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  • 11/24/15--18:30: Re: Xbox 360 Server Problems
  • I think I am just going to buy a Xbox One/PS4 because they are the only consols that they care about now. This is crazy. I have been thinking about t for a while anyway. I think it's just time to upgrade.

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    I bought the game today and I'm having the same problems, I'm from Argentina but all the other games works well, I hope Treyarch fix this fast...

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    What exactly do you need again? I have experienced those weir games where I dominate one game and completely go negative the next.

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    Hey! Add me on xbox one -

    Toughkirby 101


    me and my friend are looking for two long-term people to complete these, and future easter eggs with. if you are dedicated and want to join feel free to add me and send me a message!

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  • 11/24/15--18:35: Re: Xbox 360 Server Problems
  • Yep. I'm feeling the same. I have a PS4 that died right before the beta came out. I'm hoping repairs won't cost too much.

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    If you're looking for people to play with as well as I'am then message me on xbox one or within the forums, add me and my Gamer tag is InvaderOfGlory

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  • 11/24/15--18:35: Pack a punch 2 players?
  • can someone please tell me how to do pap with only 2 players it won't let us pick up more than one worm each we even tried maybe dropping them off in the area they go but you need them all to bust the wall! Please help!!

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    Hey, I have been looking around, these guys might be good, they fit your requirements.


    Re: Nightmare Clan - 18+ - Recruitment - 1.5+ K/D - XBOX ONE


    Re: HC - UK clan

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    Will do! Gamer tag is T mon33y II

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  • 11/24/15--18:40: Re: Scuf/elite or headset
  • Hey guys, what's the best audio setting if you have the 300 buck 7.1's. I heard headphones is just for cheap stereo headsets.  Treyarch mix, super crunch, high boost, or super bass? I hear steps all the time, but can't tell which way, and I panic too! I play on xbone if it helps. Thanks.

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  • 11/24/15--18:44: Re: Pack a punch 2 players?
  • You need to do all the rituals and the wall should open. After that go back and get all the worms you couldn't pick up.

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  • 11/24/15--18:46: Re: Community Shills
  • There is nothing wrong with liking or disliking a game it's each persons personal choice , how you convey it to others though is where the attitudes kick in when some try to impose their opinions on someone else . There are ways to disagree without arguing , just as there are ways to get your own opinion out there without trying to impose it over someone else's . Also as far as the forum goes it can only be as good as its members.

    I Agree that those that reply to a thread just to say they have heard it too many times does no good for the op and adds nothing to the discussion , they would be much better served either adding a link from a past thread to show the numerous points of views made or to simply pass it on by. Everyone has a first time coming to the forum and there is no reason for anyone not to be treated equally . If you want to be respected treat others with respect .

    I Personally like this game it has it's pros and cons as do all of the games I play and when it stops being fun for me I will move on simple as that.  I will say that during the past few months I have actually played a few games with people from the forums , playing modes that I normally don't play no biggie since I don't worry about stats too much. But I will say that I had fun and more than likely will play with more forum members in the future, use party chat , tell bad jokes , make fun of each other, yes it does make playing the game fun regardless if people are doing good or bad .

    So if all of that makes me a shill can I have a tshirt .


    either way we may view the game and the forums differently but have yourself a good one.

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  • 11/24/15--18:48: Re: Worse than Ghosts?
  • Sales figures alone do not determine the quality of a game. For example, Earthbound didn't sell well yet is considered one of the best SNES games. E.T. and Pac-Man on the Atari 2600 sold very well for their time periods yet are oftentimes included in a list of the worst games ever. Sales can be impacted by other highly anticipated games releasing around the same time of the game affected such as BF4 taking a portion of would be Ghosts players, console transition periods which would hurt sales of most games, being available only on PCs while requiring high end specifications such as a high end GPU, a high end CPU, very large amount of RAM when compared to the current AAA PC games, and a high end HDD or an SDD for it's time period such as Crysis which was several years ahead in the graphics department when it released in late 2007 and took more recent hardware to run on max settings, and performance of the previous game in the series or from the studio.


    It's also difficult to judge the quality of CODs in relation to one another due to the fact that people lodge the same complaints in rant posts year after year after year such as mistaking anti-lag for lag compensation for terrible connections which helps to prevent COD from being an unplayable mess, perceived hit detection issues(no online FPS game has perfect hit detection), excessive amounts of campers(all FPS games have these types of players), and KD ratio padders(all FPS games have this type of players) as well as either whining that the teams are heavily stacked or that SBMM is keeping them from their "1337" MLG/ESL beast performances, weapon balance, map issues, and TTK. All of these issues can be found in just about any FPS game out there as well as preference for CODs from either of the 3 main COD studios.

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    What model is your Samsung?  There's a S27E310 on Black Friday pricing for $179 I'm planning on getting. Any advice? Reviews are good but I'd like to know if you have any things I should know from your experience.

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  • 11/26/15--12:22: season pass
  • My season pass is not in my service history and I need another or it to be put onto my account, who can I speak to about this.


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  • 11/26/15--12:22: Re: GHTV Appreciation Thread
  • I have a few friends that come over once or twice a week to play this game. We switch off playing obviously but its still fun to hang out and play..

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  • 11/13/15--12:54: [PC] Dirty Dutch Gaming Clan
  • Dirty Dutch Gaming Clan is a clan for players from Belgium and the Netherlands. It plays multiple games and its now gonna play on Call of Duty Black Ops 3 If your intrested in joining our PC Clan just go to our website and writh a Apply.


    Clan is only recommed to Flemish (Belgium) and Dutch (Netherlands) people.


    Grtz HeadKnight Leader of DDGC


    Like to join?

    Facebook | Steam


    Already Joined:


    [DDGC] HeadKnight

    [DDGC] BiggePoppa

    [DDGC] NielseBro

    [DDGC] Ferdi

    [DDGC] KingBors

    More coming soon

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    This is one step they could take but I really don't think it will alone deter people going for high kill score game plays in Objective modes without playing the objective.

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    How do I redeem my in game digital download of Call of Duty Black OPS 3 that I won at Carl's Jr.?

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