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    If you want add me, we can try some stuff. We can see what it's like when you join me, and when I join you, ect. I work til Monday morning, but I'm free mon, Tues , wed.

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    I'm not really sure how that correlates to middle easterns joining games on European servers, so I assume you're confirming that Activision's response regarding 'speed' or bandwidth is nonsense and 100% irrelevant. They don't seem to understand that I am not lagging or having connection issues myself.


    If I take out BO3 with the hundreds of thousands of people playing, and then put Ghosts in and see only 3000 people playing, I'll still have a better matchmaking experience on the latter.

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  • 12/11/15--18:53: Nuketown 2065
  • Does anybody know where I can find/buy a code so I can access the Nuketown 2065 map?

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    Yeah sure, sounds good. Just find me through the Contra group and send me an add, or I'll do the same if I get on before you.


    Like I say above it was better in some games with agent than it has been in many games solo on a "good" connection to a local host, so I doubt it'll be that miserable on a US host lol. How far east are you? I can normally pull a solid 85ms ping to NY, and I've played older games with friends from NY and Maryland with no issues at all.

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    I'm looking for a clan to join getting tired of one sided pubs seems to be bad matchmaking most if not all the time I play.

    psn: Darkbalmunk

    I'm a avg player I would say I can do better than most current k/d is around 1.4 and getting trashed by being in bad groups.

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    I should add I don't have a headset/mic though. Just some good ol' clip on Koss headphones

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    Did you get a legit copy or downloaded one from torrents.

    ok legit.

    Then, restart your computer in safe mode, this is the best way.

    If you are running windows 10 you will have to

    type in msconfig

    in the search bar and go to the top of

    menu find boot next to general radio button.

    open and select safe boot

    restart and then try to update using the comments in my other post

    good luck bud

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    The thing that irritated me the most was having to lead my shots. Sure it's "realistic" to expect gunship munitions to have a travel time, but it's not fun lol. We need killstreak lag comp

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    I do not trickshot, and dont understand how any of it is "skill" as opposed to just getting lucky (I've seen YouTubers spend 10 minutes trying to hit one shot). That being said, I would like to say "Thank You" for keeping the trickshotting constrained to a private match. I hate seeing spinning guys shooting their sniper rifle in regular game modes, then cry when I kill them with a regular weapon.

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  • 12/11/15--19:00: Re: Mouse Input Lag
  • make sure you haven't set the polling rate above 250 on your mouse settings. otherwise

    you will get mouse lag.

    I check the box under enhance pointer precision.

    Otherwise, it is your internet and video card

    not being good enough to run game.

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    try a system restore back before you

    experienced the problems.

    you can always reverse it.

    try that.

    don't overclock your system, especially in summer.

    overclocking is overrated,

    let me know how you went.

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    Uh, yeah, that's generally the plan.  Have a store to sell stuff so you make money and all that noise.  You're new to capitalism, aren't you?

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    Thank you I sent a message to them about the issue now I have to wait.

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  • 12/11/15--19:08: Re: Nuketown 2065
  • eBay.  Maybe Craigslist?  Unless somebody here doesn't want it and still has their code.  I have it for PS4 otherwise I'd sell you mine.


    Or wait until the first map pack comes out.  It appears that Nuk3town may be available for purchase then.

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    need more info mate.

    try a system restore when everything worked.

    otherwise  need more info

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    I despise aquarium,  I leave if it gets voted.  I despise Exodus,  I leave if it gets voted. I despise redwood, don't always leave, but most of the time. I do well on combine, but I think fringe or infection are my favorites.

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  • 12/12/15--18:41: Re: wunderwaffe
  • Lol its actually one of the worst guns on the map imo

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    Pretty sure you could have handled this with a little more grace.

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  • 12/12/15--18:44: SoE Easter egg. Need 3
  • Anyone looking to do the Easter egg on shadows of evil add me. Preferred experienced players. My GT: Bareroidz


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