would be annoying.

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  • 03/30/16--23:46: Re: Finally - Dark Matter
  • If you are used to ADS with the shotties you will like the Argus, using in HC I just hipfired my way through all of them. I didn't really utilise the extra range and power of the slug ADS.


    The Haymaker is good in HC aim to hipfire just above the head, or ADS your choice.

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  • 03/30/16--23:46: Blackmarket Blackout
  • Driftor counted that you must spend $80 to get new weapon ( Black Ops 3 In Depth: Supply Drop Stats (Rates, Rarity, Value, & My Opinion) - YouTube ). It's insane.


    Mike Gaming decided to ingnoring Black Market until July 1st ( BLACK OPS 3 - BLACK MARKET BLACKOUT #BlackMarketBlackout - YouTube ).


    I agree.

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    I have the same problem as well and I play on the Xbox one.

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