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    Update from support re Case filed: id 04994718


    "We are currently looking into this issue. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your continued patience. "

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  • 10/15/15--00:45: Re: join the clan
  • Like other clan recruiters, you completely ignored the posting guidelines for this forum /facepalm.

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  • 10/15/15--00:46: Re: Clan
  • I think it would help others as well as your own clan if you added what region you're based off of in the topic title, as described in the posting guidelines for this forum.

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  • 10/15/15--00:46: Re: SO WHY IS IT THAT
  • They contract the rights to xxxxxxxxxx licences (codes) for $xxxxxxxx.

    The actual code details don't mean anything, it is the provision of a quantity of items for an agreed price within a designated period.

    If Amazon have already been supplied a database of licences they aren't 'void' they simply aren't able to be used until they have been activated.

    Just like preloading a game, you have paid for it and downloaded it but you can't play it until it has been enabled.

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    The posting guidelines should be impossible to avoid reading since it's the first thing people see when entering the clan recruitment forum.


    As for a successful clan, i couldn't care any less to be perfectly honest. It's probably filled with squeakers anyhow.


    When you say "I get many recruits", i can't take you seriously, though, not when you've posted 5-6 topics so far in the recruitment forum, ignoring the posting guidelines, as well as the forum rules.

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  • 10/15/15--23:12: Re: blakc ops 3 zombie
  • Yes, Juggernog, Quick Revive, Speed Cola and Double Tap are confirmed along with Mule Kick and a new perk, Widows Wine.

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    Nope.  And Activision is still refusing to acknowledge the issue.

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  • 10/15/15--23:17: Re: The Sheeva:
  • Having used the Mk14, FAL, SMR, MR28 and even the semi auto Honey Badger over the past couple of years, the Sheiva felt painful to use lol. It seems to have the exact same firecap as the Ghosts SVU, which was equally painful to use... perhaps more so, because the latter had recoil that made it unsuitable for use at its intended (long) range where the thermal M27 snipermachinegun dominated. The SVU had a 400rpm firecap while the others I mentioned had a 600rpm cap (if you added rapid fire to the Mk, anyway).


    The problem with semis that have low firecaps is that if you're actually in possession of a decent trigger finger, it's hard to actually get close to the maximum possible fire rate, since even one mistimed shot will "jam" you up for a while and lower your fire rate significantly. This isn't the case with a 600rpm cap because you could maintain, say, 400-450rpm easily without fear of that ever being reduced by much.


    I liked the 514rpm semis (SMR, MW3 Mk14) because they met you somewhere in the middle; they allowed you to be somewhat competitive up close if you're accurate enough, but also offered sufficient power at range. The MR28/FAL were weaker at mid-long range with higher recoil and lower range respectively. The Sheiva appears to be 2hk at all ranges so, with its low recoil and lower firecap, it actually seems balanced around its intended range. A low firecap also discourages rapid fire controller/macro use, because you don't need one to hit 400rpm.


    I didn't like using the Sheiva simply because I can fire faster than it would let me, but that's my problem. As soon as I learn to tone my trigger spamming down a touch, I think it'll become one of my go-to weapons.


    I need to get used to firing slower in order to kill faster with it, as little sense as that makes lol. As it stands I hit the trigger 8 times a second and that just lowers my fire rate with it

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  • 10/15/15--23:20: Re: The Sheeva:
  • I used the XR-2 a few times when I got sick of UAV spam and decided to try out the "Sentinel" default class that had Ghost on it.


    I don't recall getting many one burst kills with it :/ not good. I think the suppressor had more to do with that though. It actually seems to reduce damage in BO3, which is silly and makes running an SMG flanking class less viable, which means we're gonna see a lot of "sit and wait for the red dots". I think I recall the Weevil losing its 4hk ability entirely with a suppressor on, which is nonsense considering it didn't fire very fast.

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    Cod on Nintendo.png


    : D

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    £34.99 and the beta was fun two best reasons why to buy it

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    Bump (again)

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  • 10/15/15--23:37: Re: The Sheeva:
  • I used it a bit on the last day of both betas after they raised the level cap. It's better than the full autos, but the m8 was still better. I wish devs would buff the garbage weapons instead of nerfing the good ones. Seems it would make more sense to make the weak weapons viable instead of nerfing the viable weapons.

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    My biggest issue with it so far is the pause in between shots.  If you hold the trigger down it speeds up as it fires, but that first big pause gets me killed most of the time. If you are taking on one guy and are decent with a shotgun you can pull it off. But taking on more than one enemy gets a little tricky unless they suck. With a little more practice to get the timing down I might like it more, unfortunately I can only handle AW long enough to watch my wide get 5 supply drops  (that's when I get my second one usually ).

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    Ah, ok.

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    Again and again ... pls open the special tailormade website for the nightfall-problem, this is written there:


    Question: My Nightfall toy is not registering in Skylanders SuperChargers. What's happening?

    Answer: Since the launch of Skylanders in 2011, Activision has been committed to delivering high-quality toys to our consumers. It has come to our attention that our software is unable to recognize the Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Element character Nightfall. As a result, we stopped the shipment of the majority of the toys before they arrived at retail. We will be reissuing the toy as soon as possible, and consumers should find Nightfall on shelves before the end of the year.

    If you have received a non-functional version of the Nightfall toy, please call 1-844-HELP-EON for assistance from Activision. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause Skylanders fans.


    Again, do you know how much it costs to call a number in USA from Germany. It's ridiculous, that I can't  reach anybody from Activision via email. That's a joke!!!


    What should I do??? Pls, give me a solution!!! The next problem, where in USA is the number, how late it is there in comparision with Germany?

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    Vahn's reply to the ever present dedicated server question. 


    Will COD finally have proper dedicated servers? – David (@Textbook_scar)


    Yes, BLACK OPS 3 does have dedicated servers. There is a worldwide deployment plan for those servers. The way that the game works is a hybrid model, it’s trying to put you on a dedicated server if it’s the fastest, best situation for you.

    That’s not true everywhere in the world, but it’s true in many places in the world including Australia. If it makes sense for you to be connected to a dedicated server with other people on a dedicated server than that’s what is going to happen.



    Tldr. Hybrid. The best system for the job.

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  • 10/16/15--01:12: Re: EVERYBODY HATES CAMPERS
  • Vahn's opinion on campers.


    What’s your honest opinion on campers?


    I think there’s all sorts of playstyles. I think it’s important that there is all sorts of gamers, we give you all sorts of tools for dealing with camping. We construct the maps so that it’s a tactic that can be used. In some game modes like search and destroy it actually matters, you’re protecting objectives.

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    we are still recruiting

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    When I've played I haven't had a hard time finding games.

    I have the disc version too.  Ghosts will delete and reinstall from disc without any DLC downloading unless I specify.  AW looks like it just downloads the update file but when I go back into the game it includes all the DLC too.  Xbox 360 may do it differently but it seems like a SHG thing from or testing.

    I'd be interested to know if it happens in the 360, it would add to what we know if nothing else.

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