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    99.9% of it is BS propagated by people finding an excuse for their own poor play.


    Its not worth focusing on, at all. Instead just work on your game and personal play style and just freakin' have fun.

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    I personally think it is fine at 75. I like that TDM is primarily player v player and not dominated by scorestreaks.

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  • 12/13/15--19:20: Re: Wells8293 streaming!!!
  • Yep, still can't advertise here.

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  • 12/13/15--19:22: Re: Black Market Crates
  • I fear the day is going to come where they start selling cryptos or the crates themselves.

    At least in this title people can't get anything game changing.

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    itll work eventually its annoying as heck but just keep exiting and entering exiting and entering... smmfh its a shame....took me like 20 min to  actually get into a game

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  • 12/13/15--19:23: Re: Christmas Weekend
  • Personally would rather have double Crypto weekend.

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    Gaming Monitors > Big Screen TVs. Welcome to the world of display lag.

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    Oh dear Lord.


    There has never been an easier explosive to avoid than the tripmine.


    They don't need to fix anything about it.

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    Love: Nuketown

    Hate: Anything not Nuketown


    Lol all jokes aside most maps are pretty cool but some are just *meh* (Redwood).

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  • 12/13/15--19:35: Re: Its EVERY single time
  • Most likely it's simply the servers getting far more overloaded than usual so more people on listen servers etc.

    It is definitely NOT our connection for this issue, it's their network.

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    I honestly am enjoying pretty much all of the maps right now. I feel like they were very well designed for the movement, as I feel AW's downfall was the maps just weren't well suited for the movement in that game. The design on these maps seems a lot more thoughtful, and I am constantly finding new routes and surprises on each map. As a tactical mover in HC modes, I love that most of the maps offer numerous attack points and flanking routes, and that there aren't too many ridiculous sight lines.


    For whatever reason, I seem to have the most success on Infection (the WWII map) and Exodus. Maybe my nostalgia for WWII games kicks in on Infection, not sure. But it really just seems to suit me wel. Had a 35-8 game in HC TDM on there the other day. Exodus just is an awesome map with so many ways to play it. Only had one bad experience when a team of weenies just sat in the back of one of the spawns the entire game.


    My least favorite has to be Combine. I have good games on that map, and it is sometimes enjoyable, but for the most part it always seems to feel like a cluster to me. Too many opportunities for spawn killing and it can be just a little too crazy at times for my liking. But then I have never been a big fan of the smaller maps.


    I think the Maps are really a big part of why I am enjoying MP so much this title.

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    if you want to join my lobby!.. meezy93

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  • 12/13/15--19:54: Re: Connection problems
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    Randoms are not 50/50... randoms are 99/100 worthless spawn flipping objective ignoring ....

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    Q39ESM wrote: That you can't throw a grenade farther than a beer-league softball player is stupid.


    But can launch a tomahawk across the map with no wind up haha! Silly isn't it?

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  • 12/14/15--19:26: Re: Song Requests
  • I would definitely love to see some Pendulum on GHTV Witchcraft and Watercolour to be exact, as they both have music videos. I would also love if Self vs Self made it into the game, but unfortunately it doesn't have a music video (to my knowledge) so I'm unsure if there's a way to work around that or if it's just impossible. But some Pendulum would be great. Thanks!

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    Any Help? I Really Want That Camo :(

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    Call of Duty: Black Ops III Playstation 4 Updates [12/14/2015]


    Call of Duty: Black Ops III Playstation 4 Updates [12/14/2015]



    Hello everyone,

    Below are the patch notes from the December 14th update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 on Playstation 4. This list is inclusive of new updates in the patch and daily live updates that have happened since the previous patch.


    Game Update: 12/14/15



    • Theater editing suite added. This includes the following modes:
      • Basic
        • Create shot using the basic replay functionality.
        • Screenshot functionality has been added.
      • Director
        • Create epic shot using animated dolly camera.
      • Object Link
        • Attach the camera to Scorestreaks, Lethals, and Tacticals.
      • Timeline Editor
        • Add dynamic lights to the map to enhance your shot.
      • Highlight Reel
        • An auto-generated clip based off of the player’s recent games.

    • Multiplayer Music option in the Audio menu now allows players to preview music samples and change the music heard when playing Multiplayer.
    • Custom Games functionality has been expanded. Support has been added for official Custom Game Variants as well as saving Custom Games.
    • Fixed an error that would occasionally occur when returning to the Multiplayer Lobby after completing a match or entering/exiting the Arena Lobby.

    • Increased rate at which Cryptokeys are earned.
    • Players no longer get points for killing teammates with the Satellite Drone in Uplink, when Friendly-Fire is enabled in Custom Games.
    • Players will no longer spawn at the same point in Free-For-All if there are more than 8 players in a Custom Match.
    • Fixed an issue where the tinted full screen effect would remain after the player had exited the Hardened Sentry.
    • Improved the Dart Scorestreak’s ability to lock onto enemy targets.
    • Fixed a start spawn issue with Free-For-All where waiting to select a class could spawn the Player behind other Players.
    • Improved enemy spawns during Gun Game and Free-For-All.
    • Players who join a Free-For-All or Gun Game match in-progress will not have a loss recorded if they do not place in the Top 3.
    • Addressed an issue where Players would get disconnected from Gun Game if they joined a match in-progress.
    • Players will now be kicked for inactivity if idling in Gun Game.


    • General
      • Reduced Specialist earn rate over time in objective game modes.
    • Reaper
      • Scythe
        • Reduced earn rate.

    • Submachine Guns
      • Kuda
        • Increased recoil control.
      • Weevil
        • Increased recoil control.
      • Razorback
        • Increased recoil control.
        • Increased damage range.
      • Vesper
        • Reduced damage range.
      • VMP
        • Reduced aim down sight speed.
        • Reduced hip fire accuracy.
    • Assault Rifles
      • KN-44
        • Increased recoil control.
      • HVK-30
        • Increased recoil control.
      • ICR-1
        • Increased recoil control.
        • Reduced hip fire accuracy.
        • Fixed an issue with the reload animation when a certain magazine was equipped.
      • Man-O-War
        • Increased recoil control.
      • XR-2
        • Reduced movement speed.
      • M8A7
        • Reduced fire rate.
    • Shotguns
      • KRM-262
        • Increased damage, it will now be a maximum 2 shot kill.
      • 205 Brecci
        • Increased damage range.
      • Haymaker 12
        • Increased damage range.
    • Light Machine Guns
      • Dingo
        • Increased movement speed while firing.
        • Increased recoil control.
      • 48 Dredge
        • Reduced fire rate.
    • Pistols
      • MR6
        • Increased movement speed.
      • RK5
        • Increased movement speed.
        • Reduced damaged range.
      • L-CAR 9
        • Increased movement speed.
        • Reduced damage.
        • Reduced hip fire accuracy.
    • Special
      • In-game melee weapon flourish and inspect animations added.
        • Flourish animations can be triggered by pressing the Use/Reload button with any melee weapon equipped.
        • Inspect animations can be triggered by pressing and holding the ADS button with any melee weapon equipped.
    • Attachments
      • Suppressor
        • Increased damage range.
      • Laser Sight
        • Increased hip fire accuracy on Assault Rifles and Light Machine Guns.
      • Fast Mags
        • Increased reload speed.
      • Rapid Fire
        • Changed to increase the fire rate and not the burst delay on burst weapons.
      • Dual Wield
        • Reduced movement speed.
        • Reduced switch weapon speed.
    • Equipment
      • Concussion
        • Reduced stun time.
    • Perks
      • Overclock
        • Increased earn rate.
      • Ante Up
        • Increased starting bonus toward Scorestreaks.
      • Hard Wired
        • Increased effectiveness against enemies who have Sixth Sense equipped.


    • General
      • Aerial Scorestreaks must be within a minimum distance from the map before locking onto them with a Launcher.
    • HC-XD
      • Increased explosive damage.
    • UAV
      • Increased base health.
    • Counter-UAV
      • Increased base health.
    • Dart
      • Increased explosive damage for collision explosion.
      • Reduced minimum speed.
      • Handling tuning.
      • Fixed an issue where the Dart was not locking onto enemy players.
    • Lightning Strike
      • Increased speed of payload delivery after target selection.
    • Hellstorm
      • Increased explosive damage of cluster bomblets.
    • Cerebus
      • Increased missiles required to destroy by 1.
      • Increased EMP Grenades required to destroy by 1.
    • Rolling Thunder
      • Increased explosive radius per drone.
      • Increased explosive damage per drone.
      • Increased health per drone.
      • Added 4 pairs of drones.
    • Talon
      • Increased damage when AI controlled.
    • Wraith
      • Increased base health.
      • Fixed an issue where the Flak Drone would not intercept incoming missiles.
    • R.A.P.S.
      • Increased missiles required to destroy Deploy Ship by 1.
      • Increased health per drone.
      • Increased explosive damage per drone.
    • G.I. Unit
      • Increased number of War Machine hits required to destroy.
      • Increased duration of G.I. Unit.
      • Increased recovery speed when stunned by an EMP grenade.
    • Mothership
      • Increased missiles required to destroy by 2.
      • Increased explosive bullet damage for owner turret.
      • Increased projectile speed of missiles for owner turret.


    • Hunted
      • Addressed an exploit where Players were able to mantle to an unintended area on top of a waterfall.
    • Aquarium
      • Fixed an exploit where Players were able to mantle and reach a non-playable area.
    • Combine
      • Changing Hardpoint rotation for gameplay balancing.
    • NUK3TOWN
      • Fixed an exploit involving the Dart Scorestreak and one of the building walls.
    • Evac
      • Fixed an exploit where players were able to contest the center Hardpoint from outside the Hardpoint boundaries.


    • Adding Power Rating when reaching Arena Masters rank.
    • Added support for displaying restricted item warnings.
    • Addressed an issue where players were able to ban or protect multiple items.
    • Leaving any time after ban/protect or draft in Pro-Series will result with the player losing a star.
    • Leaving before the match ends in Moshpit will count as a loss and the player will lose a star.
    • If the player has 0 stars for their current rank, they will not lose any stars. This applies to Pro-Series and Moshpit.
    • If the Player completes a match with a win/loss/draw, the correct stars are now awarded.
    • Players now properly receive losses when playing Search & Destroy in Arena.


    • Kill Feed colors will no longer swap when a CODcaster switches between players on opposing teams.
    • Fixed an issue where teams would occasionally be swapped on the Round Win and Game Win screens.
    • Addressed an issue in Uplink where the Satellite Drone would show an incorrect ‘Away’ tag when switching to the other team’s perspective.
    • Fixed issues with incorrect team coloring on the minimap.
    • Outcome will now show the winning team’s name.
    • Death icons will now be colored by team.
    • CODcaster will no longer be affected by EMP grenades.
    • CODcaster will now show clantags.


    • Fixed an issue where Concussion Grenades, Flashbang Grenades, and Trip Mines weren’t properly getting tracked for Challenges.
    • Updated Challenges for new Black Market melee weapons.

    My Showcase

    • File-share support added for Custom Games, Screenshots, and Edited Films.



    • Addressed an issue with Weapon Kits when reaching Prestige in Zombies.

    Shadows of Evil

    • Addressed exploits in the Shadows of Evil map.
    • Addressed various areas where zombies would not path to players.
    • The Dark Ops challenges should now unlock properly when reaching Prestige and completing the final Easter Egg.
    • Fixed an issue involving an active Level 2 Ghost Sword and the KN-44 wall-buy in the Footlight District.

    The Giant

    • Addressed exploits in The Giant map.
    • Addressed various areas where zombies would not path to players.



    • Addressed split screen issues and general bugs.



    • Nightmares will be unlocked for all players by default and will be selectable from the main menu, listed below Zombies.
    • Addressed split screen issues and general bugs.

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    I get annoyed at those that correct spelling, etc.  However, sometimes it is necessary.  I think you meant clips. 

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  • 12/14/15--19:45: Re: redwood
  • Use engineer and a launcher you can free-fire. That way, even though you're using 2 slots, you are getting a full range of uses from them. You can use the launcher to take out ground-based score streaks, or even people. You can use engineer to see every enemy item, tactical and lethal, HIVE pods, etc.
    Or, use your eyes and your primary weapon.
    Or, use ghost and hope your team doesn't run around and get killed.

    Or, like every other thing in every other COD game, use one of the many ways to counter it.

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