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  • 09/27/15--17:47: Re: Just a quick fyi.
  • "That is all" is a saying used in an old tv (?) series. Gotsomestars still has black and white.

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    You will be able to predownload.

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    Currently, the Season Pass is not available for Xbox 360 for BO3. You can check the where to buy option in the BO3 site to check if the Season Pass is available: Call of Duty®: Black Ops 3 | Collector's Editions . Currently, it's only available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.Check for updates in the future though.

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    I think it should be a 2HK if no damage is taken. I don't think its quite right or even makes sense to still have to 2hk someone who is already hurt. Makes it useless IMO.

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  • 09/27/15--17:59: XP Clan In Need of Members!
  • ---------- XP Clan ----------


    Hello, I am the Leader of XP (xBaplaa).

    Basically, the XP Clan is a bunch of people who are willing to go into An XP Bot Lobby. You might say, why do we need a clan just for XP Bot Lobbies? Becuase once in a while, we all go on a Bot Lobby for XP, right? This clan is made for people to talk to each other and be friendly. Also, we can talk to each other and explain much easier. If we were randoms, we wouldn't listen to anything we say

    ----Clan Requirements----

    NO NEED FOR 1v1's.

    A good K/D Such as .96+

    Knowledge for Bot Lobbies

    Can host or join and invite other clanmates to bot lobbies

    MUST put bot lobbies to Headshots for camos if clan members say so

    MUST Respect each other


    If you made in the clan, please turn your clan tag to XP. We don't need name changers, i.g XP {Name}.


    If interested in clan, please contact me thru the comments below or my PSN; xBaplaa


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    FiftyDETH and I went through this for 3 pages in another thread, Re: I'm sure this has been discussed, but I HATE the 2 melee kill system in BO3.  He agrees with your statement, which is similar to something I said twice during our discussion.  He just didn't make the distinction very well right then.


    Conclusion of previous discussion: the melee should do a set amount of damage which would require 2 hits to kill from full health.  If your health is already reduced below that set amount of damage, it should kill you in 1 hit.


    Just trying to avoid a rehash, that's all.

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  • 09/28/15--16:49: Im banned for no reason
  • Turned on COD AW today, it updated and then I tried to log into exotic survival and there is a message that I am banmed. I have no idea why. I haven't even been on this game in months.

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    doesnt mean they are not gamers.

    I never said they are not.

    You should reread my post and pay more attention to the content,

    you deserve this.


    Expecting this game to be ported in full content on old gen 3 years later is like expecting to see a horse in super cars.

    Please take your snide remarks elsewhere.

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    Hello, my name is Tyler, aka leader of Prophet Clan. ProphetPlayZ- psn gamertag. Prophet clan had about 10 members. It is now down to just 2 members because of member inactivity. Spots are open and need to be filled. If you think you are talented and would like to join a very competitive clan, please contact me with the following information


    Email : regelman24@gmail.com

    kik: regelman.5

    PSN: ProphetPlayZ

    or feel free to reply to this post and i will get back to you ☺️. Thank you for your time..


    - Tyler / ProphetPlayZ

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    Yes I know, the problem is that I take out the land vehicle and put the water one and does not appear on the screen

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  • 09/28/15--14:01: Recruiting for PhEaR clan
  • [New clan]

    My name is PhEaR_EniGmA, I am looking for Quickscopers, Trickshotters, "Montagers", Logo designers.

    just leave a comment stating your:

    Skill level:

    Age (14+ preferred):

    Availability (high, low):

    KDR (.5 or higher):

    Loyalty to clan:

    Name if accepted: PhEaR_


    You do not have to do ALL of the questions, you can just give me a resume... I will need to 1v1 for you to be accepted as a quick scoper or trickshotter  (tomahawks allowed)...


    Design experience:

    Design software used:


    Editing experience:


    Please note that most will be accepted, and if you are lucky enough to make it to the PhEaR house, you will have your own YouTube channel, and you will be supplied with screen recording equipment  (elgato), multiple monitors, new consoles, and dxracing gaming chairs, also gaming computers... and team headsets, a room, and that's about it. Please reply in the comments, or kik me @ dylbellz or dylbellz22 P.S. this is legit, We are well funded, and we are trying to make a clan that can compete with FaZe, OpTic, Obey, and any other big clan, THIS IS THE START OF SOMETHING NEW! ANYBODY IS WELCOME WHO APPLIES WITHIN THE NEXT TWO DAYS!

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    Hey I added him earlier today, he's probably been off all day, I kiked him, but idk. Are you a recruiter?

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    My stats reset after joining a public match on call of duty ghost. Did this happen to anyone else and is there a fix I can do because Activision isn't doing anything. My account is ruined.

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    i can comprehend it just fine.  its just that, in Ghosts, as ive seen through iC0NB0Y's videos, is that everybody camps and turns the game into who can out hide the other person long enough so that i can kill you with nice and easy controls when you walk by.  it may have better hit detection, it may have better controls but then you are talking about the lack of good quality gameplay.  ive seen how people play on the 360, first hand, ive played it myself.  ive seen WiiU videos of how and what people do in terms of strategy.  im not diggin it, its not my cup of tea to play on a map with only 12 players and have to run around a map that is 10 times bigger than turbine only to get killed by a camper and then spawn on the opposite side of the map.  BO2 is more rushing and smashmouth in your face kinda game.  ...as was W@W, MWR, BO and MW3.  Ghosts just doesnt fit in with the CoD lineage.


    twould also be nice for you to get on BO2 since i am able to record voice chat online now.  first vid going up in a couple days.

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    Tickets that are "On Hold" get resolved automatically after 10 days if no new comment/answer is made.


    If this is still an issue then open a new ticket or respond to the resolved issue (it will un-resolve).

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  • 09/28/15--17:40: DUDA?
  • se podra jugar guitar hero live sin la guitarra ?

    will I can play guitar hero live without the guitar?

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    Are you removing all items from the portal, then placing the boat first and then it's affiliated skylander on the portal?




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  • 09/28/15--17:49: Re: Clan for BO3
  • The requirement for you to get in is atleast at 1.0k/d and go mic skills to talk to the team. We will try you out for a couple of days and see if your worthy

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    The Portal from Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure isn’t supported in Skylander SuperChargers. The Portals from Skylanders Giants, Skylanders SWAP Force, and Skylanders Trap Team are supported, however, and should work fine with Skylanders SuperChargers.




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