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  • 10/13/15--19:28: Re: EVERYBODY HATES CAMPERS
  • Oooh yes, HC SnD is great for that, except when f**kwits TK you all at spawn constantly but hopefully you are being spared that misery :/

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    Yea man, I preordered the game at best buy and when i picked it up, it only had a devastator toy promo paper slip in it..... Usually a dlc code is on a slip inside of the case or I've been hearing that a code will come on ur receipt (which I've never ever seen b4....)

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    I also have that question. No answers to be found anywhere

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    looks like activision did some very poor promotion with the game and wasn't ready for people wanting the DLC content

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    Are you a representative? Well, I pre-ordered the game from Best Buy for the Xbox One platform, It never came with a DLC code as promised. Most codes come on a slip within the game case on a slip of paper (from my experience) and it didn't come with anything. I tried calling endless numbers to Best Buy, Xbox, Activision and even President Obama.......nothing, All I keep getting is representatives who don't know what the hell I'm talking about and sending me on these bogus self-troubleshooting ventures which lead up to dead ends all over the place and finally here. To be honest, Ive typed this complaint so many damn times that Ive written enough pages to make a mini-novel titled: "The day my dream transformers game came out and I got F&*^ed with NO VASELINE out of a DLC". The DLC isn't even in the Xbox store, even though the image of it is, but when I click on it guess what? Its says blandly with forced excitement: "We didn't find anything!". Im tired of this crap cuz Activision got my hard earned cash of $50 on time, but can't answer my requests on time and satisfy their customers on time...... U know what $50 can do man?! Thats 1/318th of my mortgage, a full tank of regular unleaded gas, a carton of cheap ass smokes, a few boxes of condoms (cuz right after I veg'd out with my DLC characters I would've transferred my excitement right on up stairs in between a girls legs.......but all that came to a screeching halt when I didn't get my DLC. Thanks for nothing Activision.....way to keep your loyal customers happy.

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  • 10/14/15--22:09: Re: EVERYBODY HATES CAMPERS
  • Hahahah yes I saw that video a few weeks ago in my recommended. That's a classic CoD video I reckon. He's got the full setup. As KurtK24 said players are too dumb to go somewhere else. I think our OP may have this problem too . No offence...but cmon.

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  • 10/14/15--22:19: Re: Make a clan?
  • Activision has yet to announce whether there will be official clan support in Black Ops 3.

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  • 10/14/15--22:20: Re: EVERYBODY HATES CAMPERS
  • Campers are easy kills, ther the ones who call people cheater because "you know where they are and thats imposable" check your corners pre fire the usual spots you wouldent belive how many dark corners i  killed the wall lol

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    My account is registered in Romania but the game was bought from the UK, because i have moved to the UK. I couldn't change the country when I registered my console on the ps network.

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    I've been permanently banned for no reason. I've read the Enforcement Policy and I haven't done any of the things listed. I was in a lobby then went to change my emblem and it immediately closed the lobby and went to main menu, telling me I've been permanently banned, and every time I click on emblems it does the same thing. I just wanna use emblems again since I can't anymore.

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    i live in northern AZ and play daily. I primarily play Dom or KC anymore but will hit up uplink and CTF or hard point for daily challenges. I can get on and find Dom all the time but had a couple slow finds for challenge games. I have all four dlc's but no atlas gorge and am on the one.

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  • 10/14/15--22:52: Re: NEMESIS
  • NEMESIS requires our members to be active. Moderatly skilled is helpful, we understand that we may have to carry each other from time to time, but if we are breaking our backs every match, every day...well, you get the gist.


    Not good at Call of Duty but you are willing to learn? That's all we can really ask for, come with an open mind, and plenty of time to play and you can call NEMESIS home.


    Professional Call of Duty gamer, willing to teach and not a douche? Well, you're in a small group I'll tell you that much. We are the clan that every clan wishes it could be. Laid back, fun, you won't just want to play to blow off some steam, you'll want to play to hang out with the guys.


    So, if you wanna be cool then you should probably apply. If you wanna be a stinking crybaby loser, you can keep creeping with whoever it is you are creeping with.



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    I'v been looking around and searching online and still i can't find an accurate answer for this. Does the black ops 3 season pass come with "The Giant" zombie map? I need to know cause i tried to purchase the hardened edition at GameStop but they said they didn't have any left for pre-order which i know the hardened edition comes with "The Giant" zombie map but i also purchased the season pass and i'm curious to know if that map is included with the season pass or not and i want to make sure before release so i can get a proper pre-order in to have that map on release day.

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  • 10/15/15--00:09: Re: EVERYBODY HATES CAMPERS
  • Well I have certainly heard of a riot shield........but not a magniton. I would like to know more of this magniton you speak of........if it is anything like a magician , I'm sure I would like it!


    The riot shield toting camper is an excellent variety. These fools are the "sleeping bovines" of the COD world. Skirt around them and shoot 'em in the back..........or better still........the ass. The method is similar to that involved in pushing over sleeping cows in real life.


    Campers are always a welcome challenge to me........as are inert cows.

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    u gotta add me

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  • 10/15/15--00:15: Re: EVERYBODY HATES CAMPERS
  • running animated GIF

    Ya big meanie

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    HEYYY I'm thinking of making a cod clan called NoVa Clan if u wanna tryout add xcj8o8x on ps3/ps4

    if you wanna join tell me what you wanna be in the team 1.Trickshotter/player  2.designer/graphics  3.editor I also advise adding NoVa_LimitzX on your NoVa_ account






    what you will need to join: (Trickshotter/player)

    *a mic-doesn't matter if u don't have one

    *capable of using a sniper of any kind

    *show me atleast 1 clip( on YouTube or a theatre lobby or Instagram or skype)no setups

    *new ps3/4 account - with NoVa_  in front of it

    *must have a K/D of 0.40



    *show me a clan logo design

    *or show me a player logo design

    *must have PC

    *must have a designer software - photoshop / pixlr etc.



    *must be capable of editing players clips into montages etc.

    *must have a screen recorder (recommended - elgato gaming capture card HD

    *must have a PC

    *must have a suitable editing software - sony vegas pro, moviemaker

    *must show me an edit of some clips


    comment below to let me know if ya wanna join!?

    KIK: cj8o8x

    Instagram: cj8o8x


    OUR WEBSITE : Home
































    and some more that haven't made their account yet




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  • 10/15/15--00:31: Re: EVERYBODY HATES CAMPERS
  • Exactly!!!.........ahahahahah!!


    Somebody give that beast a riot shield!!

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