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  • 11/29/13--15:31: Re: lag is unreal ?!?!?!?!
  • wwhen i was lagging the dude was lagging and i know the whole might not have shot thing but i mean even when the count down was going i was shuttering is all it was that bad i was lagging standing still.nd game over mate if your going to be a smart arse i was only lagging on ghost. it was the ghost update that done it im fine now

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    ...are you Cuddles from TGF? If not, disregard...

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    Still Recruiting Some.

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    Hey ejsthebest1,


    After you installed the 8GB of RAM, did you reinstall the game? If not, I suggest you do so just in case. Also, are you only experiencing crashing in that part of Ghosts?



    ATVI Support

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    Try this support workaround:


    In the meantime, we have found a workaround that has worked for some people:

    1. From the PS4 main menu press up on the D-Pad and go to SettingsPSNSign Out.
    2. After signing out, select Sign In and re-enter your account password to sign in.
    3. From here select Activate as Your Primary PS4Activate.
    4. From the main menu highlight Call of Duty: Ghosts and select the Options button and select Delete.
    5. On the PS4 go back to the main menu and press up on the D-Pad and go to Notifications and navigate to the Downloadssection.
    6. Go to https://store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/#!/en-us/home/main and select Sign In on the top right of the screen.
    7. Your PSNID will now be in place of the Sign In button. Highlight your PSNID and scroll down to Download List.
    8. Find the Free Fall Dynamic Bonus Map DLC and select Download to Your PS4.
    9. Notice that on the PlayStation 4 the DLC says Cannot install.
    10. Re-insert the Call of Duty: Ghosts disc and the initial install will begin.
    11. After the install has completed navigate back to the NotificationsDownloads section and highlight the DLC. Press Xand Retry.
    12. The DLC should now be installed.

    After the content has completed its installation, it will be necessary to download and install all the updates and files for Call of Duty: Ghosts again to the PS4 console.

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    another great day of fighting and taking over nodes. get in now before next season starts

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    Is TGF a clan? Nah, not me!

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    That would be an interesting addition.


    Wonder if they do test different ideas with a sample of people? 


    Might be an idea to use the idea for a boss round like dogs on Kino but it lasts longer as the game goes higher and uses AI.  The reward gets better as the rounds get higher eg a max ammo and a stored max ammo.

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  • 11/29/13--15:33: Re: CLAN WARS MODDING?!
  • Agreed. My clan is filled with people I know outside of videogames and I'd like to keep it that way. Our clan rarely has more than 6 of us on at any given time. Why should we have to recruit random strangers to have a fighting chance against clans that always have people playing while we're working or sleeping? Clan wars is a cool idea, but why bother if it's just a numbers game? A team of 6 will almost never be able to produce the same results as 3 teams of 6.

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  • 11/29/13--15:34: Re: KEM strike issues?
  • if you use specialist you always get a KEM. strikezone is the only stage that gets destroyed by it, but its buggy so sometimes the stage stays intact lol (happened to a few of my clanmates). i hate it that the kem is in a field orders package, should just be a specialist streak in this game. personally, i like the mortar strike from the package, 30 seconds of destruction and the satellite crash (games biggest flashbang lol).

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    All ARs are balanced, long story short they ALL kill in 2 shots if a burst-fire mode is present (whether built in or added)

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    I quit my previous clan that i owned last night ...


    So is it possible that there is a delay before i can join one ?


    The "create clan " option is unlocked though.

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  • 11/29/13--15:35: Re: R1S3N ON3S Clan [ps4]
  • if you are interested send me a message on psn and friend request, my screen name is the same.

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  • 11/29/13--15:35: Re: Add me for teammate
  • Xbox, PS3, PC, Wii .... Atari pong ...?

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    where you playing the HC or core version of S&R some of the operations can only be done in core game modes. example would be MVP teamdeath match doesn't count for being top of the leader board in HC.

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    Doubt it.

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    we asked to able to mute one person you listened thank you! but a theater everyone does things they want to caputer why not bring it back PLEASE

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  • 11/29/13--15:36: LAGGEERRSS!!!
  • asdadasdassadasd

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    thanks! yes it needs to be looked at bad!, and actually something should be done for the clans that had this happened to them.  We spent days playing to win, and were going to , most likely, then it all got took away in about 2 hours!  they need to disqualify those clans or something for this time, this is unacceptable.

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    Eh, the bloke in question would know what I meant. There aint many folk called Cuddles out there after all.


    Nice shot btw

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