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  • 10/27/15--04:43: The Tracklist
  • cmlogo2black.png

    Want to check out the current tracklist for Guitar Hero live? Check out what we've recently added here:


    Guitar Hero Live Tracklist | Official Site of Guitar Hero

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  • 10/27/15--04:44: Re: Song Requests
  • ONE OK ROCK Songs pleaseeee

    Cry Out

    Mighty Long Fall

    The Beginning

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  • 10/27/15--04:40: Our GHTV page is now live
  • cmlogo2black.png

    Good news everyone!

    Our GHTV page is now live, come check out what's currently playing on GHTV as well as a Program Guide and Leaderboard.


    Guitar Hero Live GHTV | Official Site of Guitar Hero

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    I have been a part of the community for over a year. Lots of great and entertaining people on both systems

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    Its like the old Guitar Hero games. If you see an Hammer-on or Pull-of you have to hit the Note BEFORE it, so you can just tap in the right moment the HO/PO. They are highlited in blue, you'll notice it at best at the bottom of the notes. A bit confusing, cause Heropower notes and heropower activated give them a blue shine also...


    For example:


    you see a few notes on the hifhway: 1-black, 2-white (hammer-on), 3-white (hammer-on)
    Just play 1-black as usual, then just tap 2-white in the right moment and also 3-white (if you hitted 2-white)

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    Tiex1958 wrote:


    Don't need to like it or dislike it, The fact remains the last two call of duty games are the worst in the series and have done the worst. You cannot say they didn't, when the numbers speak for themselves.


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  • 10/28/15--03:34: Digital Deluxe tips and ...
  • Hi all, I have bought the Digital Deluxe edition, this is the first time I have gone digital pre-release.  My main reasons are that it is good value for me as I can have it on two Xbones, my sons and mine.  As well as having it pre loaded ready to go for apparently 11:00PM on the November 5th local time, i.e. Australia 


    That is the my tip two others who have two Xbones in their house.  But I'm wondering if others have tips or other ideas and stories to share about digital deluxe or digital downloads.

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    Salve ho un problema , circa due settimane fa mentre giocavo a mw3 x ps3 ad un certo punto la partita è finita e non so xk tutti quelli che erano nella partita avevano i dati azzerati. Io ero al 4 prestigio e mi sono ritrovato a dover rininiziare da 0 . Mi potete aiutare ridandomi il mio livello non so davvero come fare.

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    The only evidence I need is whether or not I enjoy the game with my friends. iHattoriHanzo0 , @TOXIC JERMS and a bunch of other guys and I have a blast still playing AW. That's the only evidence I need.

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    its a love hate thing

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    I have the same problem , with the German language .

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    i removed one set of the back paddles so my grip wouldn't change so much right away ,, but I will experiment with multiple set ups

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  • 10/28/15--04:19: Re: Dolomite error
  • Hi,


    I tried this morning, without any suggested modifies, and it worked.

    Hope that all remains this way.

    However, thank you for the help

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    Yes it has.
    I remember seeing a picture off it on twitter by this vonderhaar something person.


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    Other factors to sales discrepancies are competition: Ghosts only real FPS competition that I recall was BF4.  AW didn't really have any AAA FPSs coming out in the same timeframe.

    BO3 has 5 others in a 5 week period.  Destiny TTK apparently fixed a lot of year 1 issues. Halo 5, Need For Speed, Fallout 4, Star Wars: Battlefront in a 3 week period around BO3.

    I don't have $1000 lying around for a new console, 5 games, season passes, DLC . . . nor do I have 100 hours a week to play them all enough to make it worth buying.

    Choices lead to lower sales than if the games were released farther apart.

    On a side note, I don't know when various GTA games were released but I've read that GTA has outsold CoD as a series.  I'd have to check but that would be interesting with only 6 releases (GTA5 separately on each gen).

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  • 10/28/15--05:05: Re: Cast of GH Live
  • Thanks! Didn't know about that option! Now to watch the credits a second time to get the trophy!

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    Ranked and unranked.


    Ranked: Matchmakaking matches you with players of a similar rank -- preventing trolling.
    Win loss and objective statistics only; KD is irrelevant in ALL game modes *



    No leaderboards, no KD -- only kills and losses, and relevant statistics


    * Team deathmatch: The game ends 75-74
    Player A: 16-11, in other words: 1.45 KD
    Player B: 6-2, in other words 3:1 KD


    Player A contributed more to his team's victory than player B, by one decisive kill, while having a far worse KD:
    He gave a net positive contribution of 5 points, while player B gave a net positive contribution of 4 points.


    Streaks aside, I'd rather take a 1.5 KD player who go 30-20 in the average game, than a 3:1 KD player who goes 12-4 in the average game.
    Of course, 30-10 is better than 30-20 -- but... 30-20 is better than 12-4, for the team.




    KD is completely irrelevant in all other game modes:
    An average of 28-20 in Free for All with 3:1 win loss ratio is far, far, far better than a player going an average of 25-8 with a 2:1 win loss ratio, even with a 3:1 KD
    Win to loss ratio is the only meaningful statistic that exists in any game mode, and even that statistic is incomplete without knowing if the score is solo or in a party, and still not significantly meaningful without knowing the skill level of the party,

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  • 10/28/15--05:23: Re: AK47? for updates?
  • How often are ak47s recieved? If we accidentally delete it do we ever recieve it again? I have recieved and completed the camo for the M16 but is it possible I haven't yet recieved the ak47? And is it only available once from a supply drop? If so, could you please consider making available again?

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    murphbugjack wrote:


    It's funny how usually people's cod favorite list starts where they personally began in the series. i loved bo1 and hated mw3, bo2 would have me back and forth and I remember how awesome cod4's campaign was as that's all I played predominately. I had no interest in multiplayer and even though I have for years now played it I am so pumped for this campaign as I will always remember the fun in waw playing campaign together with my daughter.


    Actually, if you ask people who played before CoD4 -- CoD4 will still be the best on the majority of their lists.


    I think this list is commonly accepted among veterans who've played CoD games before CoD4:
    1: CoD4
    2: BO2
    3: MW2 / BO1


    ... and while I LOVED playing CoD4 and BO2 on my 360...
    I've not even bought a PS4 yet.
    (...stangely, PS4 feels more like the go-to console for a "dedicated" 360 gamer than XBone)





    and I just bought ARMA 3 for PC.

    I wouldn't have considered buying ARMA 3 for PC if one of the recent or the next Call of Duty featured a modern setting game with weapons I know from real life, with fights set in believable locations, with down to earth gameplay;
    I'd be playing that instead:
    I'm playing ARMA 3 right now, because Call of Duty left the world I live in.

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