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  • 11/30/13--21:56: In-game name
  • I just got the game today on steam for my PC and when I logged in I was never given an option to set up my in-game name and was set as my full name. Is it possible to change this? I'd prefer it not be my name.

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    hey man, id love to join!

    shoot me an invite on psn.. me gt is -> IIXXIMCMXCVII

    im 1st prestige and rank 100 sumthing on cranked leaderboard

    im 18 so i wont be on daily..but weekends are always a good time to play together

    cant wait to play with yall!

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  • 11/30/13--21:58: FIREBRIGADE CLAN MW3 XBOX360
  • hello their we are making a clan we are hardworkers that play hard https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/11000418 this is our elite please apply first contact dope knight24 or DHG THIRSTY







    4.NO CUSSING!!!!

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    I had a past forum discussion locked & the names removed by the moderator because of some "name & shame" clause somewhere that I'm sure will be shoved in my face by SOMEONE and frankly I don't care.


    Here's the link to my previous, locked & edited by the man, forum message:

    Careful PS3 players...


    I guess my question is this.


    Are these people reported in game really ever dealt with or do the reports we submit fall on deaf ears?  I have half a mind to open up one of my subdomains off my own main, personal domain with information regarding these blatant hackers & allow others to post their screenshots, links, instances of what they encountered and not edit them at all like my message, and others, were here. 


    In other words....FREE SPEECH!!!!!


    I firmly believe that the 2 individuals that I mentioned...err....well...they WERE mentioned in my forum message will get away without anything being done to them because, as I believe, the reporting system is hogwash and goes to the same place that letters to Santa, Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy go.


    Stay tuned as I mull this decision over. 


    If the game authors/publishers don't do anything about this...who will? 


    It's pathetic that people like that (the hackers) have to ruin the game for everyone by being idiots.

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  • 11/30/13--21:58: Dark Days Ahead recruiting
  • My clan Dark Days Ahead is currently recruiting. We are currently ranked 8 (nearly 9) and high ranked in Gold division of Clan Wars. We are looking for core and Hardcore players, I currently have 8 guys who play nothing but hardcore so we need some serious core plays to cover those game types. We are a fun clan with no big expectations other then just play with your clan mates as much as possible. K/D and W/L ratio is no big deal to me, I would prefer you have a mic (No talking through kinect is not the same) and are above the age of 13. If interested in joining please locate my clan and submit an application or message me on xbox StlCardinals131. Hope to see ya there. Happy Holidays!

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    US central time zone for me, have others that are in the UK, and some that are Jamaican, but they probably wont be on till the next shipment of ps4 hit the stores, meaning around christmas

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    the clan's name is <Umbrella Corp>
      our tag is UCSS and we are a lvl 10 clan with 17 members and looking for more serious players.

    All you have to do is add all members of the clan to your friends list.

    Message DeathBatCult if interested

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    Add my gamertag Shakienbakie. I have an Xbox one and am looking for a clan.

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    I can edit it possibly. What do you mean ?


    I was trying to prevent a wall of text and couldnt get my words out right. I had a stroke not long ago and had to change my medication. So for example I stutter and drive the cars in GTA into walls etc

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  • 12/01/13--22:00: Re: Old CoDs onto NextGen
  • Ummmm last I heard no backwards compatibility

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    My gamertag is Shakienbakie I am looking for a clan that is active that I can be apart of and start playing right away. Please add me on Xbox one and message me on there if you have any questions.

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    the so called 'sniping' in COD has gotten ridiculous, when you see more players running and gunning with Sniper rifles than you do SMG's, then how can you honestly deny that there is something inherently wrong

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  • 12/01/13--22:04: Re: Kinect Voice Commands?

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    I have the same Problem.. at least 80% of alltryloadingamap, mygamecrashes. Errorlog says anything about d3d11.dll

    This Problem i have since the last MultiplayerPatch.

    I hope, this problem can be fixed very fast. Its frustrating !!!


    ( Sry, my english isnt well ^^)


    Thx RoNoN

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    On my phone right now, very slow, but I grabbed this link for you



    my tips - first step should be to set up a static IP for your console.

    Then try enabling Upnp

    if no improvement, disable Upnp and set up manual port forwards.

    Big tip - being new to this I suggest getting relevant information and calling your modem support number -  they may even be able to remote control and do it for you.

    You will need to know the Port numbers for Ghosts and the Port numbers for playstation network.

    Opening up up ports allows data to flow more freely. A Static IP improves stability.

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    I havethe same problems!!!



    win 7 ultimate

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    Hey ChibiNinja,


    I know sometimes the achievement unlocks aren't as visible as they were on the Xbox 360, have you double checked your overall achievements to see if you have unlocked it?




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    thank youu all. i willl then buy season pass

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    attic1505 wrote:


    Ohh 105 ms ping from Albuquerque to AB Edmonton 1300 mi away.. Is this not good? I thought it was great 8 years ago? Remember 5 meg?


    I'm pinging LA at 80ms. LA California is 2150 miles away from me.


    I rarely lag in this game and my internet isn't the best.

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  • 12/01/13--21:40: Game Crashes Between Rounds
  • I have had no issues with multiplayer until just recently. Now it seems that the game constantly crashes between rounds. The game plays without issue during the round. I have no lag, no issues at all (except for the occasional hacker). But I would say 75% of the time the game crashes as it tries to load the next map. This is super frustrating when you are trying to play with friends and you have to keep on getting reinvited to the group and don't always make it back in before the next round. Anyone else having this issue? It's super frustrating.


    I am running Win 7 with two nVidia 470s running in SLI. I have 12 gigs of RAM.

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