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  • 01/22/16--06:53: Re: Game Completley Broken

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    agreed, its dumb. They need to either make the smoke larger, thicker, or something else that gives him the chance to escape.


    I have seen players go into the smoke waiting for the revive and hes done.


    its the most frustrating "ability"

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    Dont feel to bad, i have done the same thing with other games, and yes they should put it in BOLD letters,  I usually buy all my games at GameStop and the employees are all gamers and know a lot about all the game systems and the do's and dont's.  Next time buy from one of these guys or just read that fine print on the box, or if you are not sure i would just hold off and research or call the manufacturer of that game.  If you still have the receipt activision might be able to give you a refund.  Call ask them about it.  They are pretty good Company and pretty level headed, just approach them in a kind way

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    good idea

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  • 01/22/16--06:58: Re: Mw2 remastered
  • XxxCooNxxX wrote:


    mw2 for ps4 an xb1. I'm pretty positive if they remastered it, they would not only bring back everyone that played the original, plus the new jack call of duty players would buy it! Can you imagine mw2 with advanced graffic!!! Out with the garbage new, bring back a classic!!! For you young jokers who haven't had the chance to play mw2, you would really see how call of duty was in its hay day!

      Member XxxCooNxxX

    we each have our preference.


    But remastering that game is pointless to me.




    1- The experience will NEVER be the same.


    2- You can't relive its glory


    3- If they were to do it, it will not have the same OP things the original had.


    4- Why play a game that I played enough of

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    I have heard in other forums that this has happened to others too.  Save your receipt and be ready to send your starter pack into Activision.  Sometimes the store policy is that you send it into the manufacturer for exchange.  Since its not their responsibility because it would be a mistake on the manufacturers part.  I have a friend that had this happen so many times by different gaming companies that he now only buys games at Gamestop and will open it at the store in front of an employee. 

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  • 01/22/16--07:00: need xbox 1 SoE players
  • need help with easter egg message me GT radleodude

    mic required

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    i couldnt agree with you more! this futuristic stuff (IMO) needs to go its getting so stale

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    The trap slot is so you can play your trapped skylanders with the supercharger vehicles

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    So I take it you're not liking the game then :'D

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    Just plug or turn on both remotes load the game and when you place the skylander vehicle and character on the portal after they are loading then place another character on the portal and it will say push button * to join.  you can also place another portal right next to the one plugged in and place the second character on that and it will still work.

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    Wings_Suck wrote:


    I would like BO3 more if Specialists, wall running, and double jumping were not in the game. Call me a traditionalist, but I liked COD more when it was predictable and had less randomness.

    Overall I am still playing BO3 because Halo 5 was mediocre.

      Member Wings_Suck

    Enjoying the game.


    Its fun to me.

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    they should just remove all specialist all together. dumb feature added to the game.

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    Yo clemsonrules01 says join me for ee or i join your group. Have fun ||||!

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  • 01/22/16--07:18: Re: Mw2 remastered
  • I didn't play MW2, but I played four of its predecessors.  Points 1 & 2 are extremely astute.  Player tolerances have changed.


    Halo Master Chief Collection was supposed to bring back the Halo glory in a series that did not have the same saturation caused by the annual release that CoD does.  But it couldn't.

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  • 01/23/16--11:02: Re: Highest in-game score?
  • Very very nice.

    Most of the barely could reach 10 kills.

    You ****.


    I forgot to remember the score, but approximately, how many points do you think 29 kills (with maybe plants/defuses/equipment destroyed/assists) make up in a Search and Destroy game?

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    Hey there,


    Unfortunately once you apply a product key to an account on Steam and activate it then there isn't anyway transfer that product to another account. Even though the games are deleted they are still permanently tied to that account and will always be accessible on there. Take a look at the Steam Support Page for some more information on all of that.



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    I like it better than AW, and have had less overall latency issues...but still have them.  I think the maps need to improve in the season pass.  Hopefully, there will be some great ones.


    Overall good fun game, but the maps are very average.

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    Hey my GT is Daltone54 i am prestige 1 and almost lvl 50. Due to me knowing legit nothing when i first started playing live multiplayer my k/d ratio is just .82 however it is coming up rather fast. I am looking to join a clan that takes playing seriously and is willing to help teach clan members. I cannot change my gamertag name but i am willing to insert a clan name. I would like to be in a clan that does the tournaments but nothing to serious with that. I play a lot but im not on all the time with school and other stuff going on. I have no experience trickshotting but i can snipe as in some quickscoping. Feel free to message me on xbox i will respond to all. Thx and cant wait really excited.

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    (PS4 & XBOX ONE)sV Sniping! Sniping team recruiting Feeders, Trickshotters, Editors and Designers. If you would like to join, message sV_Sybrid on PSN or email SnipingVerses@gmail.com. I don't personally have an Xbox account but other members do so, if you play Xbox email me to be recruited at: SnipingVerses@gmail.com

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