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  • 12/31/15--23:09: you are not good
  • This game is built for little kids. You think your good? Its a trash rpg. You dont have to aim. Sensitivity changes the advantages if set high and smg run the game. Hit markers are off also. Trey. Made this game for kids because their parents will buy it for them. Horrible game. But oh well right? This generation is filled with stupid kids who dont know what skill is and Activision loves to [REMOVED BY MODERATOR]

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  • 01/01/16--03:57: BO3 Will Turn Into AW
  • Everyone talks about gun balance. It's decent, but I can easily see BO3 dominated by the VMP, Vesper, and M8. It will be the same thing as AW with the BAL and ASM1 if the rest of the guns don't get tweaked.

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    I bought Black Ops 3 for ps3. I have been trying to download the updates so I can install the game for a week now. I have opened all the ports and MAc address suggested in the trouble shooting pages given to me by PS support and still nothing. I did a restore to default on the PS3. Any other suggestions, besides throwing the game out the window?????

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    I made 2 purchases for COD points on Dec 27th. $19.99 and 9.99. I have yet to recieve my points. I contacted Activision via chat. They said they will submit a report and I was told to wait.......

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    Title ^

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    I'm trying to install Quantum of Solace on Windows 8.1, but it hangs while saying 'Updating Component Registration.'

    After googling, people said I should uninstall KB2918614 and KB3008627, but I dont have either of these on my system so there was nothing to uninstall..

    Any ideas?


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    iHattoriHanzo0 wrote:


    I'm sold on the season pass which is bad enough. Bonuses like Nuketown and The Giant should not be separate dlc codes since they were made for release. Not cool.


    Season pass has helped shape the PC experience, too.  I bought Ghost season pass ( actually hardened edition ) for 360 & PS3 because the reduced price made a lot of sense at the time.


    In the days of CoD 1 & CoD 2 multi on PC, if you joined a server with community-created addon maps in the rotation, your client would automatically download what you didn't have ( subject to your agreement, of course ).  In CoD 4, you had to install them manually, but they existed:


    Gamershell.com: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Downloads


    How many addon maps are on that page?  About a hundred?


    # Who wants to buy a season pass?

         I don't.

    Split lists and paying thru' the a - -

         I don't.


    Who wants to wait an extra month on the ONE?

         A month on the ONE?  'k, that's it; I'm done!


    Who wants some micro DLC?

         I-i-i-i-i don't.


    Who wants a suit that you can't see?

         I.... dooon't.


    Who wants some extra latency, too?

         I don't.


    And I don't, 'cause all I want is . . .



    OK, ok, ok, . . long story short, in such an environment, a season pass has little traction.  I can imagine Activision also launching more types of additional season passes for mDLC.


    ( Btw, for those under 25, you might need this ).



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  • 01/01/16--04:34: how to unlock nuketown???
  • Is there someone who nows how I can unlock nuketown?

    I already have such a code, it was included with the game I bought but I dont now where i have to unlock nuketown with this code

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    Dude, where I wrote ,,free"

    micro dlc i mean micro buy dlc

    ps. and I think that is a litle harder like copy and paste....

    If no why they make same mistake same glitches in maps for example Gaint...

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    Just bought nuketown zombie off the PSN store. I have installed it, and only the multiplayer map is showing and not the nuketown zombie map. I also cannot access the ingame store so im unsure of what to do?

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    You enter the code on the Redeem screen of the PS Store or Xbox Marketplace.

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    What console?

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    Every time a match starts the start button and the select button on the controller dont work,this only happens when i'm in a match once the match ends and i'm back in the main menu the buttons work fine,this started happening since the last patch.

    Anyone else facing this issue or is it just me?

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    I bought the season pass a few days ago then went to the store and downloaded the giant bonus map, then once it was installed i went into the game and it wasn't there to use. I tried repeating the process a couple times and have had no luck since, can anyone help me find the solution?

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    I randomly get disconnected from the servers. I do not get any error message. When this happens it also kicks me from xbl party. I've checked my network. I've even contacted xbox live support and checked everything on my xbox. I cannot rejoin the xbl party until I reconnect to servers or quit the game. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game, which didn't help. My xbox and controller are updated. I can't think of anything else to try.  My hubby and I are both wire connected to our gateway. He doesn't have any problems. So it's not our Internet, gateway or ports.   (Note: I do not have problems with xbl party or getting kicked with any other game.)

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    I am interested in joining psn xxroyaldonutxx

    Message me

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    Hi my gamer-tag is DohhhhHomer and my name is Adam. I'm looking to create a clan which is teamwork based so that we can win a lot of games. If you are interested then contact me on here and via my gamer-tag on PS4 DohhhhhHomer. I want to make this an active clan playing daily if possible. I look forward to hearing from you.

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