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  • 09/28/15--17:58: Re: HPC Recruitment (XBOX1)
  • bump

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    now that's just a ridiculous notion.

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  • 09/28/15--18:15: Re: DUDA?
  • Hey,


    In order to play GH:Live you'll need the GH Live Guitar Controller. You can find more information about the new controller here, https://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/The-New-Guitar-Hero-Live-Contr oller


    The controller is compatible for GH:Live across all platforms except mobile.




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    I just download black ops 2 after downloading and launching the game it said i had to do the update so I did now everytime i try to launch the game the screen goes black under the title name it says call of duty black ops 2 (NPUB31054) what is this and how do I fix it

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    There's an option to reset in the game but in order to reset, you'll first need to reach Master Prestige. Once you reach Master Prestige, you'll be able select the option to Rank Reset when you go to Barracks.


    You may want to have your account checked with official Activision Support. If you got reset due to ban, the stats are gone forever.

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  • 09/28/15--18:26: Re: black ops 2
  • Somehow, Activision Support can't provide the details why accounts get banned in the game. They only say that they can check account status and direct you to the Security and Enforcement article for information on possible bans.


    If you received a ban for the emblems, you won't be able to use this feature anymore especially if it's a permanent ban. Offensive, obscene, war themed emblems like in WW1, WW2, Civil wars are usually getting Emblem Banned in the game.

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    Same here.  I run UAV with Threat Detection and Extended Time and am generally shocked at how few people are running Blind Eye. Most times I can light up the entire other team.  When I get ready to put it up I tell everyone "Here's 50 seconds of X-Ray vision for ya"


    I love putting one up and seeing a stream of "UAV ASSIST" pop up on my screen and watch my team close a 10-12 point deficit in the last 30-45 seconds of the match and pull out a win.  Support Streak gratification!

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    Try a different account or try your account on a different console and check if you can connect. If you still can't connect using your account, there's a possibility of your account being banned.

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  • 09/29/15--18:07: i need a clan
  • so I'm lvl 2 I'm playing on steam I been making a few youtube video on mw3 so yep I need a clan so I play

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  • 09/29/15--18:22: Re: Highlighting an issue.
  • Those vids may impress newbies who don't understand the difference between inherent skill and mere spawn manipulation, but not me. 

    I seek a challenge - shooting defenseless fish in a barrel that I/my team put them in doesn't entertain me.

    End of story.

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  • 09/29/15--18:22: Re: Dear, SHG
  • No, after the almost 6 gig update today, it shows 50 games found, then cycles for 5 minutes, then puts me into a game. I also had my first 2 host migrations today. The matchmaking has been fubar in this game since day 1. And it gets worse every update.

    Have you played since the update?

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    I know Modern Warfare 3 is an old game, but I enjoy/ed playing the game. Mostly when modders weren't hacking you or the lobby! But me and a friend which we both have been hacked, and then deranked, we joined a lobby of Hardcore Kill Confirmed, when all of a sudden we couldn't leave the game when we noticed there were a modders, the names are 'OG_TIGER_KING' & 'OG_THUNDER_GOD' they were both denying access for anyone in the game to leave, and also getting constant headshots, eventually after a minute we lagged out, and its then we noticed we were deranked, I was a prestige 15 level 70 and my friend was prestige 4 level 80 and we've both been deranked to first basic levels, and truly I'm gutted, I also have proof that I've been deranked in the lobby!

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    As far as I know, Moshpit prevents players to form a Party or to play with their friends in a party. Players can still join together but will be randomly assigned to teams.

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    I'm looking for a clan to join for the ps4 community. I would like to join a clan that is only for 18+ old and plan to do some clan wars for black ops 3. I hate loosing, and I do it too much because of the randomization of the lobby. Also dont want to join a clan that is less then 5 players or more then 50 players.

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  • 09/29/15--18:30: Re: Highlighting an issue.
  • You still did not answer my question as it was how would you play diffretly?


    What would you do on the same map playing that skill gap in my shoes.

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    Its got nothing to do with NAT type or anything... Since the last update i am having the same problem cant find any games unless it TDM (which i hate)... and even then its a hit and miss whether u find a game... They have completely destroyed the game with the this... And i have alot of mates that r having the same problem

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    No we have played mosh pit as a party and have not had any issues with our party getting split up,,,,mercenary  used to be the mode that would not allow parties. Thank you for taking the time to reply .


    have yourself a good one

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    I got good news and bad news.


    Good News:

    You can use the Loot Recovery Tool to recover one of the weapons that got redeemed in your account.

    Here's the Loot Recover Tool: Activision Support


    Bad News:

    Not all the items can be restored. You can only restore 1 item every 6 months in the Loot Recovery Tool.

    Activision will also not be able to restore your account for some reason.

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    Yes/ When we started over twice thinking we had missed something, then went to You tube where someone had posted the chapter to see what we missed. Nothing different in the way it played except when we get there the large screen does not turn around and have Kaos on it and the red hand does not appear. Not for several minutes.


    Glitch? If so not a good one.

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    Sorry about the confusion. It was the Mercenary game mode. I got confused due to the Charlie Intel update regarding the BO3 Mercenary Moshpit.

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