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  • 02/23/16--05:21: Help for maps
  • I paid all maps for black ops 3 from play station store but until now I can't find it I paid it 24 days ago please I need help ?

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    MY Xbox is denying Xbox live sign in access and is not allowing me to connect to my xbox connect and my voice commands aren't working

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    My advice for you would be to contact  Playstation support and advise them that you have a region issue.

    Hopefully they will be able to help you.


    Kind regards,


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  • 02/23/16--05:25: IMPACT CLAN RECRUITING PS4
  • PS4 Professional Clan.

    Hi everyone!, We are Impact! And we are now starting our own recruitment to step towards playing competitively!
    'Impact' is a recent name change, we were formally known as Undead Titans "UTIT" on ghosts "xUTx" on AW and BO3 until now.
    We felt as though the name change would be more professional and kind of a fresh start.
    So what do you need to join Impact?
    - KD above 1.60
    - Speak English
    - Have Microphone to communicate
    - actively join in clan activities
    Have all the requirements?, want to join? Or maybe ask even more? Message me on PS4 @SH3RM4N247_ Now!

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    Mavis_Cruet wrote:


    Do you know you can do it whilst swimming underwater too?

    LOL... yeah, I did know that one as I've killed many an opponent underwater.  The wall running ADS I was completely clueless about.


    What makes it even worse.... I did the little single run course a few times and every time I cursed the game  when I got to the part where they make you shoot through the little square while wall running.... "how the f'k am I supposed to hit that when I'm running?"... and I'd give up all mad.


    I really should have figured it out back then... but nope..... clueless.    I'll just put that off as the blonde in me and move on

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    I joined a random game yesterday and I didn't realize it was a boosting lobby so I stayed and now my stats of have been reset is there anyway you can unsuspended me please? also if you won't does that mean I'll have to start from lvl 1 again no prestige/ no diamond weapons which I've earned legitimately?

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    I'll have to do a test with that when I get home and report it back.


    Last night went pretty well as far as COD went. Stats were on the level. A couple of games I saw some serious lag happen but it wasn't very frequent. I once rubber-banded off the map and died, which was lovely. Couple of games I got my ass handed to me and those happened to be the ones where I saw crazy lag issues but for the rest the games were fun. Average kd and spm. I think I've been averaging 1.25 and 330 playing domination. my favorite game mode... I don't really care so much about wins and losses. I think those were like 50/50.


    What's really odd is that my COD in game geo location is now reporting somewhere in Mount Laurel, NJ. I don't know that the geo location makes a bit of difference but would be nice to not be trying to connect to people on the east coast when I'm sure my ping results would be better connecting to say, Iowa or even philly before going to new jersey... I don't know that's what's happening but I don't doubt it. What's odd is that speedtest.net picks up that I'm not in New Jersey. Why is COD?

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    have you tried to do a hard reset of your Xbox? This works for me from time to time when I notice that COD is running oddly. Power your xbox one off. Then press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. It will make the sound like it's turning on but never turn on. You may hear the box sound like it's spinning up the drive. The power on like normal.


    This clears your system cache and forces COD to re-download it's online files.


    Hope it helps!

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    I live in the suburbs of Chicago. I used to have AT&T Uverse and it reported my geo location properly. I switched to comcast and now my geo location reports Mount Laurel New Jersey. The game quality has for the most part been fine but it would be nice to connect to others here in Chicago instead of matching up with people on the east coast. Hopefully that's not the case.


    In answer to your question, yes. I've seen my optic pointer be a BIG blurry orange ?square? or odd shape for the first 30 seconds of a game then switch to the one I have selected. Not sure this has anything to do with the geo location but might be helpful if I'm trying to download it from NJ instead of somewhere in the mid west.

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    Onze Skylander/ Amiibo bowser geeft melding dat we dit speelgoed  niet kunnen gebruiken in het spel. Wij hebben gewoon een normale skylandanders supercharger portal en de overige skylander met voertuigen doen het verder gewoon prima in het spel.


    Wat kunnen wij nu doen om Bowser met zijn voertuig te kunnen gebruiken in het spel? De faq op de site geeft geen antwoord op mijn vraag.


    Het bericht is bewerkt door: Angel010709

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    if it's possible I would try taking your xbox to a freinds house and see if it works there...Also, like others mentioned, clear your cache and reload the update....see if that helps.

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  • 02/23/16--06:01: Easter egg
  • Hey guys I'm looking for three people to do any of the easter eggs with. Maybe we can start with Buried.


    My gt is FlawlessBarbii

    Add me or msg me

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    todays bump

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    It's the gosh dang ROBOT ALIENS... it's always them...

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  • 02/24/16--10:52: Permanetly Banned
  • I am just a parent of a 14 yr old that got permanently banned from Black Ops 3 after the fact he had a 2 week ban for some glitch that he had nothing to do with.  He couldn't even play online for 2 weeks, got back on to find he was permanently banned?!?! That's garbage!! As a parent its bad enough we gotta shell out the 60.00 for the game, money for online play and then we gotta buy all the maps then your company gets BAN HAPPY, judging by your forums you just randomly pick players to ban for stupid reasons. Hopefully people start seeing the same and start banning your game! Seems all you care about is the money not customer satisfaction!! 

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  • 02/24/16--10:53: COD POINTS
  • When i purchased COD points and then went to transfer them into liquid divinium it just took my cod points which i spent over 150$ on and didn't give me anything i would like a direct refund to my cod points account or a refund in my xbox live accounts 

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    NeoGrizz  N1123Dirtbag013bilwhip

    Do you know if there are other forum threads were other players have suggested events in the past? I'm trying to find and add them to this thread here to be sure they're included in the process, and we have one spot were users can continue to post event ideas moving forward. Thanks for the help!

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    You have some good points bilwhip!


    We'll keep this in mind when crafting new surveys! The feedback you and the other players in the community like N1123 provide is always greatly appreciated .

    That being said, if you do have more event ideas, we would love to here them in our Re: Official Event Creation and Suggestions Thread

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