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  • 01/02/16--04:05: Re: Slow motion
  • is it just me, or are all the games in slow motion? Can't handle trying to play like this! What do we do?

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    I am interested in joining

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    Having bought it on ps4 store it's showing as purchased but then says no content when I try to download!

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    I have found someone willing to lead the UK side I just need members and still need people wanting to lead! I have a excellent feeling about this! We have 2 excellent players on this side but still need more!

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    I have got  "abcdef hijk n tuvwxyza" bug :/

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  • 01/02/16--04:22: Player profile problem
  • Having problems this morning with Black Ops 3. Start up COD:Black Ops 3. Prompted to press 'A' to start.  Press 'A' Screen then briefly shows "loading player profile." Then get the message "ERROR Unable to access save device". Press 'A' (OK) Can load other games okay (eg. Black Ops 2, Far Cry 4) Any suggestions?

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  • 01/02/16--04:35: Re: COD is a fucking joke
  • I agree that I sometimes get what seems like too many hit markers in core but in hardcore I haven't had that problem. Unless you're using things like a suppressed smg or shotgun across the map, which should be that way. As far as hip fire accuracy, I actually think it's pretty good depending on the weapon. That's also what laser sight is for especially in hardcore since there are no cross hairs while not ADSing. But laser sight will tighten up your spread. If all else fails just run the 205 Brecci and hip fire spam all day long. You'll get lots of kills pretty easy and don't even need attachments on it.


    The more I play and the better I learn the maps and camping spots the less I find myself blaming the game. It's usually just the fact that you're playing better people. They may have a Scuf or a gaming monitor or a Net Duma or a good headset or whatever, but most of the time they just know the map layout and predict spawn points. The main thing is learning how the spawns work. Since I've been figuring that out I'm now averaging 1.0-1.5 kd per game instead of .20-.70 like I was. And the times I die feel much less cheap because now it's usually a heads up gunfight since I've hit a better idea of the general direction the enemy is coming from.


    All that said, a good headset really helps. I still don't have a gaming monitor but at least have my TV in game mode. Make sure you're using one or the other. The Scuf really only helps when jump firing but it does help. From what I've heard, the Net Duma routers really help with your ping since you can use the geo filter and only play against people close to you. I think that's what it's called and why it helps the most. Anyone that has one feel free to correct me.

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  • 01/02/16--04:38: Re: Copying other games?
  • Human culture is full of examples only need to take look at history to see very similar concepts popping up all over the world.  Societies around the world at some point had media which was very similar to each other.  Most obvious example is religion pretty much every one has very similar concepts and themes at play.  Of course most societies which created them had very little contact with each other.

    Entertainment industry inspires various ideas all the time.....and borrows from various sources.  Game designers normally borrow from books/films in terms of concept and theme. Some of my favourite childhood games for example could pin down to various sources of media some which date back to 15th century.  Most common stories elements for example could be linked to various games why some stories are so engaging even if they are similar because they work.  Coming up with unique ideas which nobody else has done before is pretty much once in blue moon event.


    Same could be said for gameplay mechanics, upgrading comes from pacman or even further back.

    Black ops 3 taps into an simple idea dystopia vision of the world in which we become monsters. 


    Nothing new and nothing wrong with it as long covers new ground

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  • 01/02/16--04:39: Re: COD is a fucking joke
  • cutzmehappy wrote:


    Need proof? The fact people can spam the fourms and nothing happens. How about hardcore it takes 1 bullet. How about the accuracy hip firing. The camping. All the ways you can get a one shot kill. How about the hit markers. This game is ****.

      Member cutzmehappy

    You should explain why various gameplay mechanics are not fun for yourself....


    However sounds like CoD not your type of game and that is okay

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    Power core is great killstreak from design point of view for various reasons

    Don't think people fully understand the power of it yet.


    May end up running it due to how powerful it could be but....requires you to earn it and wait.

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    You're welcome.  Enjoy the game and keep things fun.

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    so you will just have to quit the slo-mo game and try another lobby.

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    XGC is looking for mature gamers 18+ who love to game. We are a team oriented community that does not care about KD. We focus on the fun!!! If you would like more information feel free to message me on KIK or Xbox Like - FullMetalNaj

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    This issue could be due to "moderation", if it is, the modded post could show anytime from a few seconds to never.

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    I have bought 20 advanced supply drops for 39,99€, on PSN Store for the ps3 but didnt showing in the game.


    What can i do now ?


    Sorry for my bad english.

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    Clan Emblem.jpg

    The Black Youkai are looking for good players who love CoD. We need people who have experience with CoD, not newcomers. Gun skills, communication ability, and being able to work in a group are what we're looking for.

    We have 10 members and are looking for active and loyal clan members to join our community of friends. This clan focuses mainly on Domination.

    The requirements to join the Black Youkai are as follows:

    • Over a 1.10 kill/death ratio.
    • A Score Per Minute (SPM) of 250+
    • Speak fluent English and live in the U.S. or Canada.
    • A mic that doesn't have background noise/static. Playing loud music is unacceptable.
    • Gun skills on the move and knowing when to change your strategy.
    • You need to be on Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sat at 7:00pm Central Standard Time. (If you don't show up to at least 2 meetings or don't tell me why you'll be gone ahead of time you will be warned then kicked)
    • You need to be able to communicate effectively in-game; giving call-outs.
    • You must be a mature player; preferably over 13.
    • LINE_icon01.pngYou need the messaging app called Line to join our clan. Register an account, register your display name as your PSN name, and send a friend request to Voidgangsta. You need to take part in the clan chat and TALK or you'll be kicked. This means having normal conversations on a day to day basis. We don't need people who just stalk the clan chat and/or don't even say anything.

    Contact Voidgangsta on PSN with a screenshot of your stats if you want to join.

    (Any messages without a screenshot will be ignored. This includes on LINE)

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    Thank you, come again.

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    Yep I'm rather liking the sound of all that, especially the 'lame' bit

    gt is now Andes Attack, xbox msg incoming...

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    Hi there,

    Unfortunately it is not possible to change your forum name,


    Kind regards,


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    I'm not a huge user of H.I.V.E only for the specialist challenges, seen an awesome kill on Redwood though, Teammate in the Final Kill cam got 5 kills in that central building with the wall blown out where everyone loves to go.

    They must have felt like a bunch of fannies all running to the same area only to get hugely humiliated.

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