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  • 07/03/13--17:52: Need people for buried EE
  • Please add me if you want to do the maxis EE Gtag:NSL Vest

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    Hahaha. I can understand the last line of that and I don't mean to jump on you. I know some of your ideas are ok. It's just that when you say that there's nothing people can do about their connection just because they live far away from major areas and they should just give up that just gonna rub me wrong man.


    That and it seemed like you were kind of digging on Kirika just for posting information that's on about every Xbox forum out there and trying to help save the guy a ton of time looking it all up for himself. Brsides that after a conversation we all had last week I have came to respect her ideas and her wanting to help. From how it souds all she did was pass on information that helped her and seemed you was doggin her about it.

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  • 07/03/13--17:53: Re: Time bomb step
  • No quote but just a black and white screen with an infinite round number, only lasts about 90 seconds maybe a little longer, a mate managed to get to spawn but reset shortly after.

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  • 07/03/13--17:54: COD BO2 4 V 4 Scrim
  • Hey guys!

    I am looking for four players, specifically a clan, to play a game battle/ scrim.

    It would be a 4 v 4 best of three games with MLG rules.

    If interested please reply so we can message each other in when to make the scrim official and what time. Can be U.K or U.S.



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    message me on psn bneub27 im 14 kd is 1.14 and play mostly demolition domination and kill confirmed

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    KingJay, I would love to have you in my clan. I sent you an invitation if you are still interested. Thank you

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  • 07/04/13--16:51: Re: Highest KD ever seen?
  • Reported him in game for boosting


    And reported to Xbox for having an offensive gamertag.


    FUBAR stands for F*ed Up Beyond All Recognition.



    • Don't create a gamertag, profile content, Avatar action, Avatar content, or in-game content that references controversial religious topics, notorious people, organizations, or sensitive current or historical events that may be considered inappropriate.
    • Don't distribute, post, publish, upload, disseminate or discuss defamatory, infringing, obscene, sexual or unlawful materials in any format (images, audio, video, text, etc.). Prohibited materials include, without limitation, child pornography or illegal drugs.  “Sound alike” words or phrases or puns that reference these topics are also prohibited.

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    hi i would love to join

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    yeah add me give me 2 minutes what maps

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  • 07/04/13--18:05: I cant play uprising
  • Hello, yesterday I buy uprising dlc pack and now i try to download it when it finish y go to BO2 and uprising doesnt work


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    I am looking for players to do the maxis easter egg on buried on xbox 360. GT is Demo Relo, if you want to play send a friend request private chat invite.

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    Hey man, I just created a clan that I want to grow, I was looking for a co-leader, we are F34R~OUR~N4M3, we are pretty relaxed looking for a good time, competitive but not tight restrictions, almost anyone is welcome, I understand if you are looking for a more competitive serious clan but we here do want to make a name for ourselves, do clan ops, but overall have fun, we are ambitious and I need a co-leader or two to help it get there. You would be helping immensly, with recruiting (hopefully not exactly required) clan ops, if you do mw3 you can start that section up, helping members when we get them, and help me because I'm no pro myself with clan leadership. Check us out for more here:


    PSN; Baloneyjoe

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    CJWeaver wrote:


    We were discussing the other stuff earlier including UPNP, security and firewalls at that point in the conversation. The entire discussion has evolved as it has gone along, try to keep up.


    I have a B.S. of Computer Science, Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology from UALR, a B.S. in Information Technologies from EIT, and an Associates degree in Electronics Engineering from PCTI. I was two-thirds through working my own my Masters in Computer and Information Technologies when my daughter was born and I had to take a second job. As part of my jobs I've also had numerous short-courses on the various components and designs of networks and network security.

    then you are qualified enough to know what i said was correct so i dont really see why this discussion is still going round in circles?


    again my only point in this whole thread was to say that advising someone to turn off their routers firewalls and turn on upnp on was bad. if you dont agree with that then well ...


    No idea what an associate degree is im assuming thats some sort of american thing right? Not going to play top trumps with you here as you went an academic route and down the masters route and we could be here till the cows come home debating what qualifications better each other.

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    couldnt add secondary account

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  • 07/04/13--18:10: Re: Highest KD ever seen?
  • I didn't know the reference and misread your post.. I apologize.. My bad G.. Calm down though..

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    starbuckfrack wrote:


    BTW you never answered . If the ISPs security is so great then how come so many people get DDOSed ?

    but no one ever gets ddos'ed playing a video game... oh wait looks at leagueplay and competitive play

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  • 07/04/13--18:04: Re: Highest KD ever seen?
  • Do you even know what FUBAR references ?


    The word wasnt Fed Up. It was F*ed up. That is a foul word. Hence against the Terms of Use. Any word that references a foul word is bannable.


    Think much ?


    For example when someone references their old car is it Fed Up Beyond All Recognition ? Dont think so.


    Don't create a gamertag, profile content, Avatar action, Avatar content, or in-game content that other users may be offended by. This includes, without limitation, anything related to or suggestive of: profane words/phrases, topics or content of a sexual nature, hate speech (including but not limited to racial, ethnic, or religious slurs), illegal drugs/controlled substances, or illegal activities.

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    Anybody know anything?

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  • 07/04/13--18:11: Re: Lever order richtofen?
  • Honestly I didn't know the order but I had a cleaver idea I followed the pack a punch colors order since I had culture aid I can see its colors we tried yellow green red blue but that didn't work so we tried the opposite of that which is blue red green yell and it worked hope it helps you bro good luck!!! And if you do complete this EE please add me so if u have done all Richtofen side of the EE for transit ,die rise and buried I would like to see the secret ending dialog please and thanks

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    Starbuckfrack I think I inadvertantly started that when I answerd him with just some things to check and try to make sure he has the most out of his connection. A 50 down / 5 up connection wont do as much good if you have some kind of issue in your home network. It was only a suggestion of things to try and test.

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