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    one more question. what means this points here and levels on forum

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    Sup dude.

    I know exactly what yr talking about, it's over the last ledge going into the church, been killled so many times for no reason on that haha. looks like you just straight up fall through the tank or something. anyway, what i do is stand on the railing on the front or sides of the tank, and have yet to die from doing it this way. Hope this helps.

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    i was playing mulitiplayer today on tdm the map was strike zone between the hours of 3pm and 7pm the lobby i noticed was a little strange so i back out after one of my teammates said that the opposite team was hacking as soon as i ot out of that lobby i noticed i had prestiged to presige lvl 2 wen before that match i was on a prestige lvl 1 and around lvl 30 i then proceeded to check my leadboards n noiced i had a ridiciouls score i am very pissed off i am not a cheater or hacker i cannot stand those ppl and now my accunt reflects that is there anything your support or tech team kan do i do not want actions takin against me i had no idea that was going on into that lobby if there is a way to see what my stats were b4 that horrible cheat lobby and reverse it back i would greatly appreciate it i am also a season pass holder and i do not want to have to re purchase it again due to some ahole hacker and i have unlocked alot of hard items to obtain in game and starting over fresh would b devestating to me i am a die hard cod fan plz guys if u kan help me out id greatly appreciate it my psn name is twiztidkilla570, also since the incident I have lost my preorder simon ghost riley mask.

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    Ok- so there should be no region locking dramas.

    When you entered the code for the first time did the error message come up?

    I say this because it took a bit of time for that content to come through for me.

    Otherwise -- your best bet is to get in touch with Acti support. You can find the link top left of this page.

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    Just started and are now currently recruiting for xbox one and 360, we are serious about the clan wars but still just play for fun. If you are interested message me or add me on xbox live ( xX Ko K1ll3r Xx).

    Only requirements are that you have a kd over 1.00.

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    My partner and I of 5 years are looking for a Ghosts clan to kick back in and play some COD, make new friends and just play some ghosts. Just shoot me an invite if your clan is active and got people, much appreciated.


    Awoodenleg - Xbox 360

    Roadkill Toast - Xbox 360

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    I tried deleting my utility files and the game data utility, while also installing a few other games and demos as suggested, before re-installing my game and updates. It turns out that the multiplayer still freezes when the game comes on, but for the most part the disc isn't being read at all. No idea what to do at this point. Still open to suggestions, but I'm afraid I'll have to talk to the retailer for an exchange. Thanks for your advice though SavageHam.

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  • 12/02/13--23:03: Re: Question about Clan Wars
  • me its even wierder... my clan mates got it but i didnt

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    Hi, ive been playing die rise for awhile tonight and it has been fine. But It started disconnecting me from server about 5-10 minutes into the game. so I changed maps, and it did the same thing. On regular online play (not zombies) I have no issue. Its only the zombies map I keep getting disconnected from. Is anyone else having this issue? My internet connection and everything is fine. And I am wired directly.

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    Rsls is looking for more members, we are currently in the lead for this clan wars gold devision and are in need of support.

    For anyone looking for a casual and competitive atmosphere look no further.

    Mic's are welcomed and appreciated!

    we play all game types and are objective with call outs and starts during the games we play.

    we have a nice average k/d and win ratio for the clan now on lvl 8.

    Also we are at 10 members so far.

    Contact me at my psn: Alto-c9




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  • 12/02/13--23:07: Re: Be Careful
  • Yeah I should. I just don't like going through this kind of stuff especially because it will be on my record and might increase my insurance. That's what I've heard.


    "I didn't cut her off". I was waiting for someone else to back up out of their parking space when she backed up and hit me. Then she said I didn't do that. I'm like what the F you mean you didn't? I guess she was talking to her man because he showed up within a few minutes (at least it felt like that). . She refused to give me her insurance info so I called the cops. They said they couldn't give a report on it because it was private property.


    Anyway she finally gave me the paper and I got her info.

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  • 12/02/13--23:08: MY CODBO2 WONT WORK HELP!!!
  • I just brought my cod bo2 game not long ago and was very excited to play it but the newest update is making it not work that i cant access the game at all when i insert my disc in the opening movie it freezes either it freezes on the logo, those colour things at the start of the movie or just comes up with a black screen and stays there.


    I have searched this up and tried everything I cleaned my disc tried another copy of the game I even cleared my cache and removed everything off of my hard drive also reinstalled the update but nothing works.


    When i try to play codbo2 in an offline account so i can at least try it out without the update it just comes back with a blank screen.


    I have spotted that hwen my game freezes or goes blank i can hear the disc stop spinning in my console!


    Does anyone know how to fix this?


    Anything i havent tried already would be nice thanks.

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  • 12/02/13--23:09: Re: HeroHQ Survivors
  • There is no way the kid could have dragged those body's so that theory seems a bit weak although I suppose Carol could have come upon Lily killing them and helped in the end but I'm pretty sure it was Carol. Maybe the baby isn't dead but how in the heck would you care for it on the run in zombie land, be pretty hard. Darryl is always a bad ass and once again he was the bomb, loved how he took down the tank, lol.


    Switching to the NFL. Lot of the pundits, not all, but a lot picked the Saints to win tonight but the Seahawks made an emphatic statement, "Not in our HOUSE!" This was the best all around game the Hawks have played this year as every phase of their game was strong, offense, defense and special teams. Wilson was amazing the whole game, poised, confident, doing it all. The defense smothered up the Saints receivers and put a lot of pressure on Brees breaking his 41 game streak of having over 200 yards passing. Even the one drive the Saints scored on they had to grind out every yard pretty much having to dink and dunk their way down the field. Very, very psyched at the way the Hawks played and just dominated a top notch offense and shredded the #5 D in the country, yes, yes, yes!


    Also glad that all of our teams won this week.

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  • 12/02/13--23:10: Re: IW has done it again
  • sniping is a way of playing, IW has always been friendly to snipers and i hope that doesnt change because they screwed up bo2 by nurfing snipers, but i do agree with you about amplify

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    hahahaha o god forgive me for not being the perfect English major when it comes to writing on a forum.


    i know the difference between which and witch and your and you're.


    i'm just not bothering with small details when you cant even defend your accusations of it being for a bad player.


    did i once say i even use them?


    so how am i a bad player? because i'm not some little kid crying that its op like others are?


    grow up bud using something in a game doesn't make you bad just because you don't like it.


    i see others even saying the exact things i am so are they all bad players too?


    honestly if your on the forums crying and complaining about something being for bad players without and kind of argument besides its for bad players you sir are most likely the bad player and just want a game where you run around shooting stuffed animals at each other and no one dies.


    by the way you actually don't have to deal with anything you could return the game that supposedly caters to bad players.

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  • 12/02/13--23:12: Re: IW has done it again
  • hahahaaha

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    hey guys my clan RYTE Assassins is looking for active members we got 3rd in platinum division all consoles are welcome if your on XBOX One, XBOX 360 or PS4 just send an application if your ps3 msg Assassin_Cyanide on psn and ill send you an application THANKS FOR READING and i hope to see you in game

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  • 12/02/13--23:13: Re: Marvel Heroes MMO
  • I'm not sure I have not looked too closely at the rings but will do so. I hope they are not a bound object so I can switch it out but that is probably wishful thinking.


    Do you know much about the blessings of Odin. I am getting close to getting a blessing and I think you can use them on several things or at least I hope so. You have to grind a bit to get to 100 blessings that is for sure.


    So it will be interesting to see how they differentiate Dr. Strange from Loki, since they both use magic. Dr. Strange will have his shield of seraphim for defense, hoepfully and eye of agamotto attack, astral projection and stuff like that. He should be really fun to play.

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    sorry for the delay ill send you an invive asap

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