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    I have same problem! My mouse lags and its imposible to play! I dont want to reduce quality to 0.5 to play it to hurt my eys i hope they will fix this othervise im not preordering this!

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  • 08/27/15--05:40: Re: Server down?
  • I'm having the same exact problem mate. The theory this problem is related to earlier Beta versions is wrong. I also have no way to 'enable lan' as a fix...


    Always too many problems for PC version. It's rarely worth it. They will never act on their dedicated server promise, which would solve a number of problems like this one.


    This year I'll be getting it for PS4 What else can I do?

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    Digital editions do not require a beta code.  Just go to the xbox marketplace and search for --> Call of Duty: Black Ops iii Multiplayer Beta

    Good luck

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    I can only imagine they have a plan with it. At least it's not their first rodeo.

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    Hi @tigtrainfr33 The new controller has 6 buttons, as GreenAlienGH mentions above, for more information on the controller, check out this video:

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    Hi I don't have my xbox on instant on mode and it still freezes for me and I also get kicked to the home screen, the first day of playing I couldn't get in a match with a ping below 400, today it seems a little better but as the match progresses to the end I start to notice high pings, hopefully they will sort this out

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    Many thanks for your reply, I will stay tuned with my fingers crossed

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    They'd just need to disable the rocket-jump and the sliding, than add back leaning. Et voila I'd love to see that too.

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    This is my main gripe with the game: team appearance differences.


    The different teams just look way too similar. This isn't a problem when playing Soft Core gametypes, but I'm a Hard Core player and feel that the lack of distinction between the two teams (or three if you kept around "Multi-Team"... TBD) needs to be clearly distinguishable in game from a distance without looking at the color of the tags above their head.


    Love the game!


    -4TwizZzle aka 420Man

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  • 08/28/15--05:55: Re: Hard wired/Cold blooded
  • No name displayed, and does not show up on thermal.

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    Literally not even a minute, maybe two minutes into the KC game.



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    how do you forward port can you tell me

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    can someone tell how to port forward on home hub 5 please and which ports for bo3

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    sad on ,,dedicated serwers "

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  • 08/27/15--06:45: Re: Buff spectre's camo !
  • It is more of a im going to stab you than a im going to go on a invisible rampage on your team specialty. I just wish that the knife option would be on the same specialty. As the knife is under powered and you have to get close enough to use it. Which the invisible ability would enable you to do.

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    Andkin wrote:


    I personally have not had crashing problems and I very much like to snipe, however you have to be somewhat skilled with the snipers to do any good in a match. I have not seen hardly any campers either. And for the teammates, its cod everyone will have those teammates.


    Thank you for commenting!

    As for the sniping, what i mean is that since there are only 2 maps to play on, none of those maps except maybe 1 is worth using them on and even then its a pain in the ass.

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    Dedicated Servers are a myth on here. Using them as an argument is redundant because the chances of getting on a dedi are about 1 in 3.


    Over half the time you are likely to be on P2P anyway.

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  • 08/28/15--07:04: Re: My Analysis on the Game
  • AR76 wrote:


    I agree with much that you have to say.  I will say these things though.


    1)  The character models need to be distinguishable between teams.

    2)  The TTK needs to be tweaked more-getting shot 5 times waste high or below resulting in a death with an smg that doesn't recoil from a range of 30 meters is just plain unbalanced.

    3)  The guns need to recoil and wander-players need to have to utilize tactics and strategies beyond the skill of quick grip-fast hands knee-jerking into a 5 shot smg kill to the kneecaps.  Attachments should not fix this-maybe hip fire reduction but not recoil or wander.  These are things that MW and W@W got right, if not needing  a little more so.  Gun fights need to be brought back to CoD!!!

    4)  I'm glad that netcoding works so well for the run and gun player not getting killed around corners, but what about the player who works on cover mechanics and player movement anticipation-I mean I successfully anticipate a player's movements and my reward is that I get to see him/her for about 1/4 of a second which coincides with an instant-death.  Subsequently, I watch a kill-cam where the player runs right out the door I have my sights drawn on almost doesn't notice me and then fast-hands+quick grip-knee-jerks a 4 shot recoilless smg kill to the knee caps.   Oh yeah I'm so glad that I pay $200 bucks a month for that Fiber Optic line of mine, it's so worth it. Oh and hey go ahead and spend tons of time tweaking your MTU settings and getting a DMZ dedicated open NAT so Kmart_ISP_PR can just ping jitter the **** out of you for the win!!!

    5)  The pace of these later CoDs would be fine if they mitigated the latency factor by a higher TTK, better matchmaking restrictions, more consistent damage, region specific damage,  a tighter active rewind system and more aggressive model interpolation that interpolates models out in front of characters that sprint and/or have higher pings.


    Twitch shooters offset the fast-paced all-over-the-area gameplay by having higher damage sustaining systems and a noticeable tradeoff between higher damage weapons and advanced tactics to use them effectively.  I am referring to Quake and the UT series, among other games, that are historically know as twitch shooters.  At some point, I hope someone at Activision corporate realizes this and takes the series back to formula.


    P.S.  Want a lower TTK?  It's always been there silly, it's called hardcore.  You see, lower TTK is usually associated with modes that require more skill and better tactics.

    1) no they do not. they are fine. if you cant tell between teammate and enemy when the teammates have names above their heads and the enemies do not, then you need to stop playing.

    3) there IS recoil in a lot of these weapons. not to mention that for the past 5 years or so, there has always been attachments that helped reduce recoil so its not like this is a new thing.

    4) the kill cam is not a true representation of what happened and has been stated multiple times over the years by the developers that we should NOT take kill cams to heart.

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    I definitely noticed the flinch at times on the ARs and SMGs.  I suppose it would follow that a very zoomed scope (like a sniper would have) would have a more visible reaction to flinching.  I would not be averse to a small decrease in the flinch.  Some is needed but there could be a pinch too much here.


    Why snipers "should" be able to compete evenly in a gunfight with a fast firing automatic gun is what I don't understand.  Even the QS defenders say that if you miss the first shot you're usually dead.


    The guns should all have different characteristics that lead to effectiveness in different situations, not be made to always be competitive in every situation.  That makes the selection of your class (a skill) and your choice of strategy (a skill) just as important as your twitchy ability to aim and fire accurately (a skill).

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  • 08/28/15--07:06: Re: Hacking..OP or OK?
  • I have no problem with the killstreaks. I only ever run a UAV on COD AW and this leaves me at the top of every match. It isn't just about getting some great killstreak it is about knowing what action to do with the ones you can earn. And how to avoid or remove the ones that the other team has earned. And you always have your perks to help counter.

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