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    I'm not at my console at the moment but typically this is a setting under audio settings in game.  Did you change something in game settings?

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  • 01/21/16--01:18: Re: Hackers = COD
  • Screenshot from movie. As You see this is MR6.
    Look at icon on Hud wiht kills

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    did that still no response

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  • 01/21/16--03:59: Re: Oh... the Stupidity!
  • I will say that there is some full blown morons in this game! Last game of hc dom I played, these morons tk me and start killing each other for my counter uav care package. The saddest part was it was 10 points left in the blowout game.


    It wasn't a shock  to me why my team lost!

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    Whats your overall KD? We are looking for people to join our clan. We do competitive and clan wars, we have 2 sponsers working on a third. Hit me back up

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  • 01/21/16--04:15: Re: looking for recruits
  • Bump

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  • 01/21/16--04:44: Ps4 zombie mic players ????
  • Hey I'm an adult looking for other 18+ zombie players who are familiar with shaodws of evil/Giants maps..and have a mic ...please be easy going and chill I try to pack a punch as early as round 1 or 2 on SOE.. Kik DJsideeffect if interested . PSN: DJ_Mast8rXBeat8R

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    Benefit is canceling certain animations best example reload allowing you shave couple seconds off the reload or just fire mid reload.

    Just press switch weapon

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  • 01/21/16--05:14: Re: Oh... the Stupidity!
  • My best was playing HC Domination on the Strongehold map.  I was playing as Reaper, and ran inside the main building.  Upstairs in the room with the broken window that overlooks B there is a huge trophy case with a robot inside - it's against the far back wall.  I planted myself right in front of it and waited.  The other team kept running into the room to get a vantage overlooking B.  I guess they just saw another robot, and thought I was a part of the background.  I did this throughout the entire match and was only killed three times by grenades, and once by rolling thunder (still can't understand that one).  Not a single player came into that room, even ones I had already killed, and shot at me.  I was laughing my ass off.  I ended up going 38/4 that round.  It didn't work the next round, or any rounds I've played since. 

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    Hey Guys,


    G22 Nation/glock gaming was established in 2007 during CoD 4 and have always been a dominate HC CoD Clan in all the CoD games. This year alone we have developed a CORE division to G22 which incorporates Arena play, are building a competitive team for CoD,created a YouTube, Twitter, and FB accounts, and finally created teams on other games like Destiny and Rainbow 6 Siege. We are always looking for new members to join our family! We offer a little bit of everything in an organized group. If you would like to join us please read recruitment standards first.


    CoD Recruitment Standards (Of course there will be some )

    1. K/D - 1.4

    2. SPM- Over 200

    3. 18 +

    4. NO DRAMA- Game to win but game to have fun

    5. No modding

    6. Working Mic

    7. Must be able to play must multiple game modes


    Also looking for people who can contribute to our YouTube and Twitter page and looking for people who like to use Twitch.


    Please forward me your K/D, SPM, and AGE if you are interested in joining. I will take it from there.

    We also do NOT have mandatory meetings nor do we use a thousand military ranks. We simply dominate and play all game modes while having fun as a group.



    Happy Gaming

    G22 Rabbit

    Leader and Founder of G22 Nation

    Website- G22Nation.com

    FB- G22 Nation

    Twitter -G22 Nation

    YouTube- G22 Nation

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    Ascension Fire Gaming Logo.jpg

    Ascension Fire Gaming was developed with the competitive gamer in mind.  At Ascension Fire Gaming our focus is on that one premise, competition, by developing a community to compete at the highest levels possible.  Our philosophy was built around giving like-minded gamer's a place to excel while being surrounded by others with similar goals.  This clan was built for elite players who look for that something more in games. 

    We are always looking for new members to join our family to play, stream, make videos, or just dominate!!! If you are interested in joining read the requirements below and check us out at our website: www.ascensionfiregaming.com


    • Must have mic and use it.
    • Must have and be able to maintain at least a 1.3 KDR.
    • Must be 16 years of age.
    • Must be mature and able to get along with other members of the clan.
    • Must fill out an application at www.ascensionfiregaming.com

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  • 01/21/16--05:43: BO3 Ruined
  • Cant get a decent game any more its all




    You leave a lobby to try and get another map and guess what your pulled into a losing team in COMBINE !

    Then we have the glitcher's and hackers with stats beyond belief?

    The game has had it "inactivity" kicked the lot


    Goodbye COD and BO3fringe.PNG

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  • 01/21/16--05:49: Re: Vision pulse hero head
  • I can do the challenge no problem, but it's not registering it.........one game yesterday I got about 9 vision pulse kills in the same game but the counter is still stuck on 2.

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  • 01/21/16--05:57: Re: Remastered CODS??
  • i wish they would bring back cod4 and black ops 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Rise the production rate of gold, oil and diamonds and allow the play to store daily a rate of his loot from the depots into his box protected against looting. So it is possible to develop your base slowly but you can save some money for expensive upgrades!

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  • 01/22/16--06:41: Re: GHTV Broken?
  • Nope. I have that box ticked.


    Today I just got the error code "Dioroite". It's Jan 22nd and I still can't access it.

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  • 01/22/16--06:42: Re: Language
  • If the game is in Norwegian then you might have to exchange it and get an english or swedish version.  I have heard people in other forums who bought games that where in other languages and thats what they where advised to do.  If the cd itself is in another language then it is embedded and you cant change that.  Are the languages not similiar? after all you all are neighbors.

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    There are actually technical reasons why they made it this way.  I seen it in another forum awhile back, sorry i cant recall the specific reasons.  I just let my son play on my ipad, i think ipad is really one of the best for skylanders because you can play all the games and its pretty easy to use for him.  He had amazon HD tablet, which i was disappointed that you cant play all the skylander games on it, only trap team. 

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  • 01/22/16--06:49: Re: No puedo jugar GHTV
  • It would be helpful is Actvision support would answer my numerous questions. I haven;'t been able to access GHTV since CHRISTMAS! I am getting the codes Sovite and Diorite. I played £8-0for a game that doesn't even work! I have tried cleaning the cache and everything. Help me please!

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    not to pick on your case but reading on these cases when someone experiences a banning: It always comes of as if they are innocent, ALWAYS.


    Every banning thread, starts with a "I did nothing" it wasnt "me" or the "it was not offensive" topic.


    never fails.

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