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  • 01/23/16--10:37: (XB1) Join XGN Today!
  • Looking for a clan? Join XGN today! We Have over 12,000 members and we are still growing! We have Giveaways, game nights, and activities every week! It's also an amazing way to meet great people and make friends!

    So join today! Message me at KIK to join!

    Kik: FlaminTomato

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  • 01/23/16--11:09: (PS4 CLAN) NoR Recruiting
  • Looking for PS4 players to join our clan any skill as long as you play objective and are friendly.


    If interested message me on PS4 GT Jownor or message Revive Turbo

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  • 01/23/16--11:10: Updates
  • I can tell there was an update as it was at the top of the screen saying 42.xx.xx.x now it's at why is there no post of this update ?

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    whats easter egg?


    eboogznyc on xbox one

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    They were stupid? And yet they were smart enough to keep drawing your fire on an easy target, that kept you so occupied, you didn't play the objective and lost? You might want to reevaluate who was smarter in this scenario.

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  • 01/23/16--11:16: Re: Updates
  • If it was just a hotpatch, then generally no post unless it is on twitter.  I think these forums should be the place they are always announced.

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    They did just offer a double crypto weekend...so about the same.  Regardless, people want to spend hundreds on a digital wrench. 

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    I would spend £35 right now on a season pass if they localised MM on UK servers

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    If you didn't know, to get platinum trophy on PS4, you need to get all decorations for the campaign, and one of those decorations is completing every mission without restarting from a checkpoint on veteran mode. If you do die and have to restart from a checkpoint you have to restart the mission (NOT THE ENTIRE CAMPAIGN) I NEED at least one other person to help me with this, but 2 or 3 other people are definitely a bonus. I want to try and do all of it tonight and get it over with. If you are interested I will be trying to start around 8 pm Central time. I live in Northwestern Florida (the panhandle) and I am willing to play with anyone from anywhere, I am just letting you know ahead of time if you are worried about connections. My PSN is Wuzat_115. Message me on playstation or send a friend request and make sure you let me know you are planning on doing the co-op campaign with me. If no one responds to this tonight, feel free to still ask me tomorrow (Sunday 1/24/16) and I may still have time to do it then. LETS DO THIS

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    Hey again,


    Thanks for the reply and the information. For port forwarding, like described in that link above, you have to go into your router settings for your network and manually open up ports for Black Ops 3. It is a bit a complicated process, but there are a lot of guides around and you can also always ask your Internet Service Provider to walk you through the process since they are the ones who usually set up your router and modem in the first place. Otherwise you can try to use a wired connection just to test to see if it helps with the lag and if it doesn't then it may be a server issue instead of anything related to your network. Also, when you are in Zombies and getting lag can you check your Network Status Screen to see what it is reporting in terms of ping, lag and your general connection? Thanks.



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    hey Sean! Big thanks to youfor your quick responds!


    Yes I am reffering to the "Loyalty Rewards Program" yes I have, I linked my account to Activision way back in 2012 or 2013 (cant quite remember) I have prestiged in BO2 to prestige 3. I have got the Calling card and recticles from the Loyalty Program, but not the camo. Anyway I can get that sweet camo? (PSN ID = Bela_Legenda)


    ~ Bela

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    Hey again,


    Thanks for the information and yeah I should be able to assist you with that. Let me take a look into that issue and I'll let you know as soon as I have an update.



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  • 01/23/16--11:33: Re: Current events 1/22/16
  • ddog tags, yes. It can't be abandoned if they are collecting dog tags. Not sure about ftf but for me a good indicator is that nothing is upgrading. The cardinal sin of heroes is having all your builders idle. This is not a sure thing but it along with dog tags, communication, hangars and bunkers empty and a cc on the inside are the biggest indicators of an abandoned base. If you find one of these and attack it and you see that all their loot is in the miners and not the depots then I'd almost guarantee that it's abandoned.

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    We are a funded organization looking foir really good players. For more info or if you would lik to join contact me on playstation. My psn is bigbonk3

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    So 2 days ago was my first time playing blackops3 I managed to play for a couple hours and then I went off for the night.


    Wake up in the morning And I find the abc glitch and I'm looking threw posts and videos Nothing works I restearted the game re downloaded it, refreshed my router (And turned it on and off) And I tried  to wait to 43.00.0 to change but I wont and I applied all the updates If you Know how to fix this bug Please let me know I really loved the one day of playing this (Not sure if its the storm happening in usa right now )


    To contact me


    Twitter:@TheMythicOne, @Mythic Or @BillStein Not sure which ?!?

    And line:nexus1184


    Please get back to me soon I will check this post every Hour or so Thanks!






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  • 01/24/16--11:36: Need help
  • I asked my roomate to prestige me to 4 while i was at work when i got home i was level one lost everything and now it wont let me prestige im lvl 55 zero exp needed but it says unlocked at level 35 when i try

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    Hi, sorry to hear that you've not received your code, please use the link below to see if it can help.



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    yyeah add me and message me: passivedrugs

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    Tried installing james bond bloodstone on my new computer.

    Game runs at 60 fps but stutters every 2/3 seconds. What could be the issue here?

    It is really unplayable like this. I can't find the answer online.



    os: Windows 10 64 bit.

    mobo: gigabyte 970a-ud3p

    cpu: fx8150

    gpu:hd 7950

    8gig ram

    All drivers are the latest.

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    Hey there,


    If you believe you are missing your Nuketown code you will need to fill out this form here - https://support.activision.com/CS_Form?id=a1fU00000085SCR

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