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    No worries!  As far as troops, my comm center is L9, which allows a deployment size of 45; so that aligns with the Drags that are in there for that total of 45.  And there is only a slot/space for one hero - hence my total, "Say What?"  moment...



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  • 12/31/15--02:41: How do I uninstall Nuketown?
  • Hi all


    Does anyone know how I can uninstall the Nuketown map from my PS4?


    I've deleted BOPS3 from my PS4 and reinstalled it but Nuketown has re-appeared?



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  • 12/31/15--03:44: SoE Easter Egg Xbox One
  • Hey I'm looking to do the SOE EE in Xbox One.



    • Watched all the tutorials for each step (pack a punch, obtain and upgrade swords, defeat shadow man)
    • Ideally you will have complete a few Zombies Easter eggs in the past.
    • Have a working mic and can speak English.


    Add my gamertag: BL4DEDHUNT3R

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    I had dlc and still played more town then any other map, great for jumping in getting kills and reviving nubs.

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    "and you cant even talk directly to Activision about it, they keep sending me to chats that don't work, or the forums."


    This is the worst customer support ever. I really don't think they (Activision) care about these types of issues.

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    Orgins as micro DLC pleaseee

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    The no headache method: run dead silence and whip out your launcher whenever you sneak up behind someone.


    I finished it in 3 games doing this.

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    The same thing happened with DLC on AW, you couldn't remove it without deleting the whole game.  Something changed in the coding for PS4 and it's annoying when you want to disable DLC for matchmaking.


    I wouldn't recommend removing it anyway. The map is only in the Chaos Moshpit now and you'd just cause yourself matchmaking issues later when it enters the main rotation.

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    There are several other threads on this subject.  The search box is your friend.

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  • 12/31/15--04:19: It's my birthday...
  • ...and all I want is for Activision to start cleaning these damn forums up again....

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    That reminds me of sabotage.


    Please enlighten me however: Is the game not timed? Meaning it doe snot really matter how many points are scored? If the round ends with a score before the timer expries, then I see what you are saying.

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  • 12/31/15--04:25: Re: Tdm team balancing
  • I hve been seeing that quite often lately. Esp. in ground war. It is quite frequent to have 10v8 or worse

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  • 12/31/15--04:31: Re: season pass not working
  • to add to what @nicedrewishfela said,


    ensure you have updated your licenses (PSN Settings, account mgmt)

    look in the sotre IN GAME (not in the PSN)

    You should find it under the season pass (if I remember correctly)

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    I try to play other maps by starting the vote for a new map. But I always end up playing Fringe or Combine a lot. Today I played Combine 13 times in a row. Usually I leave the lobby after the 3rd time. But these kids weren't to good , so I stayed. I mean every single game I had at least 30 games and less than 10 deaths. So I mean who wouldn't wanna stay? And the last game I had in the lobby I was 51-4 but I prestige so was like well I'm done with KC

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  • 12/31/15--04:50: Re: Tdm team balancing
  • Just had an 8 vs 4 KC the other night.  I was on the team with 8 and it was boring as hell.  And of course halfway through they dropped a player and it stayed 8-3 the rest of the way.

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    Yeah it was his reflexes combined with the halved TTK (high cal headshots) and his apparently lucky aim lol


    I wouldn't think too much into it; it was a rather lucky combo of factors that led to your death, rather than connection BS or MLG MtnDewrito 1337 hax0rz lmao

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    When trying to connect to online games it gets to the multi player loading screen then stops and displays the error code A.-.-.-.-F.-.-.-.-.-.T.-.-.-.-.-.-  Help!

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    I've made a mistake with my profilename. Can't change this. Can anyone help me please?

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    as much as i love this game i am very pissed off that i have been banned from creating an emblem or even paint shop. That used to be one of the best features about the game and i loved to create emblems but i have been permanently banned from it,the reason why i have been banned has not been told to me. all i had for an emblem was Finn the human off adventure time the childrens tv show. even my girlfriend has been banned. all she had was a character off adventure time as well, we can even send you a picture of our emblems. they weren't inappropriate in any way or in violation of the security and enforcement policy, so please give me a reason on banning us thanks

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  • 01/01/16--03:48: Looking for clan ps4 eu
  • looking for a clan, I want to play more competitive. K/D is 2.2 and spm is 430

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