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    Drop Number, Time of drop, and what's inside:


    1)  14:00      Gear

    2)  24:04      Atlas 45-A2, KF5 Single Stack, Gear

    3)  38:00      (After 5 deaths in a row) Gear

    4)  51:00      ASM-1 Reliable, EM1 Dimension, Gear

    5)  53:00      (After 5 deaths in a row) Gear

    6)  1 hr. 2     XMG-Venus & Mars, MORS Quick Bolt, Gear

    7)  1 hr. 8     ASM-1 Reliable, Pytaek Expanse, Gear

    8)  1 hr. 26   S-12 Tiger Blood, Gear

    9)  1 hr. 30   EM-1 Last Laugh, BAL Inferno, Gear

    10) 1 hr. 42  Gear

    Went 20-20 in one match, 17-8 in the next

    11) 2 hr. 1    Gear

    12) 2 hr. 14  HBRa3 Superlite, Gear

    13) 2 hr. 21  MDL-Proper, Gear

    Level 20: Advanced Supply Drop AK-12 Bleeder, Gear

    14) 2 hr. 48  Gear

    Went 15-4 with a 11 kill streak (6 kills with Atlas, 5 with MK-14.......WTF?)

    15) 3 hr. 6    ASM-1 Reckless, M1 Irons High Noon, BAL27 Carbon

    Screenshot is for all of the time above (hour1-3):

    Participatioin Trophy Winner (1024x576).jpg


    15 drops in 3 hrs. (not counting ASD).  That's one drop every 12 minutes so far for the above.


    I unlocked Akimbo, so I decided that I would try it for a while and see how it affected my drops.


    16)  3 hr. 20      Gear

    17)  3:37           MP11-Goliath, EM1 Polar Vortex, Gear

    Next game went 13-7 with a 5 kill streak

    18)  3:52          EPM-3 Bona Fide, ASM-1 Competence, Gear

    Next game went 26-21 and lead the scoreboard, winning.

    19)  4:4            Mors-Long Rifle, HBRa3 Sport, Gear

    Next game went 18-18 and won.  I noticed that SPM went up to 189 and dropped Akimbo.  Now Laser Site, Extended Mags again.

    20)  4:18          Gear

    Next game went 21-17 and lost

    21)  4:31          NA-45 Ravager, Gear

    Next game went 12-10 with 6 kill streak to win the match.

    Next game went 15-15 and lost.

    22)  4:55          NA-45 Exact, BAL-27 Tactical, Gear

    23)  5:17          ARX-160 Red Eye Coyote, Gear

    24)  5:45          MORS Long Rifle, Gear

    Level 30: Advanced Supply Drop RW-1 Rail Driver, Gear


    Screenshot for time above (hour 3-6):


    Sun_Sep_27_00-14-18_EDT_2015 (1024x576).jpg


    So we're at 24 drops in 6 hrs.  Now one drop for every 15.00 Minutes above. I have not had more than one drop in any one match; interesting.

    As you can tell, my K/D and W/L ratio went down, but my SPM went up.  The theory of SPM determining the number of drops seems to be steady so far and not affected by other factors.  I was running Akimbo for a while and went on more kill streaks, thus increasing my SPM.  I was purposely trying to be more aggressive, and because I was playing with a pistol, my K/D went down.  Previously I was going 9-10 or something, and now 15-20; hence the decreased K/D and increased SPM.

    25) 6:11     ASM-1 Speakeasy, AK-12 Fluted, Gear

    26) 6:40     Mors Penetrator, Gear

    Next game went 20-15

    27) 7:02     XMG Meat & Potatoes, Gear

    28) 7:23     Gear

    Next game went 11-10 with 5 Killstreak


    ***Drops were going down and I was bored with the Atlas.  I thought that I had completed too many Atlas challenges or something, so I switched to the Grach***

    Next game went 9-6

    29) 8:01     Gear

    Next games went 8-7, 11-7, 12-9

    30) 8:25     Gear

    Next games 23-12 with 10 Killstreak, 12-7

    31) 8:48      Gear

    Next games went 17-13, 14-9

    Screenshot for time above (hour 6-9):

    Mon_Sep_28_21-17-06_EDT_2015 (1024x576).jpg

    Now at 31 Drops in 9 hrs, that's one drop every 17.42 minutes. The rate is decreasing.  If you look at hours 3-9, I am getting a drop roughly every 20 minutes, although my SPM is still fairly close to my original first 3 hrs of play. 

    As you can tell, I started doing better with the Grach and the contents of my drops went to strictly gear during the last 2 hrs.  It's very interesting to me to see such a drastic change in drops (quality) in such a short period of time.  Almost as if the system is now looking at my K/D or something.  Yes, it has been steadily going down but over the last 2 hrs. the Grach and I have been kicking some butt on most maps.  Because of this, I am going to drop the Grach and try a sniper rifle for the next 3 hours.  I am equally terrible with these, so my SPM should drop and if my theory is correct, I should get more drops.  Hopefully with guns again 

    I am not a quitter that is going to rush and just kill myself, I need a challenge and I need to perform.  Maybe I'll use the NA-45 for a while, lol.

    Let me know if you see something in the stats above that I may be missing.  If the rate continues to decrease to roughly 45 minutes over time, like my main profile, then maybe there is a serious pattern to supply drops that occurs that is different than what I have experienced already.

    Switched to the MORS with a Grach secondary for the following:

    32)  9:13       Gear

    Next matches went 19-19, 22-8

    33)  9:45      Gear

    Next match went 23-14

    34)  10:15     Blunderbuss-Dragonfire, Gear

    35)  10:46     Gear

    36)  11:10     Gear

    37)  11:25     IMR-Lightweight, Gear

    Next matches 20-13,20-15

    38)  12:00     Gear

    Screenshot for time above, hours 9-12:

    Thu_Oct_1_20-41-14_EDT_2015 (924x520).jpg

    Now at 38 drops in 12 hrs., or one drop every 18.95 minutes.  The rate is still decreasing, while my SPM has been about as constant as I can control.

    I was using the MORS for each match unless my K/D after 5 minutes or so was .50 or less, then I would use the Grach as needed to keep my SPM somewhat stable.  As you can tell, my SPM dropped a bit and K/D went down slightly.


    I've been playing with my kids a bit this weekend and my daughter (10 yrs. old) loves this game on the 360.  I set up a new profile for her on the One and kept track of her drops.  I did not keep track of her drops every minute like mine, but rather took an overall time played and drops she received. 

    In the first 2 hr., 37 minutes she played she received these guns (did not keep track of gear):

    1) KF5 Scout

    2) Ohm Lyconthrope

    3) MP-11 Savior

    4) Ameli Accelerated

    5) ASM-1 Sweeper

    6) STG Ironclaw

    7) MAAWS Tornado

    8) XMG Bread & Butter

    9) STG Smokeless

    10) EM-1 M Coil

    11) HBRa3 Raider

    12) S-12 Gallant

    13) Pytaek Magnified

    14) Ohm Bloodletter

    (I still don't have the STG at all, but all 3 of my NOOB kids have this gun already.......UGH.  Thanks, SHG for the shaft again!)

    She only plays Team Deathmatch but switches up the guns a bit.  For a while the KF5 was her favorite, now turning the the HBRa3.  She has maybe 6 hrs. of total playtime online before today using my son's profile only, so she knows some of the maps a bit, but is very much a "noob" to the game.  I did not take a screenshot, but her stats are as follows:

    Kills: 254

    Wins: 11

    Score:  29135

    K/D: .82

    W/L: 1.00

    SPM: 182.28

    What caught my eye is that she had almost exactly the same stats as me when I began this venture, for my hours 1-3 (17 guns including what was in the  ASD) and her other stats are very close as well (K/D, W/L, SPM). 

    I have 2 teenage sons that are fairly new to the game as well, so I will add some of their stats later as well.  Anyway, more data is on the way from the Toxic family.

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    Added some info to post #2 with more drops, see above.

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    Sorry to hear you've had some trouble. Have you attempted to re-install the game?




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    Hahahaha. So that's where all the STG's are going.... to your NOOB kids.

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    Lean In


    Current Alliance Level: 59

    War Frequency: Twice a week minimum, sometimes three times

    War Wins: over 20, we are still growing

    Location: most of us are from the USA, but we accept international players, I myself am from Japan, and some players are from Europe.

    Language: English


    We are looking for active players!!!

    Our requirements are not high in terms of your level, HOWEVER, you need to be active and use both attacks regardless of war situation. Participation is more to be emphasized than your level. I myself was ranked the lowest when I joined, and even when I couldn't donate anything our alliance has always been very supportive and friendly.


    Join Requirements & Member Expectations

    • Be active!
    • Use both attacks regardless of war situation!
    • Level30+ Blue 3+ Rep 2000+
    • Request and donate actively
    • If you can’t play in war for some reason, opt out.
    • Enjoy the game!
    • We use kik messenger [a free app] to communicate and share screenshots etc...


    What we can offer you

    • High level troops such as level 9 & 8 drags etc daily
    • An active chat environment
    • Solid leadership
    • Friendly atmosphere


    How to Join?

    • Please reply here saying hi.
    • Request in the game.
    • Add me on Kik. My username: hiromasa72


    Example of donation numbers


    0 0



    Sorry to hear you've had some trouble. I've sent you a Private Message about this which you can access here, https://community.activision.com/inbox




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  • 10/03/15--19:18: Re: Dear, SHG
  • Dforums wrote:


    The final straw was making some weapons locked behind supply drops.  I've never bought an ASD and they've done more harm than good for AW.


    This was the major issue with supply drops for me.  Early on in the cycle I did purchase a couple of ASD because I wanted to take the chance to get a few gun variants that I had traded in stupidly for XP.  I was fine paying for them at that time; it was my choice.  What I did not like at all was the release of guns that were locked unless you received them "randomly" in a drop.  That fact I considered complete S***.  They are basically pressuring people to buy ASD, which I think is a terrible practice considering how many teenagers play this game.


    In my opinion as well, the entire system of random guns being dropped is terrible.  I have no problem with gear being dropped at all (unless it affects the game in a defensive or offensive way), but guns should be earned, not given; PERIOD.

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    looking for talented players still!

    0 0

    Yep.  I was playing with her split screen today while she "earned" both of them and I was so bummed out.  I swear, if one of them gets the MP40 before me, I may set a bad example and throw a controller.  I'm not one to lose my temper, but the participation trophy guns are driving me a bit crazy.

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    apply online and we can get a few games in

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  • 10/03/15--19:32: hacker....
  • Ist ja interessant das cod aw nicht mehr supportet wird... seid ner guten woche wagen sich jetzt die drecks hacker ins game.... ich frag mich sowieso warum man in der heutigen zeit noch nicht dazu in der lade ist nen vernümftiges anti cheat programm zu schreiben für konsole... bei den meisten pc games funktioniert es doch auch... bzw. Nen code beim game bei packen der das online spielen möglich macht ist doch viel einfacher sowas da gibt es auch kaum hacker dann...

    0 0

    I've broken 2 controllers that way....

    0 0

    Marked as Helpfull, thank you. he he.

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  • 10/03/15--19:45: Re: Just had to share.
  • Yea... did a great job.. I was blown away... don't care much about the "quickscoping" in it. But the music was great, and the grapics.


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