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    Oke a clanmember did this and it worked for me so do this:


    go to advanced video and in the bottom you see dynamic fur put this off and physx turbulence off.

    That worked for me.

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    i sent you an invite mate so you can join

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    No, they said they'd tweaked the way snipers worked. I'm not an avid sniper (in fact I'm dreadful) and even I can notice the difference. I'll believe QS is gone when it happens.

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    Just recently started a clan with 2 friends known as "Gods Force".

    Requirements: Positive Kill/Death Ratio and Positive Win/Loss Ratio.

    Also you must have a mic, be moderately active, and be 15+ years old.

    If interested or need more info you can contact Fury of a Demon on xbox 360

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    That is what's happening to me at the moment. I just don't feel like playing Ghosts anymore. It just the same thing over and over again. Maybe I'm just bored of COD in general.

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  • 11/28/13--14:44: Re: Clan wars urgh
  • Your tone seems a little bolshy, young man. A valued member of the CoD community is t hand here, giving you reasons and explanations of why clan wars may be 'laggy'.

    Advice ~~ Don't get short with people. It doesn't help.

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  • 11/28/13--14:44: Re: Clan App
  • Same thing here, bro

    If only the app told us we're losing a node I'll be more willing to play. It's a conspiracy on how the other clan may be working together to knock my team off

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  • 11/28/13--14:46: Re: Clan wars urgh
  • Well thats Clan V Clan, not Clan Wars. The two are entirely seperate entities.


    Now we've got that cleared up, its due to the low playerbase within the playlist. Most clans are grinding their nuts off in public lobbies atm due to Clan Wars, so connectivity in the Clan V Clan playlist is going to be absolutely shocking.

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    I have pretty much given up on them doing anything in time to keep me from switching to BF4.  In fact I just went and purchased my Premium upgrade ($50) for BF4 yesterday to get the maps and the November drops before December gets here.  I have an Asus Transformer TF700t tablet running 4.2.2 and it says not compatible with my device.  I am a clan leader and I cannot manage my clan!!  I am not going to purchase another device just to access their clan app, I will just spend my money on Battlefield 4.  Maybe when they see the dollars going to another game, they will wake up.

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    Hi jamesfromwv,


    Did you redeem your codes that came in the game case? What console are you playing the game on? Are you referring to an upgrade deal or is this a stand alone purchase?




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    Bump. Now we are at 25 members and mainly at 2.0 kds. clan is still in first place gold division

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         If you are looking at this im assuming you are looking for a clan, right now were are small we only have 5 members and are currently level 7, but Kyrios is always looking for new people looking to join a clan or someone just looking for a new clan. We play often and once you join you are like family and we wont bash on you, we will train and play together as a team. If you are interested add me on Xbox live, my gamer tag is neX Inferno or you can post on here i will try to check this more often. I am the co founder of Kyrios and a former member of KSI.

    ***The only thing we require is a good attitude and the willingness to play often.@

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    You are an idiot...I went 103 and 2 on a domination match one time...black ops 2 is not hard to play...50 and 3 is an average score...I can't stand people like you. Get better because black ops is one of the easiest cods to play...Video games are not that hard...especially cod...there is a certain flow to each map and so much to learn...once you know exactly what to do and how to play,...you become a god.

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    From support:


    In order to download the DLC included in the Black Ops II Season Pass, be sure you are logged in with the PSN or Xbox LIVE account used to purchase the Season Pass.


    If you are unsure which account you used to purchase the DLC, you can check by doing the following:


    Xbox 360

    1. From the Xbox LIVE home, press the Guide button.
    2. Scroll to the right to Settings.
    3. Select Account Management.
    4. Select Download History.
    5. Look for Call of Duty: Black Ops II Season Pass.

    PlayStation 3

    1. From the XMB, select Account Management.
    2. Select Transaction Management.
    3. Select Transaction History.
    4. Select a time period to be displayed and select Continue.
    5. Look for Call of Duty: Black Ops II Season Pass.

    If you are having issues downloading your Season Pass DLC, try the following tips:

    • Try purchasing the DLC using the in-game option
    • Clear the system cache on the console
    • Be sure that your PlayStation Network or Xbox LIVE account allows you to download content
    • Be sure that your console has enough hard drive space to save the downloadable content

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  • 11/29/13--15:28: [ps3] [Tbag] clan recruiting
  • message drew_f_96 to join on PSN friendly clan mostly UK recruiting any level players rank 10 almost gold

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    A - are you already in a clan? this will cause it to lock

    B- I think there is a 24hr timer on invites...so if he invited you 3 days before you actually logged into the game the invite won't be there.

    C- not sure if its in effect like previous CoDs but there was a limit to the amount of people allowed per clan...has your friends clan reached the max level of people already?

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    Couldn't believe I hit that. Saw him running at the bottom left of the screen. THUD


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    Add KOSHIN_TW1ST3D for a try out

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  • 11/29/13--15:30: Re: error message
  • anyone experiencing anything similar to this? are you able to currently connect to xbox live and play ghost on the xbox one? I have read similar threads that mention this error message but nothing from those threads have helped me. I saw to disconnect the xbox from the network and reconnect it to your wireless and that did not help. also, it is already up to date with the updates. I have auto updates turned on and it does not prompt for an update and I have restarted the system several times. pretty frustrated with not being able to play online.

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  • 11/29/13--15:31: R1S3N ON3S Clan [ps4]
  • I'm just looking for people to play with and have fun. there are really no requirements just have a mic, a k/d over 1, and be over the age of 15 and/ or have some sense of maturity.

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