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    I have already added TaMe TintinYT on Skype, just waiting for him to add me back.

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  • 01/20/16--04:00: Re: high ping
  • I live in Europe and the last 2 days the game has been unplayable to me, ping is jumping from 40ms upto 400ms and when i ask guys in the lobby about it they all say they are having the same problem.

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  • 01/20/16--04:08: Re: Bo3 headsets
  • ive read that these are good but the only downfall to these is how you sound to other people ,, do the people you party up with say that you sound muffled or like your in a fishbowl?  other than that they reviews I read were all in favor of these.

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  • 01/20/16--04:15: Re: Bo3 headsets
  • You have to update them out of the box, takes about 3 minutes. Also you have to play with what settings you use for mic. It has one for loud room, normal, quiet room. All make your voice different. The mic isn't as great as my other TB's with a boom mic, but the game quality far makes up for any cross chat loss.

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  • 01/20/16--04:25: Re: [PS4] Jinx Sniping Clan
  • 1) UTC +7:00, Indonesia Western Time Zone

    2) 14, Mature enough, Have a mic too

    3) I'm more of a quick-scoper and a feeder, but I have hit a few decent trickshots with insta-swaps, YY shots or Triangle-Triangle


    (P.S I'm also pretty good with doing thumbnails or logos, graphics design in general)

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    Exact same thing happened to me yesterday! I want to play and enjoy the game I spent my $ on, however, its taking Activision 4ever to reply! You would think that they would have an IT Security Dept. to eradicate the annoyance immediately!

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    there all the same. 

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    Hello guys, I've been really unhappy with my old clan so I left because the leader was starting to make everyone leave the clan which bothered me. I've left that clan and I've been really lonely because I don't have much friends online these days. I'm here to tell you that i'm interested in making a clan or joining. I'm a pretty good sniper, but i'm better in using smg's if it's a pub match. I have hit a few decent amounts of trickshots and feeds. I'm really good in quickscoping. On good days, I get around 20-50 kills in a pub match using an smg, but on days where i'm tired, I would get 5-20 kills in pubs.

    (PS4 ONLY)

    -Make a clan



    Good sniper/Good pubstomper

    Must be 10 years old or above

    Creative (for making a name or other things)

    Have a working MIC

    No K/D requirements

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    you sure it was unopened? i have never got any skylander product with a missing card and sticker.  Try calling Activision and maybe they can send you one.  But most manufacturers will just have you return the item to them and they send you a new one.

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  • 01/20/16--04:41: Replacement dogle
  • I need a replacement dogle for guitar , how can I order a new one for live?

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    Ps4 Strumming twice when I only strum once. I've done everything youre going to suggest, restarting, changing batteries, calibrating, all this is happening about a week after I bought the game. It has also just shut off on me a few times

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  • 01/20/16--05:04: Re: looking 4 a ps4 clan ...
  • usually chaos moshpit..nuketown..but ill play most anything except hardcore

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  • 01/20/16--05:05: Komatiite error code
  • when I try to play guitar hero tv it works for about 10 seconds then I get error code "komatiite" I can't find anything about this error code and it's rendering the game unplayable. Please help

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  • 01/20/16--05:09: Re: "Unfair matchmaking"
  • This is what you call a gamer progression. I'll give you thumbs up.

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    COD is a arcade shooter with a very casual player base.  If there were no aim assist in this game your complaint would be magnified ten fold because only good players would be playing it.

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    I tell friends that "I don't play players anymore, I play the lobbies."  It's like a craps shoot at a casino.  You have to look at everyone's SPM to determine the geography which is the same as knowing what your k/d is going to be before the game even starts (it will be low if 3 or 4 guys are impossible to kill) and if SPMs are about 300-400 you know you're stuck with guys who are far, far away and will glitch/lag you out.  I just back out.  I'm in Canada and it's always the same:  guys with ridiculously high SPM are way down in South America.  In "View Profile" it will say "Speaks: Spanish" or sometimes they're even in Europe (Norway/France, etc.).  It's not their fault but because of Lag Compensation (I say "lag compensation" because they just murder everybody so the server's doing something to help their connections)  they basically have buit-in lag switches.  Just have to stay away from guys with SPM of like 350 or whatever.  That seems to keep my controller from getting smashed. 

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    How much money did they make off of supply drops already, and these items are only cosmetic.  Just imagine if they throw weapon variants into the supply drops how much god damn money they would make, it wouldn't surprise me one bit and shouldn't surprise anyone else.

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    You can either buy it, or take your luck with supply drops.

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    I'm also having a similar problem. I purchased the season pass for AW about a week ago and I've noticed none of the new maps are available. I'm on xbox one so it can't can't be sonys or Microsofts fault, that surely lies with Activision.

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  • 01/21/16--03:01: Missing maps season pass
  • I've purchased and downloaded the season pass for AW on xbox One but none of the new maps are playing. Any ideas folks?

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