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    added you

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    We are a NA and UK clan of people that you can sit back and chill and play multiplayer or zombies with if you  want to join add me on steam : Steam Community :: Kasket


    AGE REQUIRMENT: 16+(sorry some of our humor is abit mature for people bellow that age)

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  • 02/25/16--11:36: FFA with friends
  • I Hat that they patched the ability to join a friend in an online FFA lobby.  my friends and I like playing FFA, and love when we can get on and compete with each other in live lobbies with other players.  I understand there's a risk that some kids are going to cheat and boost.  But I don't care, and that is probably one of the worst ways to boost.  You would still have other players trying to kill you.  


    It sucks.  FFA is a game mode and I should be able to play with my friends.  I am not a big fan of the team games.   We just want to get on and kill everything and see who scores the highest or who can win or place. It is the only mode where you are restricted from playing online with friends. I know we can set up a private match, but who wants to do that and not get xp for the effort?  Plus, very often  it's just a couple of us. Crazy,  if I Meet you in a FFA lobby and we become friends, then we can never play FFA online together again.  BS.


    All this to avoid some kids getting minuscule gains by cheating with each other.  Seems like an extreme measure to absolutely remove an entire online game mode of friendly play to avoid that.


    Just another FFA sleight, like limiting map variety.   It seems like they want to funnel you into the team game modes by restricting FFA.


    No disrespect TDM lovers.  I'm ok with TDM, especially when your friends end up on opposite teams. 


    Sometimes you just want to be able to shoot up your friends and talk **** to them.  TDM doesn't give you that opportunity, generally. 


    OK.  That's my rant.  Please, COD gods.  Let friends play FFA again.   Now, we very often play separate matches or let TDM annoy us until we can't take it anymore.  Seems like punishment for not wanting to play on teams.  Please reconsider.  We've been able to join the lobbies where friends are in for years and it is quite a fun game mode to sneak a few rounds in.

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    agreed ,story is cool but needs moar dragons and a jackalope or 2

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  • 02/25/16--11:40: Nuk3town help
  • i bought black ops 3 the day it came and it came with a pad that said nuk3town download so i used the code and nothing pops up in the shop nothing and when i use it again it says code has already been used

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    Off topic but I got my XR2 and HVK headshots done yesterday and Hunted came up, so I thought I'd start grinding the Dingo. Holy crap is it ridiculous...




    Quickdraw, stock, rapid fire + fast mags OMG so cheesy how it shreds all the things! What's funny is how I rarely ever touch LMGs but my best AW TDM was with a Pytaek Loophole:




    Imagine when I get the 48 Dredge levelled up... oh boy

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  • 02/25/16--11:44: Re: FFA with friends
  • private matches should sort you out no?

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    I ♡ the dredge.

    I'm almost finished with Diamond assault rifles. I can't wait to do lmgs. The lmgs are so good in this game they make the ARS almost useless.

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  • 02/25/16--11:44: Cryptokey suggestion
  • They should make an epic cryptokey option. Just like a rare drop you're guaranteed a rare item. They should have a epic drop where you're guaranteed a epic item. I'm not sure how much they would make it. 50,60 maybe? I would be more inclined to save up for that and at least it would give you a bit better chance to get a weapon.


    Just trying to brainstorm a realistic idea that treyarch might actually do.

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    same issue

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    Hey there,


    How long have you been running into this error and on what platform? Have you tried just doing a reset of your network, or console (if on console) or reinstalling the game in case that is an issue related to game data? Also, where exactly are you running into that error at and is it only certain game modes? Thanks, let me know.



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    I do play TDM and it's common for me to spawn and my entire team is on the other side of the map.  Perhaps the spawn on player just died and respawned with the rest of the team on the other side at the same time I was spawning so I ended up spawning in front of an enemy....  whatever the case is, I'm not making it up.... I'm well aware I've been jacked around with some real sh*t spawns recently.


    I don't play with a 'team' I play solo so I can't control the chickens running around ..... regardless.... I shouldn't be spawned at the business end of an enemy rifle


    As a P.S.  I've had a few enemies respawn directly in front of me as well.... of course I don't mind so much when it happens that way

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  • 02/25/16--11:47: Re: FFA with friends
  • Yeah, but like I said, you get no xp for that.   It punishes those whose favorite game mode is FFA., we like to compete with strangers, too.  Plus it's not often we have 8 friends available to play a private match.

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  • 02/25/16--11:49: Re: Double XP again
  • I saw that too. I was thinking they were gonna do a double cryptokey weekend.

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  • 02/25/16--11:50: Re: nuke town code invalid
  • Hey there,


    I took a look at your case and I don't see any activity yet, but it may take longer than that due to the a large number of Nuketown requests at this moment. Give it another day or two and if you don't hear anything back feel free to send me a private message so that I may look into it for you. Thanks.



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    My argument isnt about whether celerium rewards have an effect on the top 10. The idea to remove the celerium reward is to do away with this notion that alliances will purposefully cheat the system. If there is nothing tangible to gain then there wouldn't be this idea someone would cheat the leaderboard system.





    Raining Anarchy


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    Except they dont pwn. They go 2-25 or whatever.  And they are always on my team.

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  • 02/26/16--11:09: Point Blink Hip-Fire
  • Anyone else find the hip fire in this game too be b/s point blink someone in front of me I go too hip fire and I miss just more things too add too the problems of this game.

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    Doesn't matter if prestige 1 or 10 or just started if someone is naturally good they can beat any body no matter what lvl.

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