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    I took advantage of the double xp as well and also noticed the message about getting hydrated and resting up because we are gonna need it,, trying not to speculate too much on it I just hope that it will at least be something that I use to my advantage .

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    How can I get a emblem like USA state flag?

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    Yeah the spawns still feel broken.  Not as bad as the Beta was but they definitely need some more tuning.  I'd be okay with previous map selection being unavailable after the second time.  Really hate repeating maps over and over too.

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    grenade C4 same method..... my point is people are seeing the enemy then they glitch and try to get the double kill....which they will be there all year but yes c4 works just as well

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    Yeah, Merc needs moved to the main page and decrease the modes.  If it were just a few respawn and on main playlist, then it would be more played.


    If I didn't know it was coming, I wouldn't have known to go looking for it.  And it seemed like my least favorite gametypes were always chosen.

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    Yes, playing on the same map is annoying after a while.  I'm surprised Nuketown isn't on it's own playlist.  Totally agree with Flinch needing some more tuning.  I've yet to try arena but I've heard both good and bad things from it.

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    Nightmare Requirements:

    Age 18+ w/ working Mic (no echo or mic issues)

    X-Box ONE

    1.50 K/D




    TDM Players - Non hardcore





    Nightmare, REACTIVATED.


    You have seen us here for years and by now you know we have been wrecking people in game. Join us and be a part of the best!!!


    Why Join Nightmare?


    Nightmare takes pride in recruiting good quality members. We want to be a part of an elite group. We play for fun but we also like to win. Defeat is unacceptable and we do not tolerate "rage quitting" any match even if we are losing. We also like to establish a personal relationship with each and every member. You will not fall into a clan with "clicks". We play serious but have fun at the same time. You will need to understand when its time to start to play serious and when we can joke.

    Clan match Nightmare vs. your clan

    Nightmare Terms:

    We host the clan matches

    Best 2/3



    6 VS. 6

    If both Nightmare & your clan agree to a time and you fail to show up or if you fail to have all of your members ready its considered a forfeit. We believe in giving a 20 min grace period. Same rules apply to our clan. We don't like to mess around with clan matches its either your on board or not don't **** around.

    Contact us here or in game!

    AvEnGeDSvNFoLD / Leader

    Kjculp93 / Co-Leader

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    i have completed the challenge on Ps4 i used the starter pistols and now i have the master calling card for doing all of those challenges
    could just be the pistols you're using

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    Thanks for the clan Match Jun it was a pleasure playing with you guys! We are once again looking for members sitting at a 1.5 K/D leave a message here or contact me in game via my gamertag posted above!

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    I have noticed this too. But I would still prefer this over AWs SBMM (i.e. pre lobby sbmm)


    While I do feel frustrated sometimes my win loss ratio is still around 1.5, which is not bad for a solo tdm player.


    Personally I would rather be the top scorer on the losing team than being the lowest scorer on the winning team.

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    Oh man the Argus has ridiculous range.  The high-end streaks do seem kind of lacking in utility and power.  The H.A.T.R. is really the only reliable one as of now.  Maybe a Cryptokey buff for consecutive matches played alongside an XP buff in TDM would be a great solution to keep players in lobbies.

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    lmao, agreed.

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    i'm unsure whether or not you're complaining but if it was easy to fix it would of been done a long time ago and can you give an example of a spot in which you cant see your opponent yet they can see you
    nothing comes to mind, i can always see my foe even if its alittle

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    Absolutely is!  IMHO, AW was the worst CoD to ever be released.  WaW and the first BO will always be my favorites.  This one's growing on me quite fast though.  I'm enjoying it, but there's still some minor issues that need to be ironed out.

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    I'm a hc player but don't play s&d. And I don't think this game will have clan wars maybe elite like mw3 and bo2

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    A skill gap?

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    Hey guys, I am having trouble with my calling card count not going up. The "Dual Wield I" do not go up with equipped with the correct attachments. I was wondering if anyone else had the same issue.

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    Why is Call of Duty Black ops 3 keep crashing when you open the Leaderboards..?

    For the last few rounds of SnD Quickscoping on Nuk3town i have opened up the leaderboard out of habit and it will freeze my game and make this really loud buzzing sound. This is the first

    this has happened to me but it has happened the last three times mid-match.

    Not only has this happened to me but after i got crashed my friends game crashed and a person on the enemy team too crashed. I havent seen a Call of Duty game crash this many times ever.

    I hope this gets fixed because i would love to finish a game instead of crashing and having to join back mid-game.


    -RED Lethality [Xbox One]

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    Still looking for members we are on right now and will be until midnight!

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    Clan Name:VeloCity

    Clan Tag: VC

    Clan Motto: [ Ad Victoriam! | To Victory! ]

    Clan Requirements/Rules:

    1. No Age Limit,
    2. No Racial Segregation,
    3. Immaturity will lead to kick from clan.


    Clan Goals:

    • Achieve a 6 man team,
    • Achieve tactical play between clan members.

    Clan TimeZones:

    GMT - EST

    4pm to 8pm GMT - 11am to 3pm EST


    Clan Structure:

    Clan Leader:Capwell 97

    Clan CoLeader:II Arcane II


    RED TEAM (European)

    Team Lead: Capwell 97

    Team Heavy:

    Team Support:

    Team Support:

    Team Rilfeman:

    Team Rifleman:


    BLUE TEAM (American)

    Team Lead: II Archane II

    Team Heavy:

    Team Support:

    Team Support:

    Team Rilfeman: ShIn

    Team Rifleman:

                       JOIN US TODAY!                               XBOX ONE USERS ONLY!                         ADD "Capwell 97"!

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