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  • 07/02/13--17:38: YouTube?
  • So guys I'm going to start making videos on YouTube about bo2. Only one problem. What should I do the videos on?

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    hmm bf3 gameplay on cod now who is retarded, prehaps you should learn to read the context of sentence i never stated blops2 was the easiest to gayscope but that treyarch had basically sold out.

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    Hey bro do you want me to give you the email address for the YouTube channel bro? So you can take care of it. Just me and you and the clan members will have it. I had an idea like all members have there good game play and you can make it to a legit recruiting video.

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    I've given up with them, I seem to lose them faster than I lose my keys.


    Now, that is saying something.

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  • 07/02/13--17:42: Re: Patch Update
  • When's the next patch coming? You said "eventually" but that was almost 3 months ago...

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    Delete your profile off your xbox and choose the option "Profile Only" and once that has done restart your xbox. After you have restarted your xbox clear your system cache 3 times and then go for another restart. Finally once the last restart has occured all you have to do is re-download your xbox live profile and it should work . I am not guaranteed on this method but it works fine for me whenever i get stuck in these situations that have alot of effort to be fixed.


    Goodluck and have a happy & fun day. xD

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  • 07/03/13--17:43: Re: Struggling on buried
  • We need 2 more players to complete ee buried maxis side. Absolutely desperate .GT: I STARWIND626 I

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    my dlc is havin somewhat the same problem except whenever i try to load up uplink for a multiplayer match my whole xbox freezes. everything else seems to be working fine though.

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    Need 1 more player, message one of these guys below

    Must have a mic and have knowledge to EE





    I am not sober

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  • 07/03/13--17:44: Mob of the Dead EE anyone?
  • I'm on ps3 and I really want to do the easter egg but I don't have anyone to do it with, so add me if you want to do it I have a mic and I'm a pretty decent player. PSN: KiLLSAURUS_GOD

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        I recently lost my my mic(R.I.P) but other than that i been looking for a clan. Hope you acept my request of being on your clan.

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    im looking for people to help with easter eggs for all zombie maps or just buried whatever but im willing to help whoever my gt shellbullet67 hit me up if you need 1 person

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    That should actually work. Last week my wifes game would not start, it got locked up at one point. Redownloading the profile fixed it.


    everything else didnt work.


    Try also to test the maps in private matches / combat training.

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    once you get the whisp to the machine you have to kill zombies to get it powerd.but if you listen to the voice it says "thats anof hit the switch...........................you kill more zombies and it says youve killed to many you riped a hole in space and time start over.......ie.......you need to place the time machine on the ground before u start killing zombies and once u kill anof stop!!!!! if you go over hit the buttun and try again........im about three steps ahead of that but it seems everyone is still stuck at that point cause its hard to hear the voice with everyone shooting and talking change your game audio makes the egg hunt all the more fun............WELL GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!



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    Wanna help?

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    We need 2 more players to complete ee buried maxis side. Absolutely desperate .GT: I STARWIND626 I

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    {bhc}max|co wrote:


    maccabi wrote:


    here is a link to the thread where jon shirling  talks about p2p and dedi servers..



    I'm with you m8, no proper clan run servers?, then no sale..

    Why do you keep making stuff up ?


    Same as before the blog post you linked to is entitled " Let's talk about the Xbox Live cloud"  and he mentions PC's ONCE -  "Titanfall uses the Xbox Live Cloud to run dedicated servers for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.".


    Nowhere in that blog does he mention anything you claim he did.

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - --


    EASY to understand, is it not? , logic dictates that if a dev who helped make mw2 and cod4 thinks that p2p hosted servers is a bad idea for xbox (with its 400,000 players)? then it follows, that its an entirly stupid idea on PC ( 6,000 or less online)?, yet weve had to suffer this system since mw2 from iw.


    Easy to understand that post e3 everyone's smiles and hugs towards each other have gone flying out the window and the gloves have come off,

    and lo and behold what potentially is the biggest competitor to CoD this year , a dev from is suddenly out of the blue making blogs that's basically slating CoDs system.


    If listen servers are such a bad idea how comes when said devs were making cod they didnt have dedis and remember back then there was a much smaller player base which made dedis more financially viable??? 

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    i really need to get the revolution dlc anyone is willing to gameshare that will be great add me at XDrag432X

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    starbuckfrack wrote:


    Thats funny. Last week all I did to change my 3 bar to a 4 bar was to reboot my router

    rule one of any tech support ..ask the question did you turn it on and off again

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