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    I marked your answer as correct because in my opinion, you have captured the good and bad of the supply drops in the above post and echoed the general opinion of the community here.  I am not an exceptional player either.  Honestly, I am ranked well on KC because I put a lot of time in while PTFO; period.


    Getting participation dropped guns drives me nuts.  The only thing that drives me even crazier is not knowing the method to their madness.  Maybe we will learn something from research or maybe this is fruitless; who knows.  All I do know is that what they are doing is not right and I'm curious to learn anything new about it.

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    yeah this is really f'd up! Ive been in the same position for a couple of months and still no fix! I know they're aware of the issue and have been for a while. They have released multiple patches but haven't fixed this crap still. Now AW's life cycle is almost over and I'm sure I'm NEVER gonna see these pants in my armory! This is BS!

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  • 10/03/15--20:48: Re: Just had to share.
  • The video was looked amazing. It also shows  how stupid quick scoping looks.

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    I still play Goldeneye, Mario Cart, and Mario Tennis here and there with my kids because they are classic games that take a bit of skill and are fun to all of us.  I used to be so bada*s at Goldeneye, but my teenage son usually slaughters me now because I am so used to the COD controller layout and he adapts to a different game much quicker than I do .  Plus he can watch both screens at once a lot better than me now, lol.


    I played every COD title as campaign only for a long time because my internet connection was very poor.  I cannot tell you how many hours I played MW2 and MW3 missions and survival modes; it was beyond obsessive in reality.  Fast forward to present day, I now have 28 days of playtime in for multiplayer Advanced Warfare and less than 1 hour into the campaign.  My tastes in gaming has changed and although I am an introverted person, I prefer playing online to the campaign mode.


    I'm a businessman that knows his strengths, two of which are Ideas and Strategy; and I have to ask myself this question:  Is it a good idea for a company to release a title for campaign or multiplayer only?  No. 

    What many have not thought about is this:  What if they release a campaign only version of this game?  Remember, we are talking about Activision here.  This could be a brand new money grab scheme altogether for last gen. consoles.  They get to take the money from those that only want to play multiplayer and those that only want to play the campaign.  They can release the campaign only game later than the original Nov. 6th date because "That's what our customers want".  Maybe I'm crazy, but I am no idiot when it comes to marketing. 

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    Sounds like you're playing for teeth then. But a player with 1.300 escapes certainly isn't begging for teeth. What on earth would you be doing? M27 every game for 1.000 games seems like it would get dull pretty fast.


    On the flip side, it is nice to unwind, killing cryptids, but changing a playstyle up now and again doesn't hurt. And just the sheer fact you go several hundred games without even attempting to make the game harder seems... confusing to me.

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  • 10/03/15--21:12: Re: Just had to share.
  • I tried but I get bombarded with overly loud, overly repetitive, annoying "music" at work 9 hours a day 5 days a week.  I just can't.  I haven't listened to half my music collection in years as a result.


    The video was ok but the sound is so integrated into the gameplay for me on shooters that it didn't work as well as it could have.

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    Artists To Add:Rise Against, Breaking Benjamin, Foo Fighters, Three Days Grace and more tracks from Rise Against!


    From Breaking Benjamin to Foo Fighters, These bands have such great songs that could fit really well in the Guitar Hero Live Atmosphere! I also want to see some more tracks from my personal favourite Rise Against! They've been known throughout the Guitar Hero games and would love to see some of their classical songs back into the game (eg: Savior, Prayer Of A Refugee, etc) and also some new tracks we havent seen in the games yet. Heaps of variety of great music could be added with these bands! lets hope it happens!


    - An old Guitar Hero Fan

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    I dont like it lol it is evil!


    PS3 had some pearl dynamic themes, but every theme i have seen on PS4 is absolute rubbish so far, the best one is LBP and still crap in my book.

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    Beta access issue. Please PM! Thanks!

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    Currently on the One you can pick a photo or an achievement. I'm sporting the Generation10 Titanfall achievement.....


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    Updated stats above for hours 18-21.

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    Hahaha.... if I already played the game or know the cutscene that's coming, then I'll skip it. But I always try to pay attention to every nook and cranny the game has to offer for the first play through.


    Like I said earlier, I've never bought a game based on an actor, but I do appreciate that it takes actors for games to be made. Whenever I hear a familiar voice or a character in a game, I look the game on IMDB.com. It's amazing how many actors are involved in some games.


    When I was watching Ray Donavan this season, the daughters teacher looked familiar and I couldn't put my finger on it. Then I saw the cover of LA Noir and I said holy sh!t.... that's where I know this guy from.

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    Can I get a pm also?

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    Position applying for: doesnt reallly matter  or anything ur fine with
    Name (First):Debatrik


    Age: 15

    Why you would like to join: I'd like to join because i need a competetive clan!

    K/D: 1.24 checked last month

    Mic/Headset (Prefered): yep got both

    What would you bring to this clan: honor and pride

    Skill Rate: 1-10 (Honest): 7

    Are you active?: Yeaa A LoT

    Can you be trusted and not ditch the clan?: yEss i will not ditch

    What would your name be if your accepted?: Evolve_Mutant

    Extra Info: i was a co for  another clan 

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    can i also recieve a PM as well. I have tried updating the yearbook app and everything. please and thank you

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    So i thought i changed all the privacy settings when we got our code but when i entered it into the ps4 we were told that the beta was over but would have early access on the 13th. I can understand they probably have a lot of people to send it out to but can i please get some help even if its just to know yes we are getting it or if we did something wrong and are missing out? please PM to answer some questions please and thank you

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    Not sure what I am missing to gain my access.

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    Statrments like that make me think you should find new players to play with a team of six trip capping enshures 6 people get 40+ kills and way more points not the one or two good spots holding flags yea its fun getting 200 kills on bootleg but only for the person doing it not the other 5 guys who get 30 kills and after cod 4 my w/l has always been above 10 and when we started trip capping avg past bo2 is 13 to 15 so your argument is void the only people its hard to tc are people who are better than or = to your skill level 9 times out of 10 when we play = skilled players its back and forth for all three flags and every one just trying to hold w/e flags they can usualy with a spread of 10 to 20 points in ither direction

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    I loved the Beta but I am a core Battlefield fan so it's to be somewhat expected.


    1) Yeah this happens in BF games with spawning on teammates or even randomly. Not as bad as other games I have played recently but enough that they should tweak them.

         Drop Zone had some pretty terrible COD style spawns and associated spawn killing.

    2) Rarely had an issue with bullet sponges, a couple of games here and there but nothing major. Certainly nothing compared to some other games. That being said, they way they did their matchmaking was interesting.

         Matchmaking and balancing could do with some work, mostly team balancing in terms of numbers.

    3)Yeah they could do some tweaking with the pickup system based on which side you are on, mostly for Walker Assault. (although that Smart Rocket is good against people, towers and fighters not)

    However what I have noticed from many Beta players is that most Rebels refused to PTFO, wouldn't work as a team or wouldn't use what was available to them to win.

    This is imperative when the entire objective of your team is to stop the others advance, not kill them, stop them using the available means and specific actions.

    (can also blame lack of in-game chat for teamwork etc)


    4) Testing ground for the Beta was Survival for me, only one difficulty setting and short duration made it easy to work out the gameplay.

    Sure there will be such a thing in the actual game, don't remember many MP only Betas having tutorials but I imagine they wanted to keep the Beta size down so excluded many things. 


    5) I can understand why people dislike this.

    While I agree the weapons effectiveness does not reflect the movies, I would be rightly peeved it they actually were as ineffective as they are shown.

    We could also make that comparison about any weapon from any game that appears in any movie - some seem to have no clips, can't hit the side of a barn and seemingly can't kill good guys - but I understand it is a movie with no real world or gaming application.


    Perhaps they could be less accurate however, why would you want to play a game where the guns are ineffective outside of mid -range or CQC ? It would feel like Star Wars: COD then.

    Engaging others at longer ranges is essential on larger maps with larger populations to reduce area flooding and encourage gameplay across more of the map.

    Players can have longer distance, strategic battles dodging and ducking to outmaneuver instead of blasting from the hip at close range like many other FPS games - it wasn't just another chaotic CQC FPS like AW, BO3, Destiny, R6 Siege, etc etc

    This can tend to lead to players only going for distant engagements and causing the game to stagnate - but that's like any game - choose to PTFO or just go for kills.


    A humorous general observation: In COD people complain about guns shooting like lasers (accuracy), then in Star Wars when laser weapons shoot with actual laser precision, many people complain or say they should shoot like guns


    Much of this is a general response to the Beta feedback not just yours 

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  • 10/13/15--19:25: Re: EVERYBODY HATES CAMPERS
  • Yeah very much agree.

    I've done a full 180 on my perspective on camping after the last couple of CODs, when Ghosts came out I was furious that camping was even a part of COD.

    Then AW was the polar opposite and I appreciated the s$it out of more strategic, passive approaches.

    Overall I have more 'fun' run'n'gunning but enjoy tactical play/camping - (not sitting in the corner ADS at doorway camping).


    Must have a healthy mix of both playstyles in MP COD or the longevity of the game suffers.


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