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    I just got hit last night with 10 thats right TEN SP attacks, NINE drone and 1 gunship, now THIS is  a HIGH DOLLAR SP attack, If someone wants to SPEND that kind of $$$$$ for a win, they can have the win as there is NO defense, sorta makes me feel good knowing my defenses cost someone that much to clear my base. NO WIN is worth that kind $$$$ 

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  • 10/29/15--14:40: Re: Jumping right in
  • I will use the most OP weapon and perk setup.

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    Carhalho16 said: " Futuristic is an easy cop-out to make since the environments are totally fictional and that makes it very hard to offend the ever increasing drones stuck in an overly sensitive PC mindset. But I'm going off topic here...."


    No you just hit the nail on the head. By taking the game into the future we can explore real world problems cut away from the sources that keep us from seeing it clearly.  Star Trek did this. By taking to space it was able to explore race relation in a way that people could see with out bringing in the prejudiced opinions that EVERYONE has.


    WWII shooter had us killing Japanese, Germans and Italians. I remember a lot of flack when it looked like some players would play as Nazi or Arab terrorists. But moving into the future we divorce from the present, and may, just maybe, can get a clear look at problems.


    Viet Nam was a very sore point for the US. So much was wrong, and those send to do the thankless job were held accountable, instead of the politicians who caused the  problem.


    The Cuban missile crisis? Really? That would be like watching paint dry. We could all sit on ships and not shoot.

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    This isnt a scuf, sir. So you cant compare it. Does much more things.

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    well a scuf with even less options than the elite, 220+.

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    With the challenges I think they should vary just like our normal achievement challenges.

    For me participation trophy unlock systems in COD are like Ghosts or AW, Ghosts being you could use xx points attained to unlock ANY weapon, there was no forced progression.

    Hence people would simply buy their fav gun (or YTs most popular for the week) asap and not use anything else. AW is self explanatory.

    Not to the extent of having massive killchains as a challenge but say, for example; not being able to unlock the next weapon until you have completed a minimum amount of challenges for the current one.

    Rank unlocks is meh for me, players can simply unlock every gun without getting a single kill if they want - it's not a bad thing but is less challenging.

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    I just did it through the XBL marketplace. The download started right away. It's ready to go once the game goes live.

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    Anyone and everyone is welcome, from competitive to casual, or most importantly anyone looking for some awesome new friends and amazing times gaming, then RGX is the place you need to be!

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    The entire challenge system is corrupt anymore. In the older COD games, challenges were in catagories, and if you clicked on a catagory there was a list of challenges. Now you have all these weird boxes and bars on the screen, it makes it difficult to understand what is going on.


    Remember how good this was?


    Compared to:


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    The Tutorial is really crappy

    i played it 2 times because, i thought, i have overlooked it -,-

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    =( thats my Problem to.


    The Solos are really hard, because they glow in all colors and my brain crash lol
    White up, down Black up down, Glow without bottom, Glow on the bottom AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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    do I get nuke town for black ops 3 if pre order on the Xbox one marketplace?

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    Seems like a question for Amazon's support team

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    There should be a shipping option for release day delivery. This question would be more appropriate for Amazon customer service.

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  • 10/31/15--18:15: Looking for Clan for PS4.
  • What sup everybody. My name is Mike and my GT/PSN  is One87s. i am currently in a  clan on Xbox One called Team USA and have been for since Black ops 2. We are a Hardcore TDM Clan with over 80 members or so now and are one of the Top 3 HCTDM clans in the world. Long story short, my wife bought me a PS4 and im getting Black ops 3 for both consoles now and im looking for a good Hardcore TDM clan on ps4 to join. I am 27 years old and i am a very experienced cod player with a good attitude. Just looking for a cool group of adults to play with on ps4. You can respond on here or message me on either Xbox or PS4 . GT/PSN is One87s.



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    When in adventure mode, the tiles are all red to start. After beating the first several, they all turned blue. However, starting after the first boss, they remain red. Why are Some blue and sone red, even if I've beaten the level and gotten a star?

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     photo top100neww_zps2brfmnjq.gif

    We are a European community of active PlayStation 4 gamers looking for mature, friendly players of all skill levels to join our community.

    We have played Call of Duty games for many years, some of us have been in competitive gaming, others are zombie fanatics or some of us just like a good team game. As a clan we have played Call of Duty since Modern Warfare 3. We have reached max rank on Black Ops 2 and Advance Warfare, Won multiple Diamond clan wars on Advanced Warfare but we've done all of this whilst having fun!

    We also host weekly gaming nights where our members vote on which game we will play for the night as a community. These can be official titles we support, some of the PlayStation plus game released or just other games we have in common.

    How to join Renegade Elite

    If you would like to join Renegade Elite please go to renegadeeliteclan.org/index.php?   and register an account.

    Once you have created an account please make sure you post an application, we play multiple games officially as a community so require new members to post an application so we know what games they would like to join us for

    Requirements to join

    • Working mic
    • Good communication skills and remain active - We expect our members to be active both on the PlayStation and on our website. [If members can't play for a few weeks all we ask for is a quick message so we know]

    Other games we officially support:

    • FIFA 16
    • GTA V
    • Metal Gear Online 3


    If you have any questions about our community please just leave a reply and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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  • 10/31/15--18:35: LF2 Richtofen END GAME! PS3
  • Hi, im looking for 2 more players to ready the END GAME if you are able my psn is WhyLowz add me

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    In the description and preview video Stealth Stinger vehicle can shot rockets but ingame it can't, any explanation?

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    Only have 1 space left add me on psn to grind release night


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