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  • 01/11/16--19:47: Re: Question
  • Bonjour,


    Non ce n'est pas possible.

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    So when backed in a corner, you only suggest that I don't like shotguns simply because I was never good with them in the first place? 


    So this is what they call "backing down" from an argument nowadays?



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  • 01/11/16--19:51: Team dup.
  • My friend got all my stats while playing split screen

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    You can speak for 10,000+ people? You really can only speak for yourself, fairly at least.

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  • 01/11/16--19:54: Re: MATCH BALANCING
  • I really wish you would stop saying this over and over again. It's not true. Yeah, sure there are some players who feel this way... but the majority just want to play, have fun, and compete.

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    We Are Nera Gaming Community.  We Are A Pubstomp Domination Clan and Arena

    Clan Info

    Clan Name: Nera Gaming

    Clan Tag: NxG


    We Are A Laid Back Clan, But Ask The Following:

    1. BE ACTIVE

    2. Have A Mic

    3. Have A Sense Of Humor

    4. BE AN OBJ PLAYER/Team Player



    Group Chat

    We Have A Group Chat On Facebook

    It Isn't Required, We Just Use It So We Can Party Up Quicker and Talk.

    Who To Contact

    If You Need To Contact Someone Please Contact The Following:

    Gamer Tag: Zmr94

    I will get back to you as soon as I can

    If You Have Any Questions Please Ask Either On Here Or Through Xbox


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  • 01/11/16--20:00: Re: SVG-100 Challenges
  • Yes, I have used the permanent token for SVG.

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    The lack of attention on these very issues mixed with the similarities of a few speaks volumes. I'd say my assertion if MORE than accurate. Way to try and get me on the defensive, but the game is broken, and I paid money for something that wasn't. All of you exclaiming that it "Should" be broken only add to my desire to throw down a class action suit against Activision on the millions they've made for something they should have never sold. Still, in the same breathe, there are 10's of thousands seemingly running the game without issue. These replys seem to be an insinuation that this BS is MY fault. Nice touch. I'll just keep loading this thread up with every error message this game gives me so the internet will find it quickly. We'll let the public speak for itself. How bout that?

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    Really irritated, i have done everything i could to get black ops 2 multiplayer to work i even contacted someone from microsoft to make sure it wasent my xbox.. can someone please help me fix this problem... account having problems is @whysoserious019

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    Okay So First Of All My Name Is Thomas & My Account Name Is Illuminati_Boaa It Got Permantly Banned From Playing Black Ops 2 This Is My Main & Only Account I Don't A Modded Console Nor Do I Mod I'm Really Upset Because Black Ops 2 Is My Favorite Game It's So Many Modders & Stuff That Plays Online & I Come Back From Work & It Says My Account Has Permantly Been Banned Can Treyarch Or You Guys Please Help Unban My Account Email Me : Thanks

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    this post is random, i am happy, but i just wanted to make a shout out about specialists and challenges. i have completed all 9 specialist non-hero challenges and now am ready to start unlocking them. gold armor!


    thank you for the amazing experience and challenge getting to this point. if i had stuck with only a couple of specialists i would not have made it as far as i have and have become well equiped as far as knowledge of what to expect from enemy specialists. how they play what ranges to avoid, ways to counter. i can go one, but i really enjoyed compketing all of those challenges and look forward to getting hero gear and finally, FINALLY be able to play the specialist i want for each match, haha.


    some were easy, some were tricky. i completed them all via hc kc. was fun

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    10,000+ people?  It's not much considering there are tens/hundreds of millions of players who are running the game on current gen consoles/PC.  So no, I cannot speak for the last gen population, especially when they were warned of the inferiority of the last gen port on multiple occasions ie no campaign, no paintjob, obviously bad graphics (although this was revealed late in the game), and more.


    In other words, you knew the risks.  The fault lies on your decision, but only you can fix it.



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  • 01/11/16--20:20: Re: MATCH BALANCING
  • nicedrewishfela wrote:


    but the majority just want to play, have fun, and compete.


    And you can still do this, even in AW.  I know I did.  If a game isn't fun because you have to put more effort or that the enemy is "too sweaty", you can't complain.  Why?  Because you're not the only one who wants to have fun and perform well.  Everyone wants to perform well and have fun, but when mindsets collide, they end up complaining 


    All you want is to sacrifice balanced teams so your stress is relieved by not having to always play sweaty due to the horrible competition.  In other words, you would rather be benefited at the expense of the lesser skilled players, who will end up getting stomped more often thanks to the uneven teams.  Good job on earning your "fun".  It's nice to know that people care about others in this day and age.



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    I noticed in the past week or 2 if I leave my PS4 while I go get a drink or something else(by the way I'm not talking in game just sitting in menu) I come back after about 10 or 15 mins with a message that says "You have lost connection with the COD Black Ops Servers".

    Is this just their way of freeing up server space.

    I can join multiplayer immediately so that's why I figure it's not an error with my connection.

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  • 01/12/16--18:45: Re: 372 days later...
  • Lol i just read through every comment. Seems we are all on the same page.


    I am THOROUGHLY IMPRESSED with the idea of filler bases, always have been but that you can only hit say 2 a day is JUST what was missing from that equation. I knew it wouldnt really be effective if they were just hit and gone from my view.

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    No thanks.

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  • 01/12/16--18:53: SOE EE
  • Must know what you are doing.

    Looking for 2 for SOE EE possibly 3. MESSAGE iDope88 (Xbox one)

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    I did not buy season pass, I just bought the regular deal. Is there a thing where you can buy just the extra zombies maps, or can you get the season pass for much cheaper since I already have the game?

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    very active player looking for a great clan to play with And always up to learn and yes I have a mic.

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