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    oRLsx317o wrote:


    darkrangeresp1 wrote:


    The Burst fire weapons across the board took a minor nerf with this patch. The M8A7 and Dredge both got their fire rates slightly reduced, namely a longer burst delay. 


    M8A7: Fire time increased by 15.38%


    There was no burst delay nerf for the M8; only a fire time increase.


    Needs more cowbel...I mean recoil.

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  • 12/12/15--18:46: Re: FIX YOUR GAME
  • Never had one single crash in this game. You are asking them to fix their game, but you need to start with your copy first. Do you have a physical or digital copy? Could be some corrupt data.


    The right thing to do is contact the Support staff. There is a Support Forum here that would be a good venue for a post like this.


    You could also tweet to @ATVIAssist or hit them up on here. There is an Ambassador Chat as well with a lot of great guys who work closely with the Activision Support Staff to get questions answered and issues resolved.


    An all caps title (I wish they would lock these threads like they do on the BF Forums, its just rude) won't fix your issue. Try those channels and be patient, they get a ton of requests and do their best to respond as soon as they can. They are good folks doing the best they can, so be polite as well.

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    Playing today (as a lone wolf as I usually have so far in this title), I was thinking about this issue. I have been playing very well as of late (I play TDM pretty much exclusively these days), going positive every match and leading my team in many. I got into some matches where my team was hopelessly outmatched (Nothing like getting over 1/3 of your teams kills, feeling really good about the match, then looking up to see you are losing by 20), got into some matches where my team destroyed the others, and had quite a few where it came down to the last few kills.


    But I noticed a commonality in nearly every lobby. It seemed, without fail, that each team had 2 players who did well, 2 players who hovered around mediocrity, and 2 players who played poorly... this pattern repeated almost without fail. Would it fluctuate? Sure, in some of the matches where one team dominated the losing team would have nearly all negative players, and the winning team would be all positive or even. But almost without fail, you'd see that pattern.


    If that isn't balance... I'm not sure what is.

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  • 12/12/15--18:57: Re: Domination is garbage
  • Keep putting the blame everywhere but where it belongs... squarely upon yourself.

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    Should be banned just for asking.

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    For the most part, in my opinion, the XR-2 is still a tough weapon to justify a nerf. Mainly because it's range is poor. The problem with the M8A4 is that it's a laserbeam and barely moves. If it were me:


    The XR-2 would be the laserbeam with a fast RoF and a consistent 2-3 burst kill weapon. It would be the midway between the Pharo and the M8A4; easy to wield with decent stopping power. It's caveat being that to get fast kill times you need to hit center mass. The faster RoF is great for mobility and taking on 1v1 gunfights and keeping a strong tempo but fails to bail you out if you get ahead of yourself. Ideally for flanking or a hit and run style. You're not looking to be the center of attention, rather you're looking for those who are.


    The M8A4 would be a powerful weapon that's a 2 burst kill across the map. With slow ADS time and RoF and tough recoil. A defenders delight but impossible to run around with. Think M16 of yesteryear where you could easily pick off stragglers with easy but if your position was compromised you would most definitely wish you had a sidearm.

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  • 12/12/15--19:05: Re: high caliber
  • A headshot is a never a OHK with anything outside a sniper. If you're at full health you will have to take two rounds to the head. I personally find this appalling as someone who's maintained a high headshot/kill ratio. My accuracy was my crutch and it's basically been nerfed.

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    If they were to do anything that drastic they'd have to nerf the smgs. And maybe release some dlc maps that had sight lines longer than smg range. As it stands there aren't many maps that require anything other than the kuda

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    I always find it amusing that people think their perception trumps the Developers Numbers, Stats, and Metrics.


    It was like an exchange Vahn had with one of the Optic guys(Nadeshot) the other day over the Weevil, which Nade wants buffed.


    Vahn's response-

    David Vonderhaar@DavidVonderhaarDec 10

    This stuff is fun. Let's talk about it. Weevil is top 10 perf weapon RN pre-buff with experienced players having a 1.51 K/D when equipped.


    So, to that player, the weapon isn't powerful enough. But their numbers show otherwise.


    I think this happens often, where players see or experience something and form a strong opinion on it, whether it be weapon performance or anything else. But they don't see the bigger picture beyond their personal feelings or experiences. Often it doesn't match up with what the reality is.


    I don't always agree with how the Devs handle weapon balance, but like everyone else I have my own personal bias and perceptions as well. Time will tell, as it always does, if these changes are positive or negative, and the game is still relatively young with more changes to come.


    Me? I just use what I am given to the best of my ability, and find a way to make it work for me.

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  • 12/12/15--19:09: Re: high caliber
  • Grab the sheiva with high caliber. .. it's fantastic.

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  • 12/12/15--19:10: Re: just wasnt
  • Move along, people... nothing of any use to see here.

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  • 12/12/15--19:15: Re: FIX YOUR GAME
  • You must not play hard core domination on xbox one then. Always a crap fest. Entire lobbys of one bar players with a frame rate of 2 per second

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    It's been fine for me. Had a few matches where I am getting matched with Puerto Ricans (who knows if they live there or are in the states somewhere) that give me wonky results, but for the most part my play seems determined by... well... me. Had a few lobbies where I seem to be swimming upstream, but I can almost always point out the errors I am making when I play poorly against when I am playing well.


    Also, I do feel like Core modes are far more likely to have these kind of crazy moments. I play a few rounds of Core to warm up, and I know that there are more WTF moments in those matches than in the HC games I play after. More hitmarkers, more visible lag, and more frustrating moments. Hardcore has its share from time to time, but seems to be less of an issue. I have long felt like the Health Regen causes some weird stuff to happen. I started out this game really enjoying Core, but seeing some of the old silliness coming back making it far less enjoyable.

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  • 12/12/15--19:17: Re: FIX YOUR GAME
  • I am on PS4.

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  • 12/12/15--19:18: PC LF 3 People
  • For upgraded sword and high rounds

    Must have mic(: and 18+ please.


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    Hey, j'èspere de pouvoir t'aider mes si sa fait la looking for player et sa bug la, tu as juste a retourner au menu advanced warfare et revenir au multiplayer et normalement tu devrait trouver une partie

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  • 12/13/15--19:12: Re: Fix this game
  • i agree 100%.  just saying that there are the paid shrills on here that will come onto your post and blame on anything but the game

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    From my experience it does. And it's not that I don't play well... I often go in there for a warm-up and typically play quite well, though of course being human I have my bad games as well. But it is undeniable the frequency of weird things that happen in Core as opposed to HC for me.


    So please don't feed me any lines about staying on target. Please stop with that arrogant take. It has nothing at all to do with that. The undeniable fact is... in Core the weapon you use matters more. It is hard to deny that you have a distinct advantage in Core using certain weapons over others. In HC this a factor as well, but all of the weapons have an equal chance of success. I will say this CoD has more balanced Core play than in past games, but its still there. I just find any lag or latency issues far more evident when playing Core, and while they are present in HC as well, they don't seem to be as big an issue for me.


    I play in Core to warm up to get my aim on point, then play HC afterwards. I feel like it gives me an advantage when I get to HC because I am more likely to stay on target and not count on a random spray to kill an enemy.


    I hear the Core argument claiming HC players can't "stay on target" and that is why they play HC. Complete nonsense, though of course there are exceptions both amongst Core AND HC players. You HAVE to be accurate to be consistently good in HC. While yes, you MIGHT get a few lucky kills, a more accurate, tactical player is going to consistently have success. I find in Core modes my HC experience is often an advantage. Many Core players don't move around the map tactically, rather they boost jump and wall run and blitz through open spaces without care, knowing their Health Regen will help keep them alive. I often am able to take advantage of this when I play Core as I can anticipate their movements and get the jump on them easily.


    The fact is, there are talented players in Core, and talented players in HC. There are bad players in Core and bad players in HC. It's more a matter of preference than anything else.

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    if you pre order the game you should have Nuketown map bonus.

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    Amazon Kindle users have never had any of the offers, this one or last ones.

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