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  • 09/29/15--18:44: Re: Highlighting an issue.
  • If one person can run a room thats to bad for 6 guys on the other team so my point again dont play dom.......skill gap is not my concern i dont come on here and complain when it happens to me and it does i also know who will do it to me and if im solo on 3 guys i know can run a room i wouldent play them and i guess that boils down to situational awarness again.

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    Add me pred8oro8s.. Go to Unrivaledgaming.net and check us out we have a casual and competitive side..MLG teams are being made up now ...

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  • 09/29/15--18:47: Re: Highlighting an issue.
  • Depends on the day, knowing the extensive skill gap in the lobby I would have most probably decided to not lock them in spawn.

    It was an easy enough lobby and from the looks you were enjoying a spectacular connection - you did not need anymore advantages over already severely disadvantaged opponents.


    Point to note, memorizing spawns is not considered a skill, to me it is considered a gigantic crutch.

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    Yeah, what this guy says is totally believable.  I've never run into a cheater ever either.  All those times I got shot through walls, 360 headshot more than once by the same player, or the guy who I shot with 2 full clips and didn't die-those were all legit.  All of those youtube videos, man don't believe the hype.  Never ever encountered a cheater either so there's really no reason for things like VAC, punkbuster, or fairfight-it's all a conspiracy.


    BTW mako, would that be #6 vetted by the MLG in live videotaped tourneys or on the CoD leaderboards, because there is a pretty big distinction between the two.

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    Im on a MLG Team. I only play pubs for a warm up. we had a game scheduled when the update came out so it had to be cancelled.

    I still have the same opinion of this game though. movement, spawns, boost x10 speed- times 4 boosts. still fixing exploits on core maps (9/29/15) ,   yes the only thing good about this game for me is it made my aim way better. i dropped 100 bombs on BOPS3 beta.

    so yeah i agree with this STILL:

    What Advanced Warfare Did Wrong! - YouTube

    i also predict this game will die like ghost this november. just a guess,  and i'm 1 for 1  on my COD  predictions right now

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    yeah because swapping one set of code for another for a different gun would be so difficult. 


    i don't see how it's personal responsibility when they made the game for this console.  does it seem so wrong that they listen to the players and swap out guns that may actually get played?  it would be one thing if the guns were used and played all the time, but they aren't.  many guns, many items of clothing that never get used by anyone taking up system memory that could be used by guns that people would play with. 

    it's cool though, i see your stance.  i prefer to still play the ps3 because i enjoy playing the same game but not have to pay a monthly fee to access the online version.  if it weren't for that fact i would have already bought a PS4, but it's not.  i paid the same amount for the actual game that you did, and i also bought the season pass.  if they knew there would be limitations to add planned guns, then perhaps the PS3 version should have been less expensive from the beginning.  clearly that's not the case so i am suggesting something that seems could be fairly easily done.  you obviously play the newer gen console, so why are you even commenting in this section anyway?  just take your condescending tone back to the holy land of ps4 forums and leave us bottom dwellers alone.  thanks.

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  • 09/30/15--17:50: Re: Dear, SHG
  • You better watch your posts or you will be hurting.   You basically said your wife is a crappy player between your two posts since she gets good drops.  She might bop you up side the head and refuse to make you a sammich. 

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    is there any requirements

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  • 09/30/15--17:52: Re: Dear, SHG
  • That was exactly what I thought last night.  Bye bye dedi's.  Numerous host migrations.

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    I'm mainly playing BO3 for the multiplayer since it's new.  Sadly, it's not as fast as AW and will most likely not have any feedback taken into consideration for the game modes.  However, since AW will most likely drop in population, BO3 will be the next game to play.

    As for zombies, I wasn't really into zombies because the interest in it was nearly depleted during the Black Ops II era.  What nearly killed zombies for me was the ridiculously convoluted storyline that did not make any sense unless you completed tedious challenges.  Hopefully the Der Reise remake will provide better clarity.

    As for the campaign...well, it'll be played through once on normal, then Veteran a second time (like I usually do).  I probably won't enjoy it since the last best campaign was in MW2 and MW3.  Every other campaign after MW3 didn't seem that great to me.


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  • 09/30/15--18:01: Re: Dear, SHG
  • Well I spoke too soon. I kept running into full parties and I wanted a game that was fun (I'm trying to mess around with new setups and get challenges/camos), not full of people sitting in one spot forcing the game to time limit because they wanted to keep their precious 2KDs up, so every time I ran into one I backed out.


    Eventually I was seeing more people from further afield, like Greeks and Turks, so I just called it a day. Connections against them were obviously not the best. Decided to just call it a day early instead of sticking at it and getting frustrated. Either way... it played better than AW did lol

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    I used to think like that too.

    Was never a fan of camping in COD until AW, now I appreciate the change of style and pace they bring to the game.

    Can't have it too campy or too chaotic but a nice mix, Ghosts and AW are testament to what the extremes play like, BO3 feels like a decent compromise. 

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    Heck you can buy it new for $13 to $16 depending on the day. 

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    Just the simple reason that i can shoot people in the face watching the brain splatter smudging all over the wall...

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    For myself, I'm betting that the majority of the feedback taken is directed towards bug fixes, out-of-map exploits, and weapon tuning.  Everything else, such as altered scorings of multiplayer, better adjustments to Safeguard, shotgun pellet spreads not being as tight when ADSing, and more are going to be left untouched.  That's just a theory and I really REALLY hope that I'm wrong when the game is officially released.

    What kind of feedback do you hope they bring to BO3's multiplayer?  Are you worried about some of them?


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    Moped guy trying to escape New Yorkers

    Crash Like A Boss animated GIF

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    But Pauly's right King.  Every concern you and queen listed doesn't exist.  Except for people being unpleasant on the mic.  But that's unavoidable in a COD game.  I don't get why either.  COD just makes people mad.  Everyone thinks they are the best player ever and you have to be cheating or hacking to kill them.  Even if they do bad all the time.  Makes no sense.  Anyway that is a topic for another day.


    I tried BLOPS 2 again last night.  Couldn't find a match.  Hopped on Ghosts and even with a party of six we found matches faster than I did solo on BLOPS 2. (which I never found one in 10 minutes of searching on BLOPS 2).  I don't get what's up with that . I simply can't find a match.  I remember that being an issue now.  Searching on Best takes me forever to get a game, but playing any other way just isn't even close to being enjoyable. 


    On a side note I might hop on BLOPS 2 tonight just cause I haven't gamed with you in a while.  I'm sure I will rage before it's over, but it's worth a shot I think.


    Consider Ghosts though man.  It really is better in every way possible.  Some people don't like it and I honestly feel like they just can't or don't want to adapt to the different play styles required depending on which weapon you use.  Or the fact that they die more because the hit detection works better and there is much less of a lag problem.  If someone is accurate you won't be able to turn and kill them as their bullets go through you.  Or die for the same reason if you're on the bad end of that.  But if you are accurate and react first you will win the gunfight in this game. As it should be.

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  • 09/30/15--18:38: Re: 10 Relics Solo POC
  • lmao so it does. my eyes were deceiving me... or you edited your post jk.

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  • 09/30/15--18:48: Re: Black ops 3 Beta ended?
  • The beta was over a month ago. This information was widely available.

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    off subject but does anyone with a ton of time get legiondaries? I'm way past gmp and haven't gotten a single one but that joke of a free one. I am still averaging a drop every 4 to 5 Dom games even if Im getting wrecked. Do you think the spm factor is changed per what game mode you play?

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