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    small clan of 20 looking to expand...we currently hold 2 nodes in tdm,kc...looking for good gamers like to play the objective an have fun. must have a k/d of 1.00 and over 18+.  add x_red_onyx_x or bycmc.

    clan name( new breed)  NBRD.

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    Requirements include

    (1)  Be from the Midwest


    (2)  Have a mic


    (3)  30 years of age or older


    (4)  recruit friends with same qualifications


    Want ideas for clan name too.  I play mostly weekends but occasionally will get on in the eve on weekdays.  I have to make the wife happy.

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    Join xNight_Assaultx we are looking for quality players like you.. But at one cost a k/d of 1.00 or higher.

    We Are a competitive clan that can be fun

    Apply now!!


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    I love the fireworks names, my friends and wife are laughing hysterically reminiscing about that part of the movie!

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    There could be a delay from quitting one clan to joining another.  Not sure on that tho... it would make sense to try and avoid people clan jumping just to get backgrounds and rewards without doing anything to help that actual clan.

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    I try to join my friend but it says unable to join and it makes me mad they need to fix it!!!!

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  • 11/30/13--21:45: Re: I ask a question.....
  • TBCxChrOnicx wrote:


    Hahahaha you're sidekick liked your post...


    BTW I don't give a **** what you or him think, fact is the game was unplayable until I capped (or funneled my connection). sorry for not being able to speak proper to you, it's 530am and I have been living in Germany for the last 12 years. Either way it still lies on the ping speed from me to someone else, you can't state otherwise. I'll just go with another game because CoD is garbage, ever since they threw in Lag Comp, in MW3.

    Like I told you before. You can write that all day and night. Limiting your bandwidth, has nothing to do with your ping.

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  • 11/30/13--21:46: Re: IW has done it again
  • you know what gametype isn't camp-friendly in ghost? Cranked. Also, didn't black ops 2 copy perks from Black ops?

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    you don't take first place in a node.  you stay in 2nd place.  let everyone else fight for first.  when there's 1 day left, you ninja all nodes to win

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    All investigations are carried out by a human. Therefore, if you are seen to be a victim of an infected lobby - you should have nothing to worry about regarding banning. I suspect in the future that Activision will open up a pathway for stat roll-back/reset for those who have been affected. I think at the moment the security team would be focused on preventing further incidents.

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  • 11/30/13--21:47: Re: IW has done it again
  • people are camping in cranked.its real.

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    IW is the producer of the hacks, its a huge $$ market for the game.  All we need to do is find proof that the money is for these hacks are getting back to them and then we will all get refunds and a small some of money from the ensuing class action against them.  I know for a fact, but have no physical proof IW is part of the "hacking community" .   Public Relations is our only option if mutliple class action suit are pursued then the main stream media picks up the stories.  Corporations stocks depend on peoples perception of them company if people think the company is nothing but cheats no one invests or buys stock its happened to many companies in the past one big scandal and poof goes the company.  Even if the law suits are thrown out we need to keep filing them.  Better yet lets start a petition to make hacking/ cheating a crime.  Other countries have done this and virtually eliminated cheats.  Another proof positive that they are part of the hacks is if one the online ID's came back as a DEV/programmer the $h!t would really hit the fan thus the "no name and shame" thats why they protect the scumbags!!!!!  And if anyone thinks they will lift 1 finger to fix this problem your IQ is smaller then your shoe size.

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    i can't see how it's possible. i snipe from time to time and my gun NEVER locks onto a target. it's never anywhere near the guy. i have to actually bring the gun up and find them. how in hell does QSing work?

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    I understand that but the whole idea of that being the way to win is just silly. Honestly, I have no idea where they come up with some of their ideas for clan operations. Do you see any kind of this nonsense in the pro tourneys? Hell no. Btw, if I'm hanging in 2nd, what stops the other teams from trying to do the same?

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    This isn't real life players should be able to leave when they want but I think to avoid hurting the team they should replace the player who left with a veteran bot that way until another player joins the team isn't getting slaughtered. Another thing they can do that punishes the stat padders which make up the majority of rage quitters is make it where instead of only losing the match bonus they lose all the XP they earned that game and all the positive stats however the one thing they don't lose is their deaths so their K/D goes down as well when they leave. That way you aren't punishing the players who either wanna play with friends or they have to go or they are not having fun in that lobby and since the majority of rage quitters are stat padders well that would put an end to most of the rage quitting. I think probation should only be put in when this game is damn near perfect cause right now it's not good because the lack of dedicated servers in populated areas the unbearable lag and the spawns the worse I have seen since Demolition on Havana on Black Ops 1. Not to mention this game feels more like a strategy rpg instead of an arcade shooter because all the overpowered guns the fact that all the guns have faster kill times then the average ping and then you got 5 guns that out gun every gun in this game so they are a must have unless you wanna get slaughtered they are the Honey Badger, K7, Remington, AK-12 and MSBS. And the security is non existent so the hackers are running around with out the threat of being banned by Infinity Ward.

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    agreed. my friends no long play COD so i'm on my own. i just do what i can and don't worry if we win or loose. then again, i play HC KC, so winning and losing isn't really as important as objective-based game, IMO.

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  • 11/30/13--21:54: Re: reputation?
  • It is under your profile at the xbox dashboard. view rep

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  • 11/30/13--21:40: Looking for plat clan
  • 1.41 k/d    1.23  w/l with mic. speak spanish and english prestige 2

    also hoping that u let my friends join we are in ps3 and ps4 we r like 5-8 of us we are active and play everything but hardcore.



    looking for lvl11+ in plat division messege me ingame with info at La_-_Freaky

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    i don't miss it much, though it was fun to show my gf or son something funny that happened while they were away. but.. i like simple games. they seem to work better. so, i don't mind doing away with anything that's not related to gameplay.

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  • 11/30/13--21:55: Re: IW has done it again
  • How do you camp in cranked anyways?

    There's also kill confirmed, where you can't camp with a sniper.

    Amplify really is one of the cheapest perks though. Maybe they should bring back the perk from Black ops 2. 

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