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    I just had this same problem, go to Callofduty.com and sign in, go to beta link and then find the check status tab, your beta token will be there and that's what you need to enter into the Xbox store for download, will have 2 extras as well and my first code didn't work but second did.

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  • 08/26/15--06:40: Re: Black Ops 3 Beta
  • same here it doesn't make any sense

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    HI i have this issue now left game turned console off came back can't play

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  • 08/26/15--06:36: Re: Beta Bugs already
  • couldnt figure out how to reply so hope this shows.


    Me and my friend got into a couple games, working fine. Playing all good no problemns.


    Soon as our other friend attempted to join she couldnt get into our party. it says the party is full and when she attempts to play games she freezes and gets kicked out

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  • 08/26/15--06:36: Re: Beta Access code
  • Hi Im having the same problem. please can you help?

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    At the moment there is an xbox status alert affecting purchasing/content.

    This is affecting redeeming codes.

    Check this status report,,,,, if everything has returned to normal please try entering your 25 digit code as normal.

    Xbox Live Service Status


    There is a workaround currently being used.....


    Go to xbox.com --> You will be redeeming the code on the xbox website,,,, not through the console

    Sign in to Xbox.com website

    Under the Xbox Live menu is "redeem a code", go here

    Take note of where the "Redeem Code" green button is

    Look in the bottom left hand corner of the page and you will see the Language of the webpage ( example --> United States)

    Click on this

    Click on Brazil --> this will change the language.

    Click on the green "Redeem' button

    Enter your Beta Token.   It should say at the top    BO3 Beta..............................  Good, now just continue

    You can now change the language of the webpage back to your original language/country


    Now, you can go to your xbox console --> the Beta should be automatically downloading in the Games/Apps section.




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  • 08/27/15--06:16: Smooth until gun fight
  • Hi, I have been enjoying the Beta and it runs nice and smooth until I get into any sort of gun fight, I don't know if its lag or a frame drop but its glitchy and it stutters and i'm off aim and then i'm dead.


    My PC has more than enough grunt, 4gb graphics R9, 16GB ram, quad core, SSD hard drive

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    I bought the COD: Advance warfare Gold edition off of the xbox store, it finally downloaded after 1 1/2 days, but I cant seem to use my 1 DLC pack, that includes the AE4 and the AE4 Widowmaker. any support is helpful.

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    My Bo3 keeps crashing. Does anyone have a fix for this?

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    First of all the game closing constantly and going back to the xbox menu is a symptom of having the console in instant on mode and not restarting it for ages. Instant on means the console is never really switched off. It's just a connected standby mode. Any errors build in in memory and make games unstable. If you use instant on mode then it is a good idea to restart the console every so often. Restarting can be done in the power and startup settings. Alternatively just hold the power button for 10 seconds to fully shut down the console occasionally.


    As for the beta. I haven't played the ps4 version and even i'm really disappointed with the performance of the beta. All the problems are the fault of the games developers though and not the xbox.


    It's the only game I have that consistently lags and freezes. I have full ping bars when I press start and still there is lag.


    All other game including previous CODs work fine. In fact I own all previous CODs on playstation as well as xbox and in all them I don't notice any difference in network performance or lag between consoles. They both perform the same. This beta though is terrible. I'm quite sure these are all problems that can be fixed for release though as this is a beta and the whole point of a beta is to find problems to be fixed.

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    What do I need to put videos of call of Duty on youtube or to stream it on twitch

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  • 08/27/15--06:24: by far, best update ever
  • Thanks devs... i seen no issues thus far, we got a quality hero, increased rep system,better alli war rewards, the helipad deal needs a lil work, frequency needs adjusted... maybe, i dont know yet, thanks for the quality  update, i think this one was meant for us higher lvl long time players, we needed it.

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  • 08/27/15--06:27: Re: Call of Destiny?
  • Desidious wrote:


    My problem is CoD does NOT need to "borrow" all these ideas. You might think my comments as dumb judging by your "sharpest crayon" remark but everyone has their opinion and I will speak mine and respect others. So what if I called people fanboys? Most hardcore fans of a series will reject good ideas or accept flaws without rhyme or reason just because it's their beloved franchise.



    You think COD should copy and paste itself year after year with the same exact thing, movement and all? Thats pathetic, think about what you are saying. If one particular COD was your fav nothing in this world prevents you from playing it, daily and avoiding the new ones because they arent like the old ones.


    Guy, you perfectly well know using the term "fanboy" is confrontational, all gamers know this. Its childish and dumb to come here and say "Now I'm sure fanboys will come and dis and hate ". Dude you came on these forums to bash the game and in that bash say any response from a fan is hate.

    I know haters will hate, but expect push back on teh CODHQ !

    We fight back

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    Fallow me on twitter and i will give you one @Tintindye

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    Yep. The game doesn't appear to be using UPnP at all. Hopefully it's just a beta issue but if's like this in the full game it will cause major problems for people who own more than one console

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    Hab mir alle dlc waffen und extraklassen und das dlc onslaught gekauft auf der xbox 360 diese funktionieren jetzt aber nicht auf der xbox one

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    Ye i know right.. It just feels awkward and weird to play on PC.. I just noticed a new patch for the beta on PC tho. So im gonna patch it up and try again. If it still is there... ill just head over to the xbox one for the remaining time of the beta


    It sucks to play on pc.. because you most likely need drivers to get the most out of it.

    And so far no drivers for the beta.. Wich is kinda meh..

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    I'm wondering if reinforce from call of duty ghosts is coming back?


    I enjoyed it alot in call of duty ghosts and would love to see it coming back :-)


    What do you think?

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    Tbh it feels like i got it when i played on ps4 and now on xbox aswell. Dont really feel the difference there. So no worries

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  • 08/27/15--06:26: Re: Xbox 360 Zombie Players
  • WTF? Why take your pathetic argument into another thread? The OP has no idea what you're referring to,  why waste their time with this bullshit? There was a thread a little while back where someone was looking for team mates, and all 22 responses were related to the back and forth between yourself, Boybad, Codeaholic and DieselPower. Why not start a thread where the 4 of you can talk **** all day, and let other users use the site as intended?

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