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  • 07/02/13--17:27: Re: Buried VS. MOTD
  • Never said they don't know it I said they have not told every 11 year old in the world every single thing about it yet...


    I'm sure they know everything that will ever happen in any zombie game to ever be made just to make sure no one can ever really enjoy them

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       These are some important stats you should remember the next time you're burning up time glossing over your stats on Call of Duty:


    1 - The number of girls you're going to pick up by impressing them with your COD stats: 0

    Sorry, the pick up line, "Hey babe, I've got a 2.53 KDR....so wanna cut out for a night cap at my place?" isn't going to get you any!


    2 - The number of Universities currently offering scholarships for achievements on Call of Duty: 0

    If anyone sees a space on a college application for W/L % or KDR on COD please let me know!


    3 - Job interviews you're going to nail and jobs you're going to land due in part to your impressive COD stats: 0

    Nope, you'll never hear the phrase, "You'll need to be good with MS Excel spreadsheets....and even better with a KAP-40!"


    4 - The amount of dollars/pounds/euros you're going to earn based on your COD stats and/or achievements: 0

    Yes, I'm aware some of those MLG D-Bags have made some bucks.....but don't kid yourself....you are not them (that's a good thing actually).


    5 - The percent you increase your chances of getting approved for that loan you badly need by impressing the lender with COD stats : 0%

    "Yeah, I know I've declared bankruptcy 3 times.....but I got 65 kills on Hijacked last night!" - Good try, but it's of no real use.


    6 - The number of game developers that monitor these forums to gauge just how well their product is doing: 0

    Hell, for that matter I don't even know why I bother to post anything on here myself - I don't even play the game anymore. Killing time I guess?


       In all honesty, I think I enjoyed COD the most for that brief week or two when I first played MW2 multi-player and had no concept of what the stats really meant. I really did focus and stick with every match, I played every map and I improved and learned rapidly as a result. I enjoyed the game for what it was every game. Then slowly I became conscientious of what the stats meant and for reasons that shall remain a mystery to me I paid more and more attention to them. Sometimes I think this game would be better if it didn't tally up all these dumb useless stats that are of no value in real life.


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    Thanks for the guide.  I don't give two craps if it is links to your youtube page, these will help me get going a little faster on this map until I learn it.  Screw the douchebombs that are hating.

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    so the dorrs don't close again when you go back in time? im still confused as to how you get around the map. surely after you go back to round 1 the map resets to its prior, doors closed form?

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    Clan name: Social eXemption

    Level: 34

    Members: 93 (7 spaces left)

    Based: In the UK but have members from all over the world.


    What members are you looking to recruit?

    Looking to recruit active, hard working, dedicated and fun members who are willing to have a laugh and willing to win and have fun!


    What do we have to do to join Social eXemption?

    Meet the requirements which are..

    KD must be above 1.05

    SPM above 230

    Need to be presteige 1 (No presteige hackers)

    Need to speak clear English

    And You need to be aged 14 or above (Members are aged from 14-30)

    Also send us a breif message on why we should recruit you


    How do i apply?

    Click on this Link and it will take you straight to our Clan Page on Elite. https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/123160


    How will i be informed about clan activites?

    You will be informed about Clan Activites from our Facebook Group which you can join. Its also where we let clan members know about other stuff to not just Clan Activites. https://www.facebook.com/groups/220634218037743/

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    Add my psn: Blaze2thebeast

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    Getting new members everyday!

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    Hey people! Whats going on?

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    I just got the green flash when reloading my hammer. im thinking it might be similar to a quick reload but im not seeing much of a differance. has anyone else seen anything like that?

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    Proclaimor wrote:


    There are multiple solutions to make join-in-progress more tolerable and discourage quitting:

    1. Don't award xp/challenges until the match is over and derank instead of probation.

    2. Dramatically increase the match bonus, 100xp is weak.

    3. Add a menu option to join in and award double points for the match.


    See, there are more creative and favorable options to punishing lobby jumpers with probation that just doesn't work. I'm not saying eliminate join-in, just make it something that players don't absolutely despise.


    I'd say two and three are fine.  Given that this is the first COD where you have to reach maximum prestige to unlock everything the bonus XP for staying in a match is hardly going to break the bank.  First one might be a tad harsh for a select few if they back out having received invites from friends etc.


    I'd rather look for reasons why people leave mid-game and I notice that rubbish spawns appears to be a regular issue judging by some films I've saved into theatre.


    What I get fed up with is I join a match (I spectate) on Demolition and within a few seconds a Swarm is called in and nearly the whole team bails.  It's to be expected as the game mode has static spawns and Blind Eye counters it so avoid being killed in the mean time then switch to Blind Eye if you are killed.  Headquarters is a better game mode last time I played it and I haven't seen firing squads being in the match like I have seen in Demolition.

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  • 07/02/13--17:33: Need Xbox Clan
  • Looking for a clan that would take me i have a .80 KD fav mode is HC TDM my gamertag is Bubbajoe2010 message me if you would have me. i play BO2 btw

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    i use the tf with my quad burst weapon and i love.  i feel this is the best way of being able to use it without being called a nub.  anyways, its so lame to hear people always complaining about a final killcam with a tf!? what a cop out.

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    I've gotten many unknown permaperks. I got one by killing one zombie with the new raygun and lost it after killing another. IDK what these mean

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    and like it too its a troll account

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    I dont know all of the steps the part i got stuck on was after i got back to processing. So if anyone knows whats past that message my xbox 360 GT: TheJewishBong.

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    he has a point and I wasn't mad its just before posting a youtube video you just need to think, hey is this something that really needs to be posted on the Internet, or is it something that is so obvious that just playing the map for not even a minute you'll see it in front of you no matter what (once you go down). along with some of the other videos. 


    Why not just make one video saying "great starting strategy" and just simply point out the things as you show people each of your "guides".

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    Are you stupid, i made these tutorials to help people. I dont understand why you kind of people come on these forums to hate on people. To be honest aint you got a better stuff to do with your time?

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    Obviously im trying to grow my youtube, but the main reason i do most of these tutorials videos is to help people, cheers for the nice comment anyway.

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