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  • 01/03/16--04:41: Re: The Kuda
  • Can I just ask, are you playing Hard Core or Core?

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    They are trying to force ppl over to black ops 3. Bo2 is not going to be fixed, everyone is getting the same automated response. When i finally talked to activision all they told me is give bo3 a try its running fine

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  • 01/03/16--04:53: Re: Specialists
  • Yep thats what i meant, cheers,  almost done them all, just struggling a bit with is Spectre and getting kills with the ripper, but i am sure it will keep me occupied for a while,

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    XGC is looking for mature gamers 18+ who love to game. We are a team oriented community that does not care about KD. We focus on the fun!!! If you would like more information feel free to message me on KIK or Xbox Live - FullMetalNaj or Jmslc3

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    G22 Nation is looking for new members!


    We have a Core and Hardcore Division and a section for Arena. We have a lot to offer and we also participate in other games and have active social media sites such as YouTube.


    We are just looking for like minded players that want to have fun plating CoD but dominate lobbies.


    If you are interested you must meet some recruitment's:

    1. MUST be 18 +

    2. K/d- 1.4

    3. W/L- 2.0

    4. SPM- Over 2.0

    5. Working mic


    Please visit our website for further information!


    YouTube- G22 nation

    FB- G22 Nation


    Thanks and Happy Gaming!

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    A single two hour barracks boost would be worth 10 celerium to buy. I would be happy with even a 10% sell value just to clear out my inventory junk. The guys with maxed bases have useless builder boosts I am sure... An hour of build boost is 16 celerium... 30 hour build boost with a 10% sell rate would give the guy with a maxed base 48 celerium.





    Raining Anarchy


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  • 01/03/16--05:10: MW3 Stats Deranked
  • Help! How do I get my stats backed. I was 80 and now I am 4. Did I get hacked??? What can I do.

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  • 01/03/16--03:24: eL now recruiting ! (XB1)
  • I am starting a clan called eL , on the xbox one.

    I am looking for skilled players who mainly basis themselves around competitive gaming (Arena) or (SnD)

    be calm.

    Requirements - you must have a KD of 1.1+ (I will know if you lie, so don't bother)

    you must be the age range of 13-21

    you like playing competitive.

    You must play regularly

    You must be chilled and relaxed, no ragers.

    you must have a working mic.


    If you can record, edit or create websites/youtubes message or tell me if when you take a trial. ( this would be a huge bonus)


    Message me on xbox one if you are interested in joining.

    I will give you a quick try-out and if im impressed then you are in.

    my GT- PG Nips

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  • 01/03/16--05:19: Re: My Console Was Banned???
  • It may of been banned if you have jailbreaked your ps3 and trying to get into the admin settings for extra stuff that you cant do on the normal game.

    as this happens on other games aswell as COD

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    If you think it is crap then why play it ??  just saying

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  • 01/03/16--05:25: Re: Fun game BUT ...
  • i think with all the posts on the forum think they are aware of the server issue best thing to play for the time being as i did this the other day is too make a local game and invite the people you have played on deathmaches/ free for all ect you may get a better result out of the game you cant use any weapon upgrades or xp but it is better to get the enjoyment out of the game.

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    Why We Can't Get The Rank in LIGUE BOII ? That Is Problem because if we can't get rank the Trophy BIG LIGUES is dont working , and we need to get 100% Trophy's COD BOII , so please fixed the problem !!

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    I'need the solution please

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    The slow mo on bo2 has been like that since thanksgiving. They aint fixing it

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    30 year old mature gamer, with mic looking for other players who like to run HCKC , I run with a pretty good group always looking for new gamers who can communicate well and care about teamwork, we normally go on pretty good win streaks so if your interested message me or send me a friend request . I am on the east coast time zone NJ hope to see you on thanks!!


    PSN- Jangel0429

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    It would be useful if you could capture some footage from your console so we could have a look at exactly what is happening. 

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    There was a bout of SPAM over the holidays, so the moderation settings may be quite cautious now, and the mods have a backlog to clear through. If your replies show as being moderated ( happens to us all ) then they will show up in due course. If you have started a discussion and now cannot find it, look in your inbox (click your id at top right, select 'inbox and activity' from the pulldown menu, then the inbox tab) and look for your post in the list - again, it probably shows as awaiting mod approval.


    Don't know if you were using the forum a couple of months ago, but it was unusable for some time due to spam attacks - so a wait for your post is a much better option.

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    Goliaths do deal double damage, as advertised, in defence. However, if most players attacking you use Jugs or armour then DFs are a better (and much cheaper) bet as they can deal damage longer than Goliaths - who are very slow and get fragged quite quickly. I might put one in the mix as a filler.

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