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    Hi, I am 20 years old and have recently got back into playing cod. I am looking for a group of chill people to play with, Not bothered about skill level. I play hardcore TDM primarily but am capable of playing core. Overall KD is 1.52 and my HC TDM KD hovers between 1.6 and 1.7.


    I am English in the UK and can play near enough every evening for a few hours.


    PSN - Dim_Light_Bulb

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    Part of me is giggling here at the theatre of launching in the air just to smack someone in the head.  The other part of me has to say you sir are evil but I say it with love.  Now you've got me wanting to equip that silly car just to smack someone in the head with it.  It reminds me of that skate park map back in BO2.  I sometimes would run the RC car on that one just because you could send it flying through the air after racing up a half pike.  Good times.

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  • 02/24/16--11:04: Re: Rage quitters
  • I've rage quit plenty of time this game has it's ups and downs it's bipolar on it period some times you never know one game I could get a mothership next game same gun same people and I can barely get a UAV just gotta deal with it because God knows they won't fix anything.

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    we on psn

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    Here are a couple that are in my post history... more complaining than suggestions but you know how that goes .


    Current events 1/22/16


    What has happened to the events?


    the new events 11/25

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  • 02/24/16--11:09: Re: Gaming set ups
  • 4k years old, yes.

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    Hello treyarch! Explain to me please, why u can't repair russian servers since release of the game?! The ping is jumping from 100 to 400! REPAIR IT PLEASE! I live in Kazakhstan and i cant play normally on EU servers because of 140+ ping!

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  • 02/24/16--11:11: What Was Changed?
  • Just logged on and notice it was checking files and downloaded something what did they try to fix change or add anyone know ?

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    If I see an RC car coming one out of 30 times before its too late, I'm lucky.  You sir are an RC car killing machine compared to me.  Well I guess I do kill them, I just don't live to tell about it.  On the plus side, my teammates can play worry free from RC cars as long as they don't stand near me.  Consider it a public service for them to get their streaks.

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  • 02/24/16--11:14: Logic Gaming ps3 clan
  • Logic_Ambition-Founder




    Add any of these if you would like to try out for Logic, You need to have at least a 1.0 K/D and create a new psn account with "Logic_(Whatever you like)" If you use regular guns mainly you will be trying out against Logic_cypher_916, If you use mainly a sniper you will go against Logic_vape If you use a mix of both you will be against ogic_Ambitionz. We all use snipers and regular guns, but these are our preferences for 1v1's. If we don't accept the friend request then reply down below with your PSN and we will look for that request

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  • 02/24/16--11:16: advanced warfare issue
  • cant connect any games on advanced warfare but my internet is strong and all other games work

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  • 02/24/16--11:22: Hardcore game modes.
  • Anyone have any idea on if/when they will add more game modes to HC? I really only play Kill confirmed or Dom. Would love to play safegaurd or demolition. Basically no one plays capture the flag for HC. I think they should take that out and replace it.

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    every single lobby

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    There is a lot of really great advice in this thread...


    Re: Any recommendations for a class set-ups and game modes.... Shotguns 


    The KRM was the hardest one to finish for me too..


    The Specialist ability I used the most was Ruin's Overdrive. After 2-3 kills and some caps I would put it on and rush the other teams spawn.  Sounds cheap but it was very effective. If they weren't there I would just keep circling around looking for snipers and campers.


    I never worry about K/D since I play mostly HC Dom. But using shotguns for average to below average players is usually a negative thing anyway. Enjoy the ride.


    You can see how GulfCoastGirl feels about Shotty users: "Music to my ears!  Sorry I know that's not what you want to hear but I really hate all the knuckleheads running around with shotguns lately....  my favorite thing is putting them down from a distance as they frantically run at me trying to get in range..... ahhhhh so satisfying!"

    I feel like that when they miss, I get there, and they scream thru the mike how F'ed up that was.. lol

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  • 02/24/16--11:28: xOPx PS4 Recruiting
  • The xOP clan (Order of Oxpar) is currently recruiting on the ps4. We are looking for new players to build our ranks. Both Member and staff positions available. 1v1 psn code give away happening next week!!!!!!

    Go to xopclan.gamerlaunch.com/ and apply today !! tweet us @xOPx_froyo445

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  • 02/25/16--11:20: - XGC GUERRILLAS -
  • ARE you tired of playing with gamers with no MIC?  Are you tired of playing with Gamers who DONT help you our when in GAME ?? Thats a thing of that past!!! XGC IS THE PLACE FOR YOU !!   i am looking for ACTIVE, LOYAL, DEDICATED,  COMPETITIVE, Gamers. to be a part My XBOX ONE clan - XGC Guerrillas - we are a competitive clan, in a friendly environment. we enjoy playing CORE game modes. such as, ( Hardpoint, Search, Uplink, Dom ) . we even play Arena and gamebattles .. My clan is from the USA,  (We operate on eastern time)  ! Their is NO K,D Requirement to join, All we Ask is that you are ACTIVE and Willing to LEARN! .. although, to join - You MUST be 18+ With a MIC. (NO exceptions) .. If you are interested in dominating all the Game modes that you love to play, in a Competitive, Friendly, Environment. Please Feel free to message me on the XBOX ONE -  my GT is:  XGC EPIC LUCK


    PS  XGC Is also active on ps4, ps3, PC, 360, Xbox-one, and Mobile, . For more info, feel free to Visit www.XiledGaming.com  As you sign up, be sure to put my gamer tag " XGC EPIC LUCK "  as a referer

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    daily bump

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    Im_Old_School wrote:


    If you are laying prone you have to move no more that a slight Left stick push in any direction.  It probably equates to inches in the real world.  Definitely not feet.


    But according to you I'm a Bullshit Sniper anyway so...K, you're welcome?

    Don't you love how some people just feel that it is their play style or you suck?

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  • 02/25/16--11:23: Challenge trouble - ninja
  • Hey everyone,


    I'm having an extremely difficult time on my last multiplayer challenge


    Ninja - defuse the bomb when you are the last player left alive in search and destroy and there are still enemies alive.


    I completed the 50 wins challenge, I have my 50 defuses and managed to only get one single clutch metal out of 5 even though I'm many times the last player left and in a round. The challenge just seems extremely situational.


    I can only attempt it on half the rounds I play

    in that round all of my team has to die

    the enemy has to plant the bomb

    and I need to pull off a defuse with at least 1 enemy player still alive


    has anyone managed to complete this? If so I'm in dire need of some tips!

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    Maybe that's the reason behind everyone's pings being higher than they should. Information has an extra step to take in its journey to the server? Idk

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