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    Why Bluetooth 4.0 is required just to play Guitar Hero Live? why can't Activitsion simply disable Bluetooth features for iPad 2 and older devices?


    I don't have any consoles. I have iPad 2 and Sony Xperia Z3 compact. please make the game work for iPad 2!

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  • 10/27/15--20:16: [PC] Looking for a clan
  • Do you ever get bored of playing constantly solo? At least I do. That's the main reason why I'm looking for a clan to join: just to kill some time and have fun with. I wouldn't call myself a competitive player, but I dont suck ass. Black Ops 3 is coming out very soon and it would be a hundred times more fun to play together, right? Since I prefer a social clan above a competitive clan, I will give a little bit background information about myself so we can get to know each other better.


    Who am I? That’s a good question to begin with… especially since I consider myself a work in progress. But to introduce myself a little bit, I’ll start by saying: I’m Angel and I'm a 17 year old girl who has been into playing Call of Duty for almost 6 years. I prefer not to say, but if it matters: my average k/d ratio is 1.51 on all the series, 1.08 on its lowest and 2.54 on its highest.


    I loved all of the series and I've been an active gamer in the Call of Duty world since Black Ops 1. One year later, when MW3 came out, I joined a very competitive clan on the xbox 360. I was ranked pretty high in the gamemode domination. But I didn't enjoy ''tryharding'' as much as trolling around with friends. We all have been there. So I stopped playing for a long while since then.

    Anyway, if there's room for one more member in your clan please leave a message.


    Steam: heyimangel

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    MakoShark222 wrote:


    Hmmmmm and why would that be? Just because I can play 24/7 if I want and sometimes do? No work EVER for me and is that getting to you? Let me know so I can adjust to please you.

    Because I have something called a LIFE outside of video games and rather not spend my days in front of a screen.  Hope you don't get an epileptic attack.

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  • 10/28/15--06:10: Changing Clothes Mid-game???
  • Alright, so iHave had an unhealthy amount of free time lately, and have played several Extinction matches.


    A while back (several months ago) iNoticed that, when holding an ammo box/armour box, etc, my character was wearing smooth blue sleeves, light threaded gloves, and nothing on the wrists. Not too out of the ordinary - iUse the uniform you get for killing 90 people with C4, and didn't think much of it. Later that round, iFound myself wearing a watch, heavy gloves, and blue digital camo.


    Over the past several days, halfway through my matches, iFind myself suddenly wearing a different uniform... I'll be wearing a Federation Uniform at the start of the match, and then find myself wearing the default Ranger outfit midgame - nothing game-breaking, just extremely distracted pulling out a box wearing a completely different set of clothing. iAm always tactical sliding, so my arms are flailing about all the time. Unfortunately, none of the other players had a mic in, otherwise iWould have asked them if the third person model changed.


    Anybody else change clothes in the middle of a match?

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    Yes please get on our web site.  It does not matter if you won't have the game till Thanksgiving.  There will still be members playing other games such as AW, World of Tanks and many more.  Come aboard and have fun!

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    aage 17 kd 1.89 game mode anything

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    One thing i was fond of in Blops 2 leader-boards was how they categorized different things such as buying perks, opening doors, headshots, ect. It was fantastic and made for some interesting starting points on how to tune my gameplay. I would be happy if they could bring it back, but make it a bit more accessible as far as lobby goes. Maybe a certain feature could be this (one i wish might or could happen): You join a lobby of 3 people and now you have a group of 4. But there is something next to their names along with the ranking and clans or whatever will be there, dots. Specifically up to 3 them, differing for the leader-board settings of each player. Those dots signify statistics in the leader-boards concerning stats that you look for in other players. Example.


    I join a lobby and i have my settings for described feature for KDR, points spent on global objects (doors, power, things that affect everyone), and average survival by rounds per game (being how many rounds you live for before dying). (some of these aren't real but to stress a point.)


    The dots would be a simple line of dots, signifying your choices of settings in an order of 1 2 and 3. When picking settings, you designate a value for the dots to light up on. In the lobby, when a dot lights up, it signifies that the value of that setting has either been reached or surpassed. Thats the only information you will receive from the dots.


    I believe this could work simply because i know of a lot of good players that aren't able to afford or have difficulties with communication, mainly being they have no voice chat ability. It offers insight onto the skill level of the player you are curious about in your lobby. My second reasoning being since credibility of leader-boards are in question, it more specifically allows players a closer and potentially more accurate gauge in assessing skills of a specific type. Yes these can be modified as much as leader-board scores themselves, but why do most people mod those scores in the first place? From what ive seen, its more so because you can say your name was #1 at some point right? Obviously we might not agree that it was deserved, for some all they want is to hold the crown. Continuing on the modding reasoning here, especially since you have control of what stats you specifically want to see, that gives a little more security in the fact that you only see what you really want to see. No one knows what stats you want to see either unless you actually tell them. Not only that but you don't see full statistics either.


    So yes while glitchers and modders can effectively stack stats, they can't edit what kind of stats you want to see, meaning less power to them. Not much, but since dealing with them could be harder than we know, its rather small considering the grand idea of a completely honest leader-board.


    Crazy and far fetched i know, but the general concept of the idea is to take away some of the power the stacked stats have over us, which is that its seen and sort of recognized and focused on by everyone. Make it harder for their work to pay off, or simply offer a way for people to mod and glitch and have it post on a separate leader-board. 

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    any one else having the same problem with not getting past the Guitar hero live first page? im on my second guitar pack and still the same problem, really fed up with it.

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    all there stuff says activison customer support

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  • 10/29/15--14:14: Re: Jumping right in
  • I'll be using all the weapons so that I can get diamond cammo.

    After that I dont know.

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  • 10/29/15--14:15: Re: Zombie maps
  • so does anyone have any idea on what the last map pack would be


    I dont think even devs know what the last map pack would be, I assume by previous habits we will see one zombie map in each of 4 DLC's, no confusion here.

    I would love to see some remakes of old maps like they did on BO with WaW but have no expectations of it after BOII.

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    ccan I join your clan

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    Hey again,


    On number #2, #5, and #8 on that Fuel Up For Battle Help Page have a contact email and a phone number you may use to report the issue.



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  • 10/29/15--14:19: Re: Jumping right in
  • Me too

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    im having this problem today

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  • 10/29/15--14:22: Re: New clan on xbx one
  • Yeah I'm down for sure! My kd is just over 1.05 but my inexperienced friends have played quite a bit. In going to pre order tomorrow and look forward to merging!

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    I am running a wireless connection, yet my speeds show 60 mbps down and 10 up.

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    Gaming_Legend117 wrote:


    Think about our past 2 COD's. Advanced Warfare and Ghosts. They were terrible.The last time we actually had a good COD was BO2 when we had Boots on the Ground.Ghosts had Boots on the Groundbut it didn't meet our expectations.And don't even   remind me of AW. The exo suits were fun in the beggining, but the whole new boost jump thing was a failure. Imagine a 8 year old wanting to play COD but was too young so when he was 11, he got his hands on AW, his first COD. I would feel bad for that kid since he didn't get to experience BO2 like we did.I've played the BO3 Beta and it was amazing. I don't know about you guys but I actually had a lot of fun. It was well balanced and the movement system was good. I'm really hyped and if we could get another COD like that, COD could get some fans again and people would start playing it again. Infinity Ward did good with MWbut with Ghosts, which is only ONE game, they are pretty much out of business. So Treyarch is our last hope to bring back COD. Any comments? Leave them down below!


    Have a good day and I'm signing out!

    Sorry for revising the OP but I thought the good parts needed to be seen in better definition than those other ones which were stricken..


    Treyarch is not my last hope.    I can hardly wait for Ghosts 2 and AW2.. And darn it if I won't put another 25 days into BOPS3 before then.. Last hope? IMO, as far from "last hope" as possible..

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    Yeah I gave up.  No reason to argue with him.  Reminds me of my wife.

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  • 10/29/15--14:36: Re: What happened to cod
  • I personally do not care whether its futuristic or not. Just care about the servers being dedicated.

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