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    "as for campers well this game breeds this behavior in a majority of the "community" as well as selfish play style (blitz for example and people camping the goal)"


        I kind of think that is the point of the game, .... not just to reach the enemy's goal, but stop them from entering yours.


         If you kill them too soon they just return to their own goal more frequently, meaning more defenders at their goal. Let them burn up some time travelling across the map before you kill them.

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    I was going to wait and see, but when they announced dedis I was happy so I decided to get it on launch.


    I have not been disappointed one bit.  Am I saying the game is perfect? Good lord no!  But for me, they put some attention to the #1 issue in the series for the past few years.


    We can complain about OP guns

    We can complain about colours and graphics

    We can complain about gun sounds



    But unless you address the matchmaking (which can seriously contribute to lag), you do not have a playable game (no matter how good it looks).  Because they have put some attention to that, I am glad I did not wait.  Have I experienced lag? yep... but nowhere (and I mean NOWHERE) near all the BS that was present in BO2 and MW3.


    So far this game has played better for me than even BO1 (which now may no longer be my favourite).


    Side Bar: This also has been the best launch in years. I feel that when they address some issues (which they are doing), this is going to be a decent game.


    * started with PS3 version and upgraded to PS4 fyi

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    yes you need the disc to play on both consoles unless you go for the digital version of the game

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  • 11/27/13--14:15: Re: Squad member lost
  • I am having the same same problem would really like to know what happened here

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    XBOX360 - COD GHOSTS - Freaks n Geeks recruiting




    The clan is called Freaks n Geeks and is in early stages but growing all the time, also participating in Clan Wars


    I am aiming to provide a fun friendly home for any members who are up for a laugh, dont take game too serious and play the game to enjoy it. No strict rules or time schedules to keep. Just log in and play how you want to play with like minded players


    Please feel free to message me for a invite or apply via the game or app


    XBOX360 Gamertag:- PROV007


    Look forward to gaming with you soon

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    Okay, so I have a ps3 and me and a lot buddies do.  A few of my friends have 360's though.  I was under the understanding that this was cross platform but cannot find a way to actually invite my 360 friends.  How do I do this.  I can invite people from ps 4 through the in-game but I have looked through the app and the in-game menu and there is no way to send a invite even if I know there tag.  Any advise is appreciated.  Thanks.

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  • 11/27/13--14:16: Re: Older/Mature Gaming Clan
  • I cant find the forum or link to the app page but very interested in joining, Can anyone help me?

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    Oh crap, my thread hit a BUMP in the road

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    Way to exaggerate and tell lies.  Good job.

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    Shall we vote on who will represent us? I say our favorite Aussie Pwnsweet should.

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    [align=center][size=24][b]Everyone's Official Clan: Ghosts Clan! [/b][/size]

    [size=18][b]There a few requirements to be able to join the clan. [/b][/size]



    [b]K/D Ratio above 1.0

    W/L Ratio above 1.0[/b]





    [b]If you meet those requirements and would like to join our Clan War Team, Please add me on skype or add my psn: Look-Everyone. Skype: Lndoor



    Some information about the clan

    Level 10

    15 Members

    2.00+ Average K/D ratio

    3.00+ Average W/L ratio[/b][/align]

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    Clan wars have arrived and new members with an interest in the competitive side are a plus as we placed in the platinum division and are ready to go hard this weekend to try to finish first but in the end membership is always on an individual basis.

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  • 11/28/13--14:37: Re: Clan wars urgh
  • I'm not talking about normal public matches on BO2, I'm talking about league play.


    Clan Wars obviously, otherwise I would of said Team Tactical! I have a better connection when there are less people online

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    I have the same issue.  I am a clan leader and have no device to run the app.  I have a tablet Asus Transformer TF700t running 4.2.2 and it says not compatible with my device.  I cannot afford to go buy a new device or mod mine and void my warranty to run the app.  Why don't we have access on the web with our login??  How is this fair you put a feature in the game that is not available to everyone?

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  • 11/28/13--14:38: (Xbox One)
  • We are are a lvl 13 Xbox One competitive small but strong clan. Most of us are located West Coast USA. Looking to make it bigger but not to big. 25 applicants available as of 11/28.



    1.5 KD+

    17 years or older

    MUST play at-least once a day



    If interested message me with you'r age and Kill Death Ratio (1.5+)


    Message me on Xbox One at PlatinumPlopper




    If interested in merging your clan INTO our's message me as-well.

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    apply then matey

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  • 11/28/13--14:39: Re: Who can be a 2nd leader?
  • To be frank with you, that was an awful pitch. A job? The killer beasts? Not a very 'catchy' name is it? And you're posting in xbox, yet you say you're on PSN?

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  • 11/28/13--14:40: Re: Server lag 24/7
  • the hackers are my only problem, every so often i get a laggy game, but i put that down to hackers forcing host like they have down in IW games since MW2

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    i have

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    You still would have to play those matches with or without you clan. If you can't keep up just delete your account

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