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    Q39ESM wrote:


    What model is your Samsung?  There's a S27E310 on Black Friday pricing for $179 I'm planning on getting. Any advice? Reviews are good but I'd like to know if you have any things I should know from your experience.


    I bought a few S22D300's when they were cheap on Amazon and they're decent enough for a £90 monitor but they aren't great as gaming monitors. Couldn't really comment on the more expensive versions but the colour reproduction is usually quite good with Samsung.

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    Banned for no reasons. WHAT should I do now? This is CRAZY

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  • 11/26/15--11:23: Re: Disappointed
  • If you plan on hanging around on the 360 you won't be playing the next one anyway. Just a thought.

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  • 11/26/15--12:30: Re: Disappointed
  • Then I guess you're a month away from freedom.

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    I have that exact model and I am pleased with my purchase. It only has a 1:1000 contrast ratio but the picture is good. Also the 1ms response time is good . $179 is $21 cheaper than I was able to snag it for. I think u'll be happy with it @ $179 for sure.

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  • 11/26/15--12:35: Re: Spectre Hero Armor
  • Play hard point.  Lot of people on a point and rounds last forever

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    Mercenary Gaming (mG) Still Recruiting if you interested to join Message me ZombieFairy92 or mG Lady Velius

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    HEREIAMNOW wrote:


    At launch I was good.

    Update I was behind.

    Lowered my MTU to 1372

    I became top scorer with 2.00 KD almost every match

    Im outgunning people halfway across the map with a shotty

    Takes me 3 shots, but they cant even aim and hit me

    It doesn't seem fair, but when Im getting good scores

    Who Cares


    I'm wondering, what advantage do you think lowering your MTU would give you? And why?

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    All bans are the result of an investigation.  They are non reversable. And they cannot be discussed here.

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  • 11/26/15--12:38: Launchers
  • Why can't we use more launchers like the panzerschreck, strela-3, rpg or any from older cods to come back

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  • 11/26/15--12:40: Re: Nuk3town code missing
  • It's three weeks ago now... I do not understand why Activision do not give an official answer to a this issue so controversial. All the forums inside and outside Activision are talking much about this, but up till now the seem not been in this issue.


    Some users have the DLC code, not everybody... some users say that it is better to wait for an official answer but other recommend to contact Activision support department, by phone or twitter because they do not provide an email... So, I hope they solve this situation affecting this Company reputation in a few days, because we have showing too much patience.. and it is an abuse that people who call technical support receive a valid answer, but we are thousands of us woth the same issue. For that reason, I insist on waiting some more days before collapse their call center. Do not you agree?

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  • 11/26/15--12:43: Re: Launchers
  • There are enough launchers in this game already

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    Still now word on clan support. We have now created a community on ps4 "Acid Army"

    IF you would like to join still check out our Facebook clan page.


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    Forward ports 3074, 3075 and 3076. Also give your mac address from your console a reservation  (so it stays open).

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    I reset my stats and apart from going back to 1st prestige nothing else has happened. All my hours played, score per minute and kd has stayed the same. Is this right?

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    Black ops1 had some great maps. I loved Hanoi, Firing Range, Summit, Jungle, Kowloon and Havanna. But if I had to choose one please bring back WMD!!! Which maps do you think they should bring back and do you think it will work with the wall running and jumping?

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    im lookin for a clan to play with cuz tired of randoms, i mostly been playin tdm but have played some obj too(would play more with pre-set team)


    k/d:1.25(been slowly rising)

    i have a mic

    ign: InsaneByChoiceX

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    Jungle or Summit

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    PingLockServers wrote:


    I got R.A.P.S. two games in a row today with the KRM in teamdeath match. That shotgun is beastly and doesn't need a buff.


    care Package RAPS? lol JK . but in all truth must a been some real scrubs. if theres 2 people your dead if you face one at a time maybe

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  • 11/27/15--15:49: Re: Zombie double xp
  • The Giant is a lot better for XP, doesn't take as long to set up. It's also a much better multiplayer map. I'm hoping treyarch do a classic zombie map pack, like they did on the original black ops. Bring back the moon!

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