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  • 10/31/15--18:48: Re: Problems with my dlc
  • It's for the ps4

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    I'll a tad confused now - the descriptive showed one thing but what you said following it read differently for me.

    I see what you describe as Modem(+/router?)-->5 port DMZd Switch -   -   -   -> Router  -- PC & other Ethernet devices

                                                                                                               I  I                            -- Wifi devices etc

                                                                                                               I  I- PS4




    I just fail to see the point and/or benefit of having a DMZ and 'open lines' unless all other options have failed ? (I take it you mean a true DMZ instead of DMZ Host)

    Implementing a true DMZ should be the last resort and is not necessary for the majority of even hardcore gamers; plus you should use a firewall between the DMZ switch and internal router for security.

    Too complicated for simple gaming needs, could just P.F. and even DMZ Host (if ya want) through the router and prioritized the consoles with a QoS function.

    Like where your heads at but for alternate purposes

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    Oh yeah..

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    I used to play Ghosts on PS4 and XBONE and didn't have any overall difficulties making the transition.

    It wasn't an instant transition but say 80% instantly with mostly just refined aiming lacking at first.

    First game on XB went very highly positive from the pre-existing knowledge of playing on PS prior - once the controller layout is set to your preference it's pretty much second nature.

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  • 10/31/15--19:21: Re: Classic Call Of Duty
  • But the whole reason the COD games are now changing in terms of mechanics is because they're starting to sell fewer and fewer. You might be happy with COD being COD and being the same game every year but the vast majority of people aren't.


    You even mention try hards in your post. The reason for the increase in try hards is probably down to the kids who are new to the game and so try hard. Older more experience gamers though, who, contrary to popular belief, make about most of the community are abandoning the game in droves.


    So although you might like COD as it is and want it to never change by never changing the game will die. There is no doubt in my mind about that. You may have noticed that BO3 is being advertised on a massive scale. More than any COD game has ever been advertised. The reason for that is because the developers are now in desperate times and know that if this game doesn't sell well then COD won't be around much longer.


    My personal opinion is that in 6 or 7 years time if you mention COD to a 15 year old kid their reponse will be "WTF is Cod?!" If you mention it to a 18+ person then their response will be "Oh yeah that used to be a game years ago". Much in the same way that Medal of Honour is hardly mentioned today.


    Cod Is dying. Like it or not. NOT because they introduced Exo Suits, NOT because they are changing the games mechanics. But because for too many years they played it safe and stuck with the same thing year after year and everyone got bored of it. They are going to die because they didn't change the mechanics sooner.,


    On the birght side we will all find a new fade game to play and will remember COD as being an inspiration behind the new  FPS game that we all get hooked on.

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    I'm playing zombies friday with a friend, 3-10 central time. Ages 13-16 pref but anyone is ok, just be nice and dont suck. I have a mic.

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    16 yrs old

    beat origins so i dont suck

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  • 11/01/15--17:14: Recruiting
  • Looking for fun, mature adults to help create a clan. Down to earth and fun to laugh and share some good gaming times with. Clan tag is TSGB....Look me up, name is Brent and clan is Rabidwolvez

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    More classic stuff from my hs days.

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  • 11/01/15--17:42: REALLY GOOD SNIPER
  • rank 33 i snipe and i use rifles i know how to trick shot too,

    Xbox 360 Robihomers30

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    gotsomestars wrote:


    The only one that seems to be confused is you.....

    Lets see ...... ping = speed


    Confused ..... nope

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    lei en un foro de que habría el cod ops 3 para las consolas ps3,xbox 360 saldrá sin modo historia

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  • 11/01/15--18:12: Tracking FC's
  • I think it'd be awesome if for every song you full combo'ed, the song name/artist would be added to new page on everyones profile, where you can scroll through and look at all the songs you've FC'd. It'd be great if there was a way to see other players FC page too, but just having it for yourself to keep track of the songs is enough.


    I think this would encourage people to go for full combo's a lot more,to keep their list growing. Right now I've lost track of which songs Ive FC'd, and it makes me care so much less about achieving them.


    Atleast go back to what all the other GH games have done and show the stars next to the song, with gold stars representing 100%. It'd be a nice touch if there was something indicating an FC too, because sometimes with the old GH games I'd get 100% but over strum, and eventually I'd forget on certain songs if I had an FC or just 100% since they both were shown by 5 gold stars.

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  • 11/01/15--18:30: Re: Beta experience
  • Nope.

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    They need to leave the guns as they are. Once a gun gets nerfed it all goes downhill.

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    So I got the game muted and I'm just listening to music all night.

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    The Giant bonus map is only available to those who purchase one of the collector's editions or the Season Pass. However, the Nuketown bonus map is available with pre-orders.




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